Top 10 Telugu Movies of All Time

Here's a list of Telugu films that made people talk about their success throughout the country...

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1 Attarintiki Daredi Attarintiki Daredi

Biggest hit of telugu film industry

All time industry hit film

It is the best movie and all time hit - varakumar111

Power packed Industry hit.

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2 Baahubali: The Beginning

Worlds number 1 film it should be number 1 in list and why it is second position young rebel star prabhas

Best historical Indian movie ever

Wonder of Indian movie, epic movie for Indian screen

the best

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3 Janatha Garage

Ntr dance will superb and also massive mass performance

Wonderful family entertainer

Amazing movie lot of family emotional drama I like it

Good film in Telugu Industry.

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4 Race Gurram Race Gurram

I love this film most talented hero

I disagree with this rank given to this film

I love this movie because my favorite actor

I love this film most talented hero Allu Arjun

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5 Magadheera Magadheera

I love this movie because it has excellent story and animated scenes and main thing in this movie my favourite actress is there

Movie in this list because of director best

Magadheera is the best and top most film I see

Awesome movie of the decade. I like the Visual Effects in the movie when compared to Bahubali. It is best than Bahubali and also the budget is very less when compared to Bahubali. Such a great Film.

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6 Gabbar Singh Gabbar Singh

Super movie in the industry this movie should be in top 2 or 3 movie

Excellent movie and super stills and excellent performance by pawan kalyan

Very nice movie of Power star Pawan kalyan...

Superb Entertainer... One MAN show

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7 Mayabazar Mayabazar

Forever and until the end of earth, no other movie comes to stand beside this movie. It's a great and king of movies

None other is there in front of this film

The all time greatest in any language

Very good movie

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8 Kushi

It is a clean and green love story. The asset is one and only pawan kalyan

Evergreen film for college youth and lovers

Best music and back ground music ever

Pavan kalyan is super performance and super songs

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9 Pokiri Pokiri

INDUSTRY HIT... this word is starts from Pokiri... Mahesh is Ultimate actor... no one can reach him...

Mahesh babu is wonderful actor

Wonderful movie's script and fantastic acting of our Superstar Mahesh Babu has made the movie Best...

All time record

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10 Son of Satyamurthy

I like movie and stylish star acting amazing

Best movie ever

Allu is the Allah of Telugu film industry

Beautiful message

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The Contenders

11 Dookudu Dookudu

Nice movie and fantastic acting by our superstar Mahesh Babu.

Very nice movie in Mahesh babu carrier

Prince is the best

Best mass movie of telugu all time

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12 Daana Veera Soora Karna

Terrific showcase of a mythological incident by NTR. Acted, directed, produced by the late legendary actor NTR

NTR on man show by play 3 major roles in the movie by acting besides holds direction & production too

Telugu screen ever Green

Excellent movie

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13 Seethama Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

How can such a silly movie like abscess come in this list?

It's a great film
Expressing an ideology of a common man by showing human value's

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14 Rudraveena

Decent movie which revolves around social awareness in villagers.

It is fell good movie

Allu arjun is so handsome

Awareness movie

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15 Missamma

Number 1 in telugu cinema 1955 to till date

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16 Mirchi Mirchi

Good family entertainment and masala

It is the movies with superb twists and the action prabhas I can't say in words...

Prabhas was looking in mirchi is very handsome

PRABHAS one man show


Good music,neat screenplay and script,apt dialogues and stylish songs

Perfect debutant director KORATALA SIVA and there is a long way to go

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17 Tagore V 8 Comments
18 Swathi Mutyam V 3 Comments
19 Kumari 21f

Even though a movie you don't wanna see with adults, it is a movie with an amazing message.

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20 Lava Kusa V 4 Comments
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