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1 Diamonhead

Sick dog absolute gun

Lol way big just squish him

I have never heard of Toe Pick. Who the heck is this guy? I think Swampfire should be higher and that Diamondhead should be either 1 or 2. I would say that Swampfire deserves to be number 3; Waybig, number 4; Cannonbolt, number 5, and Toe Pick number infinity (you see, I looked up a picture of Toe Pick and he looks like a bad guy, so get him out of the Codon Stream, Azmuth! ). This is just my opinion, everybody, so if your don't agree with me then so be it.

So cool! Even stronger than fourarms

2 Xlr8

XLr8 is crazy fast. Diamond head got nothing on my boy

My bro be super fast

I have always liked Xlr8. He was always my favorite for some reason =) I kinda liked it better when he just had 10 aliens instead of all the others. It was so simple now I don't even know half of his Alien forms. - WoolyRaccoon

Xlr8 has the ultimate defense of being able to avoid attacks

3 Heatblast

He looks awesome, he has awesome powers, his voice is so awesome... He is just AWESOME! Also, he was the first ever alien Ben transformed into...

Amazing most cool alien


When I first saw this alien I immediately went crazy! I mean look at it! It's a living fire alien. Also heatblast has the most badass moments and many screen time and it's Omniverse design is way cooler! And let's not forget he's the first ever alien to be introduced in the whole been 10 franchise!

4 Rath

Rath should be in top-10 at least, he's great!

I don't know of any other alien that has as many things as Rath. He has a catch phrase, talks in the third person, and knows every wrestling move in the universe!
... Whats not to love?


rath is the most strong and funny alien of this list, he look like a fusion of hulk and wolverine rath is the best

5 Ghostfreak

he just is

Ghostfreak is totally the best alien. Ghostfreaked out was the worst episode of all the ben 10 series'.

This guy looks,and talks cool. Nice powers too.

He's very strong in his true form he can shoot a laser he has awesome tentacles he can phase through anything he can scare anyone just so long as za'skare minds his own business he's the best alien.

6 Wildmut

It actually looks like an alien! Nobody speaks English in space, and there aren't enough nonverbal aliens! Imagine the potential conflicts and storylines that could've propped up!

I need to know what toothpaste brand he uses

One of the best designs of a character I've seen! It's also different from the others and it's mare likely to exist in real life (not all beings are humanoid! ). Original powers too that are awesome kid of make me remember daredevil! Classic alien deserve better ranking

Why isn't Wildmutt in the top 10? He just looks awesome, for starters, but he has superior smelling and hearing abilities that make up for his lack of sight. He can climb well, jump high, bite things to death ( if he wanted to) and much more. Yay Wildmutt!

7 Upgrade

Upgrade can consume alien x to make ultimate alien

Best by far especially in the new 2017 show

He is the best

He is my favorite alien because he can dodge really easily and upgrade anything

8 Alien X

He is by far the strongest alien that we know of. He can wish to have people unexisted just by blinking, has tanked an atomic bomb meant to destroy the universe, and is literally a God. And because the Omnitrix has Ben turn into the strongest version of it's race, we know that Alien X is basically the strongest of it's kind.

No one has been able to beat him

Ben himself said it that alien x is powerful but it is't worth the risk

It can control everything with it's mind. That's it.

9 Feedback

Feedback is the coolest alein out there I mean come on people

Feedback is a pretty sweet alien, he can absorb electricity through his plugs and shoot it back out, he's also athletic and can move easily and quickly and moves faster on electric wires

He’s ao amazing no wonder he was bens favorite alien in omniverse he held a universe creating/destroying bomb the only other transformation that has done that is alien x

Feedback looks like a beast first of all. He is ben's favorite alien and is super cool looking an confident. Plus he like an electric ninja. His powers are to absorb, channel, and shoot back energy

10 Fourarms

He's just cool my dudes

He's fwken fab




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11 Toepick

Toepick can scare anyone.

Toepick sucks his only power (isn't even a power) is scaring people. They can just close their eye's

Toepick is so powerful that he can also lose ultimate way big because of his scary face.

Ok an alien that has a locked up box on his head has to be awesome. I can't wait to find out what he is like and what he can do

12 Swampfire

My favourite ailen

This guy should be in at 1 or 2 he can burn diamondhead

Most iconic Ben 10 alien and definitely the coolest and my favorite one. - Johnalove

A walking plant with regeneration powers and fire blasts. It smells gross 2.

13 Waybig

Waybig can cause an earthquake with a one punch... His punch can overwhelmed any enemy alien

this is the best because he's huge strong and can blast powerful beams

The biggest alien that Ben ever had

Way Big is an incredibly strong alien but very big,100 feet tall actually, this is he's main weakness, since he can't fit in a lot of places which makes him a lot less useful, also if you hit the fin on his head he gets paralyzed.

14 Stinkfly


WHY so low people I just wanted appreciation for him!

He can shoot snot out of his eyes what's cooler then that.

Stinkfly! You Suck as Your Yuck!

15 Atomix

Atomix was crazy the first time ben used him.

I agree He destroyed billy billions tower.And killed the evil version of ultimate spider monkey and fried Him like A piece of toast in a frying Furniss.

Omniverse lol

best alien

16 Blitzwolfer

I only have 5 words to summarize his paragraph...BENWOLF IS JUST A BEAST!

Benwolf, blitzwolfer both are very cool.

Benwolf is defitely the best alien EVER! His jumps are crazy! He can do that sweet sonic blast thing. He's also strong and fast. He's got built in weapons (claws and teeth), plus he can aim his sonic blast at the ground to jump even higer! This alien is number 0ne or two in my bok, even though ben never really named it yet.

Sickest alien ever! Blitzwolfer has got to be top 10!

17 Big Chill

Come on! An ice ghost like alien? That can fly! Big Chill should be higher

This thing can become intangible

literally phase inside any alien and kill it from the inside.


Should be in top 10. Just an amazing alien

18 Cannonbolt

He can Cannon ball from space!

Powerful bolt weapon

Cannonbolt is amazing! I can't imagine a alien better than cannonbolt.
He rolls so fast and flips so well and is so cool! He is brilliant.

He defeted the rock when the other alien failed

19 Articguana

This alien is one of be 10,000's he can withstand temperatures of -50 and below, can emit a visible co2 breath and can freeze objects like big chill

He can freeze anything with an awesome blast. It was also revealed in Omniverse that 16 year old Ben unlocked him. He can even make useful sculptures out of his ice like a slope!

He breathes ice like a dragon breathes fire, he appeared in ben 10 thousand and can freeze almost anything, including magma.

I think Articguana is really cool Iguana-like alien! The ice power this species has is really incredible.

20 Chromastone

BEST ALIEN EVER PUT ON BEN TEN! HE IS AWESOME! He looks really cool and his attacks are so good. VOTE FOR CHROMASTONE!

Chromastone can absorb energy

Chromastome has the power to absorb and utilize a lot of energy at a time. Beyond this, his other abilities -- flight, extreme, durability, and "energy intangibility"-- make him outclass his other notable energy absorber: Feedback.

He has massive explosions

21 Goop

Goop is a negger

I like goop very much

He is a puddle of goo, with a hover device that shapes him, he is pretty strong and can squeeze through small places, also when he's hit he can instantly come back and kick ass!

It is the best alien ever! And if you don't think so your horrible

22 Eye Guy

He is better than wildmite and ripjaw and even better than wildvine

He can shoot freezing blasting beams from his eyes and he has lots of eye's and is yellow eye but his face has only ears and mouth and wears black pants

Eye guy is one of my top favorites. He can shoot lasers out of any of his eyes. He should be more up the list. He should have appeared more on the show - chima23

Although I love eye guy but he isn't worthy enough for number 13 I think grave attack deserved to be on this number more

23 Rip Jaws

Its awesome perhaps my favourite because I am a swimmer

Ripjaws has always been my favorite and is one of the most underrated aliens of them all.

He's my favourite too and it's sooo sad that ben was rarely ever ripjaws in the original episodes. I think that Goop, Big Chill and Ben Mummy are pretty underrated too.

24 Humungousaur

He is the best alien to go to when Ben has a tough situation requiring high physical strength. - AidanYYao

My favorite Alien Humungousaur

He is one of my favourite aliens

He's the strongest after way big gives me a feeling similar to hulk

25 Astrodactyl

He's pretty awesome because he can shoot energy beams from his mouth and plasma whips from his hands. His powers are just like jetray's from Ben 10 and Starfire's from teen titans.

He's my favorite alien

26 Ditto

Ditto is the funniest and coolest alien. He can clone himself, but each clone acts on its own will, causing him to argue with himself. A lot. He is the perfect combination of clever, annoying, and ridiculous, that makes him absolutely hilarious, like the Animaniacs (Yes, I love the Animaniacs, sue me.) He also fights VERY well, pummeling his enemies into oblivion, and has a creative weakness ("ow! I stubbed my toe! " "Ow! I felt that to! ") Lastly, I just want to say I could quote Ditto for forever. "How about a little one-on-one?...make that, 'one-on-none! '" "We promise we won't bother Gwen anymore... But we didn't say anything about him! "

I have always loved every second of Ditto Screan time and I wish we'd gotten some of him in Alien Force and Ultimate alien, Echo Echo may be stronger, but Ditto's habbit of arguing with himself at time's is just fun to watch

The way that Ditto's one of the only ones that can clone himself, not to mention the AWESOME way the Ditto's kick butt, is a rocking alien (or aliens! ) you would not want to mess with!

Ditto is a comedious alien with an interesting and induvidual personality. Or aliens. It's hard to tell when you can divide yourself by an infinite number. But being voiced by Rob Paulsen does give it some extra brownie points. I absolutely love the way that although it has power in numbers, it can't really do much if one of it's copies or selves are eliminated, making it the perfect weakness for an otherwise invincible alien. But all my blabbering aside, it's one of personal favorites.

27 Upchuck

I love this alien, he is the best! He don't eat to live, but lives to eat! I really don't know why he isn't on the top ten...

He's the best ever

His power is pukeing... PUKEING! WHO doesn't LOVE HIM! AND he's SMALL AND CUTE

28 Ben 10, 000

He has 10,000 aliens plus a biomnitrix to mashup his aliens.

Plus he is the most powerful as he has alien x too

Ben 10,000 is the best one cause he is better than Ben 10 and Ben 10 transforms to any alien but Ben 10,000 has a variety of 10,000 aliens.

Duh has 10, 000 ALIEN forms

Ben 10,000 is like the best.

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29 Spider Monkey

He is like a quadruped Spiderman; always swinging around on his solid steel webs, he is always laughing with a great sense of humour and has 4 hands, but he has a small and fragile body.

SpiderMonkey is extremely flexible, and can swing and jump just about anywhere, he can climb and shoot web too.

A spider and a monkey combined that can walk on walls and shoot webs.

Stronger Than Spiderman

30 Eon

Eon is awesome.

He will just kill everyone

Diamond will kill him

I wonder what ultimate eon would look like?

Eon is not an alien
He is just an alternate evil version of Ben Ten who came from a parallel universe

31 Kickin Hawk

Kickin hawk is based on a chicken hawk and is ben's best hand to hand fighter as he said so himself


32 Ultimate Humungousaur

This alien is even more like a dinosaur than humungousaur.

The guy can shoot rocket from his fists

33 Ultimate Rath

Most fun character, agile, strong and even though he rushes into everything his dialogue makes him funny. I look forward to Ben transforming into him all the time

He is better than Rath

Ultimate Rath has 2 claws have you seen rath? Well if you haven't his claw can just slice through things without rath even doing it ex: On the episode Primus in Alien Force azmith transformed into rath and the claw cut through the boulder but azmith only put the claw into the boulder! So em 2 Claws...? Help all existance?!

Yeah let me tell ya someing people(with my claw)I am the best alien of all time

34 Ultimate Cannonbolt

I love ultimate cannonbolt because when he rolls up, he has spikes all over him. That would hurt any dnalien in his path. He is awesome.

He's even immune to radiation as shown in "Too Hot to Handle."

35 Ultimate Spidermonkey

Ultimate spidermonkey is defiantly one of the best aliens out there.

He's one of the most versitile out there

36 Wildmutt
37 Wildvine

He can slash all of you with his vines. Super Awesome.

This guy is super awesome it is like a ninja

38 Greymatter

Smartest Ben ten Alien.

No questions asked grey matter is the best and the most Kawaii no judging GREY MATTER I BOUGHT the 7 pack party favors of him on Amazon gray matter is also the most sexy

The galvin (greymatter) kind is the smartest in 5 galaxies

Grey matter is so beautiful oh ya baby I am going to make a body pillow of him,his big eyes and attractive frog like feet so beautiful so so sexy oh ya baby so beatiful

39 Clockwork

This guy is awesome. He can reverse time, go forward in time and can stop time all a once!

This guy is so cool he can slow down time

40 Jetray

Jet ray can fly the fastest and can stick a perfect landing out of hyper space

He is so awesome plus he's as fast as xlr8 or maybe even faster!

His laser's attack the nervous system, making extremely dangerous to animals.

It has laser beams with it's eyes and it can fly.

41 Water Hazard

One of the best stores about a alian

Water hazard is awesome. It can do ultimate things. It is supercooled.

He's like a really cool dude and he's funny

Really awesome fun guy and strong little bit.

42 Ultimate Echo Echo

Only ultimate echo echo defeated ultimate kevin11

Ultimate Echo Echo is the best ultimate form, and one of the most powerful aliens too. His sonics disc allow him to attack from far away and he can even kill someone with sound waves.

I believe that because of his cloning ability and the fact that he gets louder for every time he should be number one.

Ultimate Echo Echo is the strongest. He can make force fields out of sonic waves. He is great except in Omniverse, they make him look horrible

43 Diamondhead

Why are there two diamond heads? This is so stupid and dumb.

I agree

44 Terraspin

Come on guys! This dude is awesome!

A gentle and great alien and immune to manna effects

But hi is slow and strong just like tortoise

I love Terraspin

45 Ultimate Alien X

He is one of the most powerful species in whole the universe. He can't defeat by any marvel character, any DC character, any dragon Ball character. It's true. Understand?

Alien x is OP

I never saw him but by hearing its name it is sure this guy is invincible and unstoppable and if alien x can do anything then ultimate alien x can do anything ultimately.I wonder why he is in NO.49 he should be in number 1 absolutely

46 Stinkarms

stinkarms is cool because he flys and he has muscles to smash through walls he can lift a truck while flying he can shoot slime while lifting a trampoline he can jump so long and fight while he is flying he can rip ghost freak of his body and smash ghost freak through a wall so far that he is in light so he can die he has a tail from stinkfly he has four eyes

He is a combination of stinkfly and fourarms

47 Ultimate Big Chill

Ultimate big chill is awesome! The best catch phrase ever! "So cold it burns! " 2 in 1! Amazing! And the babies are so cute! It can freeze up to 100 people at once or create a sheild/dome, it's freeze causes damange without fully destroying its enemy to which the point that it passed out. This Alien is awesome!

It ghost like picture scare me but its fire freezing power is cool


Ultimate big chill is actually an alien that can shot fire that becomes snow

48 Buzzshock

I love buzzshock!

Go buzzshock



49 Fasttrack

Remember me the methed out feline alien who is so forgettable but still XLR8
Is better

Fasttrack is speeder than xlr8. This alien is one of the beautiful alien. I like it

His personality is like Quicksilver from Marvel

Why is this alien so high?

50 Jury Rigg


This guy is cool because he can create a machine out of anything. Ben made a car out of broken parts. He also is very fast

He is smart and stubborn

Jury Rigg is not great

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