Top Ten Worst Things About the Doctor Who Steven Moffat Era

Man has this once beloved series turned into crap. Steven Moffat was a once brilliant writer for Doctor Who. While you cannot put ALL the blame on him, he is using the beloved brand of Doctor Who, and just using the series as his own personal toilet. His first season (season 5, 2010) wasn't necessarily bad, but after that, man does it suck.

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The Top Ten
1 Wasting Awesome Concepts

Some of the ideas could of been really good. Like Lets Kill Hitler. It could of been an awesome story of the Doctor trying to stop someone from going back in time to kill him, due to the implications it could have on the future.

Aka Season 6. Literally a wasted season in my opinion.

2 Sonic Glasses

Yeah one of the worst ideas in Doctor Who History.

Need I say more?

3 Davros with Eyes

What happened? It is a really disturbing idea that Davros' eyes were gouged out at some point in the past. Saying he had his eyes closed the whole time was stupid. It takes away the creep factor, and, why does he need that artificial eye in the first place?

I can understand what they were trying to do. It was going to be a terrifying twist at the end and on the most part it was. I really liked it.

4 Missy/ the Master

I disagree. Missy is my favorite villain.

5 The Daleks No Longer Being Scary

The Daleks are scary from a psychological standpoint, not in a jump scare way. I disagree. I will admit some the Dalek stories are not scary, but the Dalek stories are both awesome and are scary when you think about it.

6 The Cybermen No Longer Being Scary, and Just Being Knock Off Iron Man Suits, that Fly.

Cybermen are terrifying. In my opinion they are more scary in Modern Who than in Classic Who

7 River (Mary Sue) Song

I think River is overrated as well, but she's not a Mary Sue.

8 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald was one the companions to the 11th and 12th Doctors. Her actor is Jenna Coleman. Her first appearance is "Asylum of the Daleks" and her last is "Twice Upon a Time".

No, I don't understand why Clara gets so much hate. Like why? What did she ever do wrong? Sure she has flaws, but every companion has flaws. She's literally my favorite companion.

9 Strax and Vastra

They're taking two very good monsters, and making them good guys for the sake of it. Silurians could represent the Arab-Israeli conflict, and felt very relevant in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood story. Sontarans are fun to watch warmongering characters. Strax should of just been a one off comedic character, who should not have been a Sontaran. AKA, a warmongering potato.

No. They are both hilarious characters. The one negative thing is both species are very good villians, but ever since Strax and Vastra those villians have gone away. #bringbacksontarans

10 Complete Lack of Continuity

It's not a complete lack. It's not like the show constantly contradicts itself.

The Contenders
11 Needless Pandering Towards the Gay Community
12 The Weeping Angels No Longer Being Scary
13 Unnecessary Location Hopping

Travelling across too many locations and time periods within the course of one episode

14 Those Action and Exposition Scenes Which Feel Like Poorly Done Montages
15 Overuse of Spectacle
16 Constant Fan Service, Like Daleks Randomly Popping Up
17 Being a Children's Show Only
18 Pretentious Dialogue and Ideas

People say that episodes like Listen are amazing, and compelling. That specific episode is not only terrible, pretensions and convoluted, it is one of the worst episodes I have seen in a very long time.

19 Wasting the Talent of Peter Capaldi

With the exception of the Zygon Inversion, he's wasted as a darker Doctor.

20 None of the Dark and Gritty Universe

Remember Genesis of the Daleks, with its Nazi imagery, lived in landscape, and a war ongoing for so long, technology went backwards, so people had to use basic weapons like WW1 guns instead of lasers? Yeah, now its just a clean, safe looking laser quest.

21 That God Awful Time Stream Scene
22 Time Lords Changing Genders
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