Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Mutants

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1 Raph

He's red, tough, has sais and kicks the kraang and foot bots robotey butts - rapheal

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2 Mikey

Has my fave ninja weapon fave color and has an awesome personality

Just cause leo is leader doesn't mean he's the best!

Mikey for EVER I love HIM so MUCH! 1 mikey's biggest fan love him so much.And I love his cute little cheeks

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3 Donnie

Really smart and great with a bo staff.

4 Leo

He may be a cartoon character, but I love Leonardo. He's got a lot of strength deep inside, he's noble, he's never a jerk to anybody, and above all, he's the one guy that's actually responsible (well, with the exception of Donnie). The only thing that derails him from #1 is the fact that he's easy to get to. It's easy to make him question himself, or make him feel like he may be a bad leader. But overall, he deserves a lot of credibility.

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5 Splinter

The best one in tmnt

I love how he's beating Don though

He's a great fighter and father.

6 Snake Weed V 1 Comment
7 Fish Face

A pretty cool and fast mutant

8 Dog Pound
9 Spy Roach
10 Wingnut

Looks pretty twisted. AWESOME! Well that's it. So put more mutants from the 2012 TMNT show not the other versons. Well bye.

The Contenders

11 Baxter Fly
12 Mutagen Man
13 Tiger Claw
14 Leatherhead
15 Rahzar
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