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1 Season 5

Now age 16, Jackie has used her AGT experience as a springboard to a remarkable career. In six years, she has performed for royalty, released five albums (about to release two more), performed duets with some of the greatest singers, delivered over one hundred solo concerts, and recorded three PBS specials on DVD.

Are you kidding? Do we to ever need ask this question again? Sure there has been, and is now, great talent out there that "make it" on AGT... But there is only ONE Jackie Evancho... Nobody - and I do mean N-O-B-O-D-Y - comes close to Jackie... Not in vocals nor stage presence. She IS THE reigning Queen of Classical Crossover - and likely she will be just as supreme in the jazz genre too. The girl is the 8th wonder of the world.

As a 10 year old, Jackie Evancho stunned the entire U.S. with a voice like an angel. Each and every judge was dumbfounded. No one to date has the charm and voice of Jackie and now at 13, she packs people in at her concerts.

From her season 5 performances to her latest, "The Debut" Jackie Evancho is such an extraordinarily refined level of beauty. Jackie brought a tepid talent show the magic we all needed. We live in the era of Jackie Evancho. How awesome is that?

2 Season 11

The shear volume of talent. Groups who had won global awards (The Clairvoyants) and Got Talent in another country (Laura Breton). And yet in the end it was a 12 year old unknown who took the prize. Absolutely amazing.

3 Season 12
4 Season 8
5 Season 13

Best season by far. Lots of new and different acts were seen. The finals were lit with a bunch of variety acts instead of mostly singers. Shin Lim had the best magic talent I've ever seen, so proud of him. Other great acts include Samuel J Comroe, Brian King Joseph, Michael Ketterer, Duo Transcend, and Zurcaroh.

Oh this again

6 Season 6
7 Season 10

This was the best season of them all! Nicknamed the "Season of the Magicians" because four of the finalists were magicians, this season had it all. It featured the best judging panel of Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howard Stern. This was also Howard Stern's last season as a judge. It had Nick Cannon as its host. It was the only season to have seven audition episodes, including an Extreme Auditions show. It was the 10th anniversary of AGT. Dunkin' Donuts replaced Snapple as sponsor of the show after three seasons. This was the first season to have an all-male finale. Four guest judges were invited to judge during the judge's cuts; actor Neil Patrick Harris, singer Michael Bublé, actor Marlon Wayans and former judge Piers Morgan. The series returned to Radio City Music Hall in New York for the live shows, the best venue in the world. You have to watch this season!

8 Season 2
9 Season 7

This was my favorite season. Even though I missed Piers and LOVED Howard, he was so funny and I was so happy that AGT finally got an American judge. Many of the performances were so memorable too, like Andrew De Leon's, Joe Castillo's, Turf's, David Garibaldi's, Tom Cotter's, Olate Dogs', Tim Hockenberry's, etc. It was also the show's last year of the magical YouTube Act Round, Wild Card Round, and Sharon's year as a judge. (In my opinion the show got SO MUCH WORSE after she left to be honest, especially since Heidi Klum was one of her replacements.) Even though Jackie Evancho - who is probably my favorite contestant out of all from the show - was not in this season, this season was my favorite for so many reasons!

10 Season 14
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11 Season 9

Wonderful and varied final three. First time the show featured a magician as its winning act.

12 Season 1

The other seasons would be here if it wasn't for this one.

13 Season 3
14 Season 15
15 Season 4
16 Season 16
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