Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Characters

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1 Mikey

He's the best character ever in TMNT, and is SUPER funny, while the others can be to boring or serious. Sure, he may act a little childish, but he's the comic relief for when things get to depressing, he's here to lighten up our mood, and make us laugh.

He's funny and awesome and has a skateboard but the weakiest - simpsondude

He's the best cause he's the one who brightens the mood or makes it funny!

Mickey is Awesome but gets so much Disrespect (Especially in The Gauntlet). Why? He is not evil nor a jerk.

2 Leo

He's really nice, calm, cool, and collected. Plus he's the leader of his brothers and wields two awesome swords!

Though Michelangelo is the heart of the ninja turtles, Leonardo is the heart of the franchise in general. He role models how to thrive in a world with this much diversity in a way that's more poetic than Michelangelo and Raphael. Plus he has the best fight scenes.

What he's the leader of the turtles

My favorite turtle because he is good at combat and watches a hilarious parody of Star Trek.

3 Raph

I have a huge crush on him! Look beyond his fury and you'll see how sweet and gentle he is.

There is no denying that Raphael can sometimes be a hothead. But when you look deeply you see a character that can be described as someone that suffers deeply under the pressure of his darker side, and you can't help but admire his strength in the fact that he finds the power to eventually overcome the obstacles, and always come through for his family. Another thing you have to admire, is that even though he acts like a tough guy, he shows that he loves his bro's many times, proving that actions sometimes make up for the lacking words. Plus he is sarcastic, and can KICK BUTT!

Sure, Raph is hot headed, sarcastic, impulsive etc. But he actually cares as much as he teases his brothers. I mean, look at how he acts in front of Chompy or Mona Lisa! He just feels shy confessing his love to everyone like me.

Obviously the best fighter of all the turtles. He's strong and fiercely loyal to his family. He can get very angry, but it shows his passions. Raph is by far, the best turtle of all. He could take down Leo any day.

4 Donnie

Donnie is the best! I love all the turtles, but Donnie's my favorite. He's extremely intelligent, he's kind, caring, funny, and his crush on April is adorable.

I only wish that the other characters gave him more credit. He made the Shellraiser, countless amazing inventions, is nothing but nice to EVERYONE - even Casey, after "Race with the Demon" - and what does he get? Nothing but mockery and/or criticism. (Why are smart people always the ones that are put down by others? Is it because they feel inferior? )

Seriously, if you look hard enough, you'll see that the other three are always like "I'm here for you, bro" or "Stay away from my brother! " with each other, be it Leo with Raph, or Raph with Mikey (most common one), or all of them with Mikey. But never with Don. No one ever stands up for Donnie. Why? Because he's smart and therefore has to be alone? Bull. The only one who ever seems to be on his side is Master Splinter.

Believe ...more

This turtle is and always will be my favorite. When I first watched the show, he caught my eye. He's clever, sweet, and adorable. P.S Apritello forever!

Mikey!? Really? Donatello is so obviously the best. (Not hating on Mikey whatsoever.) Seriously, he wasn't nearly as good in the old ones as he is now, but he was still the best in the old ones. Honestly, he can kick butt, invent awesome mechanical marvels, and still watch out for his brothers. Seriously, who doesn't like his quotes? Here are a few examples: "Raph, you have the head, of a Turkey." "Thank you Mike, for pointing out the one positive thing, in ONE MILLION BAD ONES! " Donnie is awesome, but is constantly shat upon. "He's the weakest of the ninja turtles, all he does is build stupid machines." SHUT UP! Let me correct that statement. "He's the STRONGEST of the ninja turtles, and builds AWESOME MECHANICAL MARVELS AT AGE FIFTEEN! Come on people, come to your senses.

What? Why is Donnie not at least second? He's so adorable! And that tooth gap is adorable too! And he's such a dork and it makes him so original. Plus he's so sweet with April! I can understand why Mikey is first, I mean he's funny and adorable too, but why tf is Leo second? Just because he's the leader? He's so plain and boring!

5 April O'Neil April O'Neil is a character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a TV reporter and personal friend of the turtles.

April O Neil is still damsel in distress but soon going to learn how to kick butt like the turtles.

Yer she is nice. Karai even makes fun at tte 87 turtles by insulting them. And we see leo is going down the dark path. Because of her toxic ways.

Aren't Kraang immune to mutagen?

A half Kraang and has awesome Psychic Powers.

6 Splinter Splinter, often referred to as Master Splinter by his students, is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all related media.

Splinter should get a lot of credit because without him tmnt would not be super hero's at all splinter is the one who taught them to fight thanks to master splinter the teenage mutant ninja turtles are saving the world

Master Splinter is actually a super interesting character that I wish got more time in the spotlight.

Splinter's is the best master for the turtles he trained them so hard

Number 1 Best Splinter Incarnation.

7 Shredder Oroku "The Shredder" Saki is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all of its related media.

Why is Shredder so Scarred in this version... Terrible back story.

This was my item and it was pretty weird no one else thought of it

Shredder now he is a different story he is a horrible man and is the #1 bad guy on there I hate him so much!

He's the main villain so he has to be on this list

8 Rocksteady

I love everything about Rocksteady except he seems to get a lot dumber all of a sudden when he mutates.

This new Rocksteady is awesome! Unlike the 80s Rocksteady who was a complete moron this version smarter, stronger, and totally badass. I also love his Russian accent. "I pop your head like blueberry"

Rocksteady is funNY to


9 Bebop

He's way dumber than his 80's version but is still very funny badass and a really good character.

He's actually quite fat in the 80's version - Thebigstrong

Agreed. Rocksteady Is Better Though.

Bebop is funny

10 Casey Jones

BEST character EVER! There are WAY too many haters. Casey Jones is AWESOME!

No. He is like a Male Riley Anderson (Missing Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes.)

Man, I liked the 2003 Casey Jones better.

He is pretty much a jerk (which means junior educated rich kid).

The Contenders

11 Dr. Stockman

He's become Baxter Fly and scary... Awesome right!

He is SO... (Throws Up all over Stockman 2012.)

Baxter Stockman not Dr. Stockman

It's Baxter Stockman right?

12 Serpent Karai

Except when she was brain washed by Shredder and almost killed everyone in

I also like Karai, when she just discovered the truth!

She is nothing but a bully. Think if it really. We hate her.

She has the most complex personality in the series

13 Rahzar

Why not a martial arts teacher turn into a mutt turn into a pile a bones best Pokemon evolution ever lol

He is the best

14 Xever

He was my favorite villain and I love his fighting style

Yes! No one should ever forget him, he's amaze-balls!

Xever kicks butt.

He's awesome

15 Slash

Awesome character

16 Tiger Claw

I don't really hate him or like him, he is so-so to me.

God I hate this guy >

Even though Tiger Claw tries to kill the turtles he is still one of my favorite character! 😃❤️

Well well well what do we have here Tiger Claw 👿 he is one of my best badies everrr! - Thebigstrong

17 Footbots

Not really that important

Lame Robots.

18 Speed Demon

I think I kinda liked him when he ate Donnie and Donnie was him!

Ugly Man Eating Car.

19 Fishface

He is a strong fish to walk on the ground - Thebigstrong

Sometimes I feel bad for fishface

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 wrong number should be 3 - Thebigstrong

20 Leatherhead

He's awesome and he should win 2015 ultimate mutant champion

He is a very good character and Mikey was right about taking him with them because he is very good-hearted and fortunately likes to help in fighting kraang.

He is super strong

21 Creep
22 Karai

This version is a like a whole different character. She is stronger, more skilled, and pretty kickbutt. This Karai even has a whole different back story! She's Splinter's daughter - lied to all her life by Shredder. That makes her even more entertaining. The creators are actually wanting to make Karai an interesting character this series.

She looks awesome, its cute how Leo has a crush on her, and what happened to her in the past almost made me tear up. Why is she so low on the list? If this were my opinion she would be number one!

Really? Karai is one of the most interesting characters! Granted, the turtles are great, but Karai is way less annoying than April! - Elric-san

Karai is awesome, she's an interesting character and has awesome ninja skills

23 Kraang Prime

Most Badass and Hilarious Villain of all time.

A dude alien who sounds like a old lady.

Because an old lady voices her!

Pure Nightmare Fuel.

24 Dave Beaver

Lol best one shot character ever

Shut up dave ha ha. Makes my day.

25 Dogpound

Dogpound is a pretty cool-looking villain. It was shocking when I saw him mutate again into Rahzar. I was kinda disappointed at first, but over time I started liking his new form. But a small part of me kinda misses Dogpound.

They are both pretty cool, dogpound and rahzar, but I hope that they show rahzar's true strength later in the series, as bradford said he was faster, stronger, twice the dog he was once when he turned into rahzar.

26 Dark Beaver

Freddy Krueger! - 445956

27 Kraang Subprime

He is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried! - 445956

28 Kraang

LOL. I love the Episode "Plan 10." Best Kraang Episode Ever.

So Badass and Hilarious.

29 Ice Cream Kitty

Best Character Ever.

He used to be a regular kitty until Mikey turned him into ice cream kitty. but I think Mikey should stop licking him or else he will soon be dead.

See PGBC writers,this is how you do a food/animal combination joke


30 Dire Beaver
31 Fugitoid

Fugitoid you awesome and also a awesome person to go to space with

32 Mona Lisa

She is nice and she stands up for what's right

Mona Lisa Your awesome

33 Razor
34 Dread Beaver
35 Professor Honeycutt

Awesome I want to go on adventure with you

Fugitoid and honeycutts the same thing only put one of them on the list

36 Kirby Bat

Pretty cool

37 Mondo Gecko

If I ever encountered him, It would be just the right time to say "my grandma can hit harder than you! "

He is an ok character and is a pretty good skateboarder, but he definitely need martial arts lessons. I even think a CAT could defeat him in a fight, and nobody could possibly fear him.

38 Spider Bytez
39 Han

Whoever made this, you spelled it wrong, it's Hun, not Han

At first when I first saw hun in the series, he was ok to me, but in "Meet Mondo Gecko", he looked to me like he was dumber than when I last saw him, because he made bizarre sounds.

40 Newtralizer

You mean the worst. What is so good about him? He kicks butt both bad and good guys (Which is Mean Spirited and Evil.)

On his translating device he sounded pretty weird and had a very high pitched voice.

Danny Trejo voices him - 445956

41 Justin
42 Spooch

So Cute. Wish he was in the TMNT 2012 instead of one of their shows.

He is so cute and adorable

Crognards doesn't even appear much just in only one season

This is a crognard character. Crognards in tmnt but why put him on this list?

43 Bishop (Utrom)

Bishop awesome you saved the turtles

44 Zayton Honeycutt (Fugitoid Form)
45 Lord Dregg

I Must Say, Much Better Villain Then Shredder.

To this guy I thought shredder was more evil

Lord dregs why you almost destroy raphs girlfriend and raph to

46 Shinigami
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