Best Television Series Seasons of All Time

These seasons are ranked in quality, acting, writing and my thoughts.

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21 The Office - Season 2
22 Prison Break - Season 1

Wonderful season throughout, based on one topic but brilliantly filmed. One of the best series of all time and it's best season.

23 Arrested Development - Season 2
24 Clone High - The One And Only Season

Why didn't they just hold a press conference for those protesters in India?

25 The Simpsons - Season 5
26 Gravity Falls - Season 1
27 Dexter - Season 4

Season 4 of Dexter was a milestone not only to the series but to television at the time. The shows story had kept the viewers guessing with more mind-bending approaches than ever before. Easily the arc of one of my favorite series of all time.

28 Lost - Season 6

I just love the episode 'across the sea'.

The best series with it's epic ending.

The Best series, and its best season

29 Seinfeld - Season 4
30 How I Met Your Mother - Season 2
31 Arrested Development - Season 1
32 Family Guy - Season 4
33 Rocko's Modern Life - Seasons 2 & 4
34 Breaking Bad - Season 3
35 Every Witch Way - Season 1

Every Witch Way is the best show in the history of modern live action, it appeals to all ages & it's tasty, there's no laugh track, yet there's still comedy, there's also a good plot that will attract people, but this could be bad for the show because good shows always get cancelled these days before they finish, thaks to evil greedy & dirty Viacom.

36 Every Witch Way - Season 2

Best season of Every Witch Way so far, it had a better plot and was way more epic than season 1, Season 3 is going to be more epic, no doubt about it.

37 The Simpsons - Season 6
38 The Simpsons - Season 7
39 Lost - Season 2
40 The Walking Dead - Season 5
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