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Which fahrenheit temperature for your day would you prefer?

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1 70 Degrees Fahrenheit

Who doesn't love 70 degrees Fahrenheit? It isn't cold, and it isn't hot. You don't shiver or sweat. This is the best temperature ever. You can get a good night's sleep and a good morning's breakfast. You can drink some nice hot coffee or some icy cold lemonade without being judged. 70 degrees Fahrenheit = anything you want, really.

Not too hot and not too cold. I like that. - EpicJake

Not too hot, not too cold, it's just right. - TopTenJackson

A little cool - Spicygarlic

2 60 Degrees Fahrenheit

This should be number 1 it is just right

For me, 50 is too cold and 70 is too hot... 60 is like the baby bear's porridge in this case. - Turkeyasylum

What is fahrenheit? I have only herad of cesious - B0S5J4M3S

3 80 Degrees Fahrenheit

This is my favorite temperature because it's not too warm and not too cold and it's perfect to go to an outdoor waterpark!

4 50 Degrees Fahrenheit

This is my optimum temperature. - PositronWildhawk

5 90 Degrees Fahrenheit

Closet to 88 degrees.

6 55 Degrees Fahrenheit

Where I live in Canada, this is a little under room temperature. Room temperature is about 58 degrees Fahrenheit. I have been to California in the United States, and it is like a dreamland there. I love how nice and warm it is there, it almost feels tropical.

Perfect. I despise heat, and I hate cold, too. Anywhere in the 52-58 range is perfect for me. - Metarock

7 75 Degrees Fahrenheit
8 65 Degrees Fahrenheit

Like 70 but not so sweat

9 85 Degrees Fahrenheit
10 95 Degrees Fahrenheit

The Contenders

11 78 Degrees Fahrenheit
12 72 Degrees Fahrenheit
13 -11 Degrees Fahrenheit
14 67.5 Degrees Fahrenheit
15 88 Degrees Fahrenheit
16 68 Degrees Fahrenheit
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1. 70 Degrees Fahrenheit
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1. 60 Degrees Fahrenheit
2. 50 Degrees Fahrenheit
3. 70 Degrees Fahrenheit


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