Mahesh Babu


What Could V Say About Him..

DAmn Good Actor, Aware Of Any Controversies. !
Self Dependent..

have Respect Toward's His FAns. , Being IN Contact with fans via twitter. , He looks Ravishing, Alluring, Handsome Hunk, Sexy Stylish..! No remakes nly direct films, Desirable 5 in india. Proud to B his fan N Reputed Allover n Raised the standard of our telugu community, Respect towards elders, several blockbusters fr TFi nt 1 everything wholesome packaged 1 n num 1 brand ambassadorial from south india... - sudheerkumarbolisettydhfm

SuperStar Mahesh
No Need of Special Introduction of Him because He is a Well All over India... Has a Huge Fan Base All over World... Settled actor Who can Perform any kind of role with ease and grace.. Style Ka Baap... Trends lo thop.. He's So Special.. Down To Earth and Very Professional.. He's the one who always strives for the BEST. He Showed Tollywood Stamina To Bollywood and Hollywood Also... No one can Show or Never Can Compete with him in any form.. Role Model for New Generation actors... He is the only actor Having Fans From Very Childish age to Very Old age..! His Films Are Complete Meals TO every one... Jai Ho Superstar.. Proud to Be His Fan...

Mahesh Only King Of Tollywood... He rocks Always.. You Mahesh... Even I am From Tamil Nadu.. I Like to Watch Only Mahesh Movies... Love Him A Lot... Wow Wow... Its Really Amazing... I like Mahesh Than Tamil Heroes... He Looks TOO good n Handsome.. Like Him A Lot

He Is A God For Tfi... He Increases The Standard Of Telug Movies... He's A Great Privilege To Have In Our Industry.. He's Also Doing Films In Tfi But Not Going To B-town.. That Shows His Love To Our Industry... He's Also Making The Whole World To Know The Stamina Of Our Telugu films From his Movies And Collections... Hope He Gets More And More Industry Hits.

He is a brilliant actor when you watch him on the screen without bias.. He takes up any character and portrays it beautifully on the screen.. Completely a director's actor like the legend actors before him...

Completely agree that he will rule the industry like NTR and Chiru in the near future, irrespective of hits or flops...

Mahesh is best and he is Everest for Indian film industry
mahesh rocks
Evergreen any other hero is reel heroes... Only one real hero with attitude passion... Jai princism...

1. He is the one and only handsome and no one can beat him in Ation.
2. Because he proved his action in 18 movies.
3. In 18 movies he got 4 nandhi awards and 3 filmfare awards.
4. So he is number 1 Gero in tollywood.

He is number 1 brand ambassador in south India he had 12 ads and takes 4c for one ad, and 10c+over seas market which is highest paid hero in tollywood for a movie he is most handsome, charming one of popular celebrity in india.

He is the one and only tollywood hero who has wonderful acting skills and too smart also...
the one and only hero who was liked by class people and mass people.
he has national wide following also.
he is only hero who got 8 to 9 nandi +2 film fare awards

One & Only 1 Prince Mahesh... The Creator, The Ruler, The Legend of Indian Cinema... Every movie id DIRECT movie Wont Prefer Dubbing or other language HITZZ he is special and doing special.. Wher every one following other lan movies other are following MAHESH movie that makes him very unique... Saying am special or our hero is special is not special doing different is something special that is mahesh and his fans. Never ever bothered about No game race or Records because creators wont bother and number 1 always number 1.. Hail Prince He Is Ultimate TERROR and Nightmare for antis!

He's is an amazing actor & has this Caribbean girl falling head over heals for him! He's the Master of Expressions and acting is a Natural Talent for him. Plus he has a humble personality and always keeps his fans in mind when he chooses his roles.

NO one can reach him.. The best
Hollywood hero and the Best actor I have ever seen till now

Ever lasting, ever green and ever charismatic hero, a good inspirer by his attitude and whatever he does it s a trend, no need to set

Twinkle twinkle little star.. MAHESH is the SUPER STAR!
king of tollywood he is...

He can play any role easily... Timing will be super and action is ultimate... Super star prince mahesh babu zindabad...

He is the number 1 forever
mahesh action is mindblowing really no one can break his acting especially in tollywood...

Badhshah... King the superstar... No one can reach him... The real businessman...

Prince in tollywood...
He already proved he is number on hero in tollywood...
Only one person how can break records in tollywood

When CHARM learns ACTION, he is "Mahesh Babu". He is a son of a Superstar & Now he is a SUPERSTAR in his own way. His Style, Modulations, Dialogue Delivery, Effort and Ease that he put in every scene, role, story selection made him special from his contemporaries and stands a huge inspiration to upcoming stars. He is known for his dedication, Simplicty, Courage, Discipline, Ground to earth nature, Acceptability, Sense of Humor. He is just an amazing example to show how an actor should be. It's great that you have huge fan base but it's equally important how value you give them, Mahesh really concerned about fans, industry people. He always tried to bring the best quality out of his films, the same made him popular globally and has enormous following all over. When a Bollywood movie goer asked about Tollywood, he may not know about telugu films much but he will definitely know that Mahesh is an Telugu actor. One cannot simply be a Most desirable man unless he is "Mahesh Babu". Pride of ...more

Mahesh is like a role model for other heros.. Apart form his handsome looks acting skills their are many things which can d reasons for admiration of him.
He is d Trend setter in wide releasing a telugu movie before that no one did so..,
He is d one and only national level brand ambassador in Tollywood.
Keeping asides ego he praises all other heros dis shows his attitude.
Not in south even in north mahesh is well known to everyone that's y he stood 5h most desirable men...!

MAHESH The Prince of Andhra The Pride Of Andhra Other Heros Have To Learn A Lot From Him Yes Doing or Getting hitzz with dubbing movie wont make SUperStar " To Become A Star 2 SuperStar you need to do your own and direct movies which mahesh doing regularly and getting Back to Back Blockbuster. Blockbuster HERO know to be Super Satr Which IS only Prince MAHESH. Note: Not Only Others HERO Following Prince TREND... Even TREND Wants To Follow PRINCE MAHESH. Silence Speaks More better Example Is OUR SuperStar Mahesh! Woods will have 1 super Star Bollywood Superstar Amitabh, KollyWood SS Ranji... When it comes to TollyWoods Only PRINCE... THE SUPER STAR!

He has three of the top five grossing Telugu films with Dookudu being in first place. He absolutely rules the Overseas box office as his films secure collections that are comparable to A-list Bollywood films. He has many Nandi awards and he is praised by all members of the Indian film industry. He is no doubt the best there is in the industry.

He is d most efficient to b a hero. More over he is has bcme d national wide brand ambassdor.. He caught d pulse in acting which proves his stamina by his recent films which have been released DOOKUDU and BUSSINESS MAN.. Which not only created record in 81 yrs history of TFI but it also created record in OVERSEAS market (us) this shows his stamina and his journey towards being an UNIVERSAL STAR. Now his fans can fell proud being a fan of PRINCE MAHESH BABU.. I nw say the I am fan of PRINCE..

He is awesome... Trend setter... He is the one and only prince who gave 3 industry hits wit more than 45crs share... His following and crazz is awesome... He is simpl and decent... The real SUPER STAR... He won't encourage remake movies lik other heros... He belives in his hard work and dedication... That's why he is rocking now by back to back industry hits...

Mahesh Name Is Enough Charisma others r holding only Star image but prince carries Super Star Image that's d difference ultimate in acting dances daredevil fights he is A1 in almost all department he is jjack of all trades and master in All reachable boxoffice Badshah, nijam king, Andhra RaaRaju... Many more: love you prince