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1 Diamonhead

I have never heard of Toe Pick. Who the heck is this guy? I think Swampfire should be higher and that Diamondhead should be either 1 or 2. I would say that Swampfire deserves to be number 3; Waybig, number 4; Cannonbolt, number 5, and Toe Pick number infinity (you see, I looked up a picture of Toe Pick and he looks like a bad guy, so get him out of the Codon Stream, Azmuth! ). This is just my opinion, everybody, so if your don't agree with me then so be it.

Diamondhead is the best! He is made of hard diamond and can make as much as he wants! He can detect any kind of crystal under ground! He can regenerate any body part. Even if he exploded by a bomb, he would still be able to regenerate back together. He can take large boulders of diamond from under ground and launch them at people. This guy is crazy, not to mention that he can turn his diamond hands into long swords or guns that shoot lethal diamond blades

Diamond head has to be number 1 not toe pick so please change it! Diomond head number one alien!

Doom and head is so cool and can reflect lasers off his shiny diamonds

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2 Xlr8

This dude is awesome I love him he is so fast he's just wow!

This alien is super fast. He can win ANY race!

HE is the fastest alien from the omitrick and with his super speed he can give a super fast punch faster the punch the bader it will hurt.


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3 Heatblast

Heatblast is my favorite alien. He deserves to be the first in the list. He could so beat Xlr8 in a fight. Diamonhead may be a challenge but I think Heatblast could still beat him. He could even fly and his moves are more fatal than most aliens. This alien is Ben's first and most used alien. He is also the one Ben has most control with. Also who doesn't think an alien who could use fire or no be fire isn't cool. This reason is why I think this alien is most strongest and the alien that is Ben has the most experience with.

I think heat blast should be no.2 or 1 I understand that Xlr8 is very fast but still Heat blast doesn't have much of a problem with the fast enemies there is also a episode where Ben gets a cold and the only one of Ben's aliens that get they're abilities changed was Heatblast I think heat blast would have been stronger if he was ice but to tell you the truth I don't know if he would beat Xlr8 as fire but as Ice I don't see why he couldn't freeze fast enemies.

Heat blast is so cool. He is like the best alien ever. He can control fire and absorb it. What's cooler than that.

He's very fun to be with

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4 Alien X

It can control everything with it's mind. That's it.

Ben's strongest alien is alien-X. In episode"the forge of creation" kevin mentions that it can just blink an you will be gone so it deserves to be the strongest.
It is so strong that it doesn't have an ultimate form because it can do everything even make a copy of the entire universe and everything in it.
It doesn't have an ultimate form because there is nothing else that can be added to it it can already do anything.

His mere thoughts can become real and he once recreated the universe when it was destroyed, he is omnipotent and can warp space and time to however he wishes, but 2 voices must agree to do it.

Can do anything

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5 Ghostfreak

Ghostfreak is creepy, moves his eye in the black lines in his body, and was awesome.

Of course, the whole "true form" thing, and him becoming a villain was dumb, but still the best alien.

Ghostfreak can go through walls and moves his eye in the black lines and he can go inside people and he is one shadowy ghostfreak

Ghostfreak is my favourite alien. I basically like creatures which can move through things. - Animefan12

Ghost freak is op

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6 Fourarms

He should have been higher up on the list. He can lift things several times his weight - chima23

R you kidding me? He must be at number 1 or 2. He is super cool. Ooh-yeah!

He was always my favourite

This is best alien in ben 10 all games

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7 Wildmut

One of the best designs of a character I've seen! It's also different from the others and it's mare likely to exist in real life (not all beings are humanoid! ). Original powers too that are awesome kid of make me remember daredevil! Classic alien deserve better ranking

Why isn't Wildmutt in the top 10? He just looks awesome, for starters, but he has superior smelling and hearing abilities that make up for his lack of sight. He can climb well, jump high, bite things to death ( if he wanted to) and much more. Yay Wildmutt!

He isn't the strongest but he still is awesome. He has hearing and smelling abilities. He is also a good climber, jumper and he has jaws that can rip things - chima23

Why is there two wildmutts

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8 Swampfire

A walking plant with regeneration powers and fire blasts. It smells gross 2.

Swampfire ROCKS Man!
I can't believe it isn't in the top 10 list
This should be at the top

He is like an improved version of heatblast, he does not only produce fireblasts, he can also generate plants, throw explodig seeds and regenerate himself. Should had made the top 10

Swampfire is a amazing Alian because of his regen and he can control gas which turn to fire its basically a waterproof regenerating heatblast

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9 Upgrade

Upgrade may seem to be only of any use around technology, but his stretching allows for him to, like goop, dodge attacks and get through small places. Upgrade may not be invincible like goop, but goop relies entirely on his anti-gravity projector. All in all, upgrade is an amazing alien.

Upgrade can merge with anything and can make it better he can also shoot laser from his eye he is just awesome I like him and he should be at 1 place he can upgrade any thing and he is the best alien

Upgrade can take control of machinery, giving it any upgrade he wants, guns, knives you name it, he can also slop through small spaces like Goop.

He can make technology way better then before

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10 Atomix

He is the second most strongest...

I think he is the best he looks so cool to so I really think he should be number one.

I am shocked to see atomix at this position

He is an anime alien enough said

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11 Waybig

Waybig can cause an earthquake with a one punch... His punch can overwhelmed any enemy alien

this is the best because he's huge strong and can blast powerful beams

The biggest alien that Ben ever had

the best

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12 Rath

rath is the most strong and funny alien of this list, he look like a fusion of hulk and wolverine rath is the best

Rath is awesome. He's so funny. He makes the show more entertaining. Also, I like when he says "Let me tell you something." I like when characters are stupid and aggressive.

Rath is like a WWF rip off. He talks like Hulk Hogan 'LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING' and calls people with long weird names like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). And he also uses wrestling maneuvers.

Rath is so cool

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13 Stinkfly

He can shoot snot out of his eyes what's cooler then that.

He can fly at a fast speed and can shoot out snot. Stinkfly is cool but he should be lover than no.17 - chima23

Stinkfly! You Suck as Your Yuck!

Wow look at the time. gotta fly

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14 Feedback

Feedback is a pretty sweet alien, he can absorb electricity through his plugs and shoot it back out, he's also athletic and can move easily and quickly and moves faster on electric wires

Feedback looks like a beast first of all. He is ben's favorite alien and is super cool looking an confident. Plus he like an electric ninja. His powers are to absorb, channel, and shoot back energy

He is fighting with the best style and he is the most confident

Feedback and ë

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15 Cannonbolt

One thing about this alien is that it has no special powers. It's an alien that can roll up into a ball and do just about anything a normal ball can do with a hard protective shell that can bounce off certain attacks. Plus, it was the first of the original aliens to get an ultimate form.

Cannonbolt is pretty much an oversized bowling ball.but he is still really awesome I just love it when he rolls up into that shell of his and I like ultimate cannonbolt even better I mean what isn't't cool about a giant rolling ball of metal that has super speed.

There should be an infinity trix like ultimate trix and cannon bolt should be fire cannonbolt...

He is my favourite

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16 Blitzwolfer

I only have 5 words to summarize his paragraph...BENWOLF IS JUST A BEAST!

Sickest alien ever! Blitzwolfer has got to be top 10!

Benwolf, blitzwolfer both are very cool.

Benwolf should be no. 2 right after swampfire.

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17 Humungousaur

He is one of my favourite aliens

He's the strongest after way big gives me a feeling similar to hulk

Hi is my favorite alien


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18 Toepick

Toepick can scare anyone.

Toepick sucks his only power (isn't even a power) is scaring people. They can just close their eye's

Toepick is so powerful that he can also lose ultimate way big because of his scary face.

Toepick is best alien in best he deafet four arms,alien x,xlr8,

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19 Articguana

This alien is one of be 10,000's he can withstand temperatures of -50 and below, can emit a visible co2 breath and can freeze objects like big chill

He can freeze anything with an awesome blast. It was also revealed in Omniverse that 16 year old Ben unlocked him. He can even make useful sculptures out of his ice like a slope!

He breathes ice like a dragon breathes fire, he appeared in ben 10 thousand and can freeze almost anything, including magma.

This alien was the strongest in Ben ten wrath of psychobos the android version

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20 Eye Guy

He can shoot freezing blasting beams from his eyes and he has lots of eye's and is yellow eye but his face has only ears and mouth and wears black pants

Eye guy is one of my top favorites. He can shoot lasers out of any of his eyes. He should be more up the list. He should have appeared more on the show - chima23

Although I love eye guy but he isn't worthy enough for number 13 I think grave attack deserved to be on this number more

Eye guy can see almost everything he is very strong

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