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21 Footbots

Not really that important

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22 Ice Cream Kitty

He used to be a regular kitty until Mikey turned him into ice cream kitty. but I think Mikey should stop licking him or else he will soon be dead.

See PGBC writers,this is how you do a food/animal combination joke

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23 Leatherhead

He's awesome and he should win 2015 ultimate mutant champion

He is a very good character and Mikey was right about taking him with them because he is very good-hearted and fortunately likes to help in fighting kraang.

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24 Dire Beaver
25 Bebop

He's way dumber than his 80's version but is still very funny badass and a really good character.

He's actually quite fat in the 80's version - Thebigstrong

Agreed. Rocksteady Is Better Though.

Bebop is funny

26 Razor
27 Dread Beaver
28 Mona Lisa

She is nice and she stands up for what's right

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29 Mondo Gecko

If I ever encountered him, It would be just the right time to say "my grandma can hit harder than you! "

He is an ok character and is a pretty good skateboarder, but he definitely need martial arts lessons. I even think a CAT could defeat him in a fight, and nobody could possibly fear him.

30 Spider Bytez
31 Han

Whoever made this, you spelled it wrong, it's Hun, not Han

At first when I first saw hun in the series, he was ok to me, but in "Meet Mondo Gecko", he looked to me like he was dumber than when I last saw him, because he made bizarre sounds.

32 Karai

This version is a like a whole different character. She is stronger, more skilled, and pretty kickbutt. This Karai even has a whole different back story! She's Splinter's daughter - lied to all her life by Shredder. That makes her even more entertaining. The creators are actually wanting to make Karai an interesting character this series.

She looks awesome, its cute how Leo has a crush on her, and what happened to her in the past almost made me tear up. Why is she so low on the list? If this were my opinion she would be number one!

Really? Karai is one of the most interesting characters! Granted, the turtles are great, but Karai is way less annoying than April! - Elric-san

She is a bully teaching kids the wrong thing. Always causing trouble a lot of people don't like her. She is to faced. Incest with leo acting tuff. Is she gay we say yes. She got her real dad killed acting like the shredder she nothing but a toxic brat. Mean to everyone and gets away with it. Bully bully bully what does that teach kids. A bully rules. She was a snake before it happened. Bitch.

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33 Newtralizer

You mean the worst. What is so good about him? He kicks butt both bad and good guys (Which is Mean Spirited and Evil.)

On his translating device he sounded pretty weird and had a very high pitched voice.

Danny Trejo voices him - 445956

34 Justin
35 Dogpound

Dogpound is a pretty cool-looking villain. It was shocking when I saw him mutate again into Rahzar. I was kinda disappointed at first, but over time I started liking his new form. But a small part of me kinda misses Dogpound.

They are both pretty cool, dogpound and rahzar, but I hope that they show rahzar's true strength later in the series, as bradford said he was faster, stronger, twice the dog he was once when he turned into rahzar.

36 Kraang Prime

Most Badass and Hilarious Villain of all time.

A dude alien who sounds like a old lady.

Because an old lady voices her!

Pure Nightmare Fuel.

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37 Spooch

So Cute. Wish he was in the TMNT 2012 instead of one of their shows.

This is a crognard character. Crognards in tmnt but why put him on this list?

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38 Bishop (Utrom)

Bishop awesome you saved the turtles

39 Kraang Subprime

He is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried! - 445956

40 Zayton Honeycutt (Fugitoid Form)
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