Best Teeth Songs

Teeth it's a modern band who tooks some different music genres like: Indie Rock, Indie Pop. So sorry but i don't have idea where this band was formed on But there's some of their best songs for a good Top 10 list.

The Top Ten

1 Puwing

wonderful song, I love it since I heard it. now it's a classic to me right now!

ok, this is a good set to number 1
acceptable song but not even so good

this song is so underrated while crap music not. what a bad world!

This is Teeth's most advanced song in my opinion. - BLODAYBEYONTWO

2 See Spaces

This song was even included on the Football Soccer video game - Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and now it reminds me a lot of Cristiano Ronaldo. - BLODAYBEYONTWO

Good song probably my favorite, but it doesn't sounds like Alternative music as the description says"

3 Unleaded

A good one who could be listened once at least... - BLODAYBEYONTWO

4 Stokwa
5 Dogs Can Fly
6 Bukas
7 Prinsesa
8 Tugtugan Na
9 Bmx
10 We Are the Same
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