Best Television Series Seasons of All Time

These seasons are ranked in quality, acting, writing and my thoughts.

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1 Breaking Bad - Season 5

Breaking Bad is amazing but season 5 takes the top spot for the series. - TomD2203

Best of all time

One word - 'Ozymandias'


2 The Wire - Season 4

The wire was a marvellous from start to finish but season 4 was just truly amazing. We are introduced to 4 young kids living hard lives in Baltimore getting dragged in and out of drug dealing, violence and just being kids, David Simon presents this in amazing quality and will be remembered for years. - TomD2203

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3 Six Feet Under - Season 2

Six feet under started of with a bang. The series is strange, twisted and not what viewers were expecting. - TomD2203

4 Fargo - Season 2
5 The Sopranos - Season 5

The sopranos is a fantastic classic show that shocked viewers with amazing acting and writing. - TomD2203

6 True Detective - Season 1

This is one of the best single seasons of television I have seen in a very long time the acting is amazing and the story is very dark and twisted, must watch - TomD2203

7 True Blood - Season 1

I may be on my own here but the first season of true blood was different, strange and ultra sexy. - TomD2203

8 Homeland - Season 1

Homeland tell a very dynamic story and the first season is quite interesting, a much watch. - TomD2203

9 Fargo - Season 1

One of the best shows the acting of Billy bob and Martin Freeman is incredible plus some of the directors of some episodes are the same as Breaking Bad plus the great soundtrack plus the cinematography plus Lorne Malvo plus acid dark humor plus aw jeez! Heck... yah um it's a great great show fellows must see.

10 Hannibal - Season 2

Nothing comes closer. Truly brilliant.

The Contenders

11 Oz - Season 4

Oz.. Oz, Oz changed the way we looked at television, the first hour long series on HBO Oz showed amazing story's, Violence and just pure awesomeness. - TomD2203

12 Game of Thrones - Season 3

Game of thrones is easily one of the best things to happen in cable television maybe since the wire, it is one awesome gruesome adventure. - TomD2203

13 Game Of Thrones - Season 4

By far best season I the entire television only beated to Season 5 of Breaking Bad

14 The Simpsons - Season 1

Here we are our favourite yellow family, the Simpsons is one funny and entertaining adventure. - TomD2203

15 Parks and Recreation - Season 3
16 Six Feet Under - Season 5
17 Breaking Bad - Season 4

A clever, incredible season that built up to its peak that no other show had matched

18 Community - Season 2
19 Rocko's Modern Life - Season 1

Quite possibly the greatest and most underrated animated television series season of all time.

20 Rocko's Modern Life - Season 3
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1. The Wire - Season 4
2. Breaking Bad - Season 5
3. Six Feet Under - Season 2
1. Breaking Bad - Season 5
2. Fargo - Season 2
3. True Detective - Season 1



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