Jr. N.T.R


Tarak is an amazing actor with tons of talent.
He can do justice to any role.
Mass Entertainer : Simhadri, Sambha.
Youthful mass Entertainer : Aadhi
youthful entertainer : Student number 1
Pouranikalu/socio-fantacy : yamadonga
Romantic/family entertainer : Brundhavanam
comedy-action entertainer : Adhurs
Social issue based movies : Rakhi

in this way he had done all type of films.
All of there flicks were superhits at Box office.
He is one of the top dancers in India.
He is a good human being as well.
In just 29 years of age he is termed to be next south Indian superstar after Rajnikanth.
Proud to be fan of tarak.
Tarak rocks...

He is the actor can suit any character like SR. NTR and ANR. I would not say he is Tollywood no actor because I don't believe no. An actor who can lives the hearts of the people for ever called complete actor he is none other than Mr:JR. NTR. Don't compare with him to any body because his versatility of acting skills with extraordinary energetic and potentiality of acting skills. It is my opinion "JR. NTR should lives hearts of many like Sr. NTR".

He can play any character which is his special quality among the new generation hero's

He can dance extremely well, fights are just awesome n his dialogue delivery is marvelous n mind blowing

He will be the number 1 in TFI in coming years NTR rocks

This generation heroes have certain limits for their acting capabilities to project but I think ntr is the only person who don't have any barriers or limits. He has proved his each and every capability like dance (yamadonga), rakhi (sentiment) and if I say like this the list goes on and one more thing is that even in his disastrous movie shakti he tried something different and satisfied his fans... Now a days people think that tarak has stopped dancing to his capacity but I strongly feel that he isn't doing so like that but he is dam=ncing according to the tunes given by his directors... Therefore I would like to say his fans not to treat him as a person of particular caste or so on (which would spoil his career) and promote movies in a good way... I am saying so because I am a huge fan of tarak and I support "tarakism"

NTR is gifted actor like Sr. NTR. Other actors can't reach his maturity in acting. As many senior actors mentioned and people know from acting on movies, don't compare NTR with other actors. Because his acting skills are unique and never matchable by other contemporary heroes.


Excellent Performer.. In all Categories in a movie.. Specially we should look into his dialogue delivery and dances.. SUPERB Actor

He is the only one actor who is suitable to do all types of roles and moreover He is one of the best dancer in India

Tarak is a wonderful actor. No one can do the characters that he had done in his movie... He is the king of dialogue delivary... He is also a good western and classical dancer... He is a singer also... So he is a alrounder in the cinema industry... So abviously he is the number 1 in the tollywood...

Ntr is the best actor when compared 2 mahesh and pawan. He can do any roles

Who can do any character in the Tollywood that would be NTR. If we are cinema lovers we should accept this. I strongly believe that hero permits particular character but an actor can do any character then we can call him perfect actor, I can simply say one thing NTR=Actor+Star

Tarak is a fabulous actor, he has extraordinary screen presence skills, dancing skills, he can deliver any type of emotions easily, he can switch into different shades of action with ease and fast pace, and totally he is born actor. He is icon for an actor. If you see his acting you definitely addicted to him. I am sure and I am proud to be one among Tarak fan.

In the current generation almost all hero's are stars not actor's. But Jr. NTR he is first an actor then Star... The one and only hero who could do any type of roles... Who could mesmerize the audience with this acting.. He will be stand beside the TOP actors like... Prakash Raj, Irfan Khan, Naseerudhin Shah, Anupam Kher etc...,

No one can do acting like him he is a all rounder he can do any type of role but now a days heros can do limited type of roles but in acting no limits for ntr so he is the number 1 based on acting...

He is an all rounder... Every tollywood artist, director, critics... Everyone will accept this... So, he is obviously number 1 in tollywood. At just 28 years age he is competing with mahesh(35+ age, 20+industry career), pawan(40+ age, 20+ industry career).

He is absolutely number 1
No doubt in it..
He was the one who got multiple talents in all aspects like dance. Dialouge delivery and expression carrying..

He is the only hero in 3rd generation to suite in any kind of roles, one day he'll definitely take TFI to its maximum heights...

He can impress anyone with his acting either serious or comedy anything
He will be one of the future best film star and I hope he will be no more called JR BY the people

He is simply superb... At present he is the one n only actor to perform any kind of roles like mythological films or historical films or any kind of roles even psycho... Telugu film industry must feel proud of Jr NTR for having such kind of actor...

He'z an amazing actor and a wonderful Human being.. All round capable performer and best fits into any role. Dazzling dancer and Awestruck Wonder of present Generation Heroes. Fantastic Spontaneity and mesmerizing Speech abilities are add-on's to his radiating energy.. Jai Tarak.

Tarak is the Best Actor and The Best Performer. Best Of luck To Tarak For His Future achievements! Power Packed Performer..

He is all rounder. Can any one question NTR that he cannot perform this role he can due any role not normally, absolutely he can satisfy every Movie lover with his acting... So no more comments... Any doubts...

I am a fan of tarak annaya because of his passion towards the film and dedication towards acting no one in the telugu film industry compete with tarak anna in his dances and dialouge delivery not only in acting but also in politics he has an great ability to pull crowds towards his speeches nothing to say about him because every one knows about tarak simply in one word we can say tarak is the future star for telugu film industry

Nothing doing Jr NTR is always the best..
No one can act like him, perform like him, dance like him
He can justify all the roles either like a comedian or angry men what ever the character he give justification for that...

Finally I want to say fot this web site if you wont make NTR 1st its surly a business for U.. This is not a pole if NTR is not number 1

I love his dialogue delivery and the grace in his dance. He is very energetic and can perform any kind of role in the present generation. He is the only actor in the present generation who can do mythological roles

I am big fan to N.T. R of his attitude, dialogue, dance, fighting the most thing he had that expression of face and body language and every we like him so much that he is as like as another Heros romance with heroines he is good with every hero and heroine so that we like him very much