Top Ten Teletubbies Episodes that Should Be Created


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1 The Show Ends And The Teletubbies Get Kicked

VideoGamefan5, you have gotta make the list "Top Ten Reasons Why Avatar: The Last Airbender is better than Liv and Maddie/Teletubbies (NOTE: I put the slash here because you can choose either Liv and Maddie or Teletubbies.)". - TheYoshiPyro64

Sure How About Both Why Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Better Than Both Liv And Maddie And Teletubbies, Also Good One With Adding One Course Tubby And A Pal For The Teletubbies - VideoGamefan5

I totally agree and I'm going to watch this

This List Has 97 Items, Excellent! - VideoGamefan5

Why the hell was this show rebooted. Out of every toddlers shows made in the 1990s this one was rebooted! Yes it was popular everyone bought the dolls in the shops at Christmas in the 90s.
It was popular but silly.
1. A baby in the sun.
2. Eh-Oh
3. Food - Tubby Toast a smiley face and Tubby Custard Pink Goo, they throw it on the floor and Noo-Noo comes in to clean it up and they shout naughty noo-noo and he disappears.
4. Televisions in the stomach.

2 The Teletubbies Get Kicked In The Butt
3 Teletubbies Eat Too Much And Fart

Po is gonna be the gassiest - ShopkinsLover

4 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
5 Po Abuse
6 Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies
7 Po Gets Kicked With Twinky Winky
8 Everyone Dies by Putting Fire in Their Mouths
9 Deadpool Kills The Teletubbies

Even though I'm a Wolverine fan I still like his archenemy

10 Laa Laa's Crappy Bread

The Contenders

11 Goku Kills Everyone
12 Dipsy Eats Crap

More like... YOU EAT CRAP

13 Kratos Kills the Teletubbies
14 Mashtooth Kills the Teletubbies with His Sword
15 Team Rocket Kills The Teletubbies
16 Twinky Winky And Po Get Sucked Up
17 The Baby Sun Kills Everything
18 Jurassic Tubbyland

Oh yeah the dinosaurs CHOMP

19 Dipsy Gets Grounded
20 One Coarse Tubby

LOL HAHA - VideoGamefan5

21 Po's Face Freeze
22 DoraTele ExplorerTubbies

Only if it involves dore killing the teletubbies - epictoonsfan1


We Need This - VideoGamefan5

One day in Tubbyland, the Teletubbies meet a strange-looking person
Dipsey: what is THAT?!
Laa Laa: let's kill it!
Tinky Winky: *revs up a chainsaw*
Dipsey: *loads up an AK-47*
Laa Laa: *fills up a flamethrower*
Po: *pulls the pin off a grenade*
Ten minutes later...
*blood everywhere*
Tinky Winky: I just discovered that the creature we killed was called a Dora
Po: well then who's that?
Goku: *throws a nuke and kills them all*

23 Po Gets Pregnant

Then po dies - epictoonsfan1

24 Tinky Winky Gets Rabies

This would suit great for this character.

25 The Narrator Kills All of the Other Characters
26 Twinky Winky X Nicki Minaj

Ha, Lol

27 A Pal for the Teletubbies
28 The Teletubbies Meet the Devil and Are Killed
29 Po Gets Sent to North Korea
30 Cookie Monster Attacks the Teletubbies
31 The Execution of Tinky Winky

Don't disrespect the dead.

32 Mario Throws the Teletubbies Into Lava

See SMG4 tubby T.V.

33 Yveltal vs Teletubbies

Yveltal comes to TubbyLand and destroys everything. THE END

34 Tinky Winky's Drunk Drive

LOL! - VideoGamefan5

35 Tinky Winky Poops Out A Donkey
36 They Listen to PPAP and Die
37 ChainTele SmokersTubbies

The Chainsmokers Will Eat Po

38 The Teletubbies In World War II
39 Laa Laa Eats Garbage
40 Tinky Winky Gets a Splinter
41 The Teletubbies Listen to Justin Bieber and Die
42 They Fall Into Spikes and They Die
43 The Teletubbies are in Saw VIII
44 The End
45 Stuck in the Wringer
46 Pet Sitter Laa Laa
47 Dumb Ways to Die in Tubbyland
48 Hulk Crushes the Teletubbies
49 World War III
50 Johnnytele Testtubbies
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1. The Show Ends And The Teletubbies Get Kicked
2. The Teletubbies Get Kicked In The Butt
3. Teletubbies Eat Too Much And Fart
1. Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
2. Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies
3. Everyone Dies by Putting Fire in Their Mouths


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