Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) Characters


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1 Leonardo

Leonardo is super awesome in this show. He's the calmest and he's the best fighter. Definitely the best character in the show.

Love leo. He is so cool. Hate 2012. Horny a hole. Here he rocks.

Love leo not incest 2012.

Love leo so much.

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2 Raphael

He played his part really well. He is the best American Badass.

3 Michelangelo

Love mikey and leo

4 Donatello Donatello
5 Shredder Shredder Oroku "The Shredder" Saki is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all of its related media.

He is strong!

6 Splinter V 1 Comment
7 Casey Jones
8 April O'Neil
9 Baxter Stockman

I loved this version of Baxter Stockman, mainly because in this version his character was more complex and deep, no offense to the 80's cartoon but that version of Stockman was a little too simple and loyal. This version was fantastic, especially cause of all the stuff he goes through, whenever he failed, Shredder would cut off part of his body or something, at a point his body was completely gone, and his brain was all that was left, then he built an entirely new one, and my absolute favorite thing about him is his hatred for Shredder, he doesn't want to serve Shredder, he wants Shredder to serve HIM. There was even an episode where he faced off against Shredder and the turtles in his big mech suit, this version is by far the best

Have you seen "Insane in the Membrane"? it was a very dark but enlightened episode about Stockman as a character - Gamefreak23788

10 Hun

If I learned anything from Hun, it's loyalty. - CDShark

The Contenders

11 Bishop
12 Professor Honeycutt
13 Traximus
14 Leatherhead
15 Quarry
16 Foot Ninja V 1 Comment
17 Garbageman
18 Zog

Zog : "Little resistance. Attached myself to Triceraton Commando squad, Recon Division, in preparation for widespread Triceraton invasion. General Splinter gave our orders: destroy Federation stronghold at all costs. My fellow Triceratons infiltrated stronghold with little resistance. They are great warriors and I am proud to fight beside them. If we are to fall in battle, it will be with honor! Long live the republic! " Just check out both parts of the episode Rouge in the House and you'll see.

19 Purple Dragons V 1 Comment
20 Hamato Yoshi V 2 Comments
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