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21 Big Chill

It can turn invisible, freeze things, lower the temperature to absolute zero. And fly.

Big Chill is my favorite alien. But not in ominverse because of his huge stomach.

Switched from Ghost Freak to Big Chill when I first laid eyes on him. I mean, come on, the dude's intangible, can handle temperatures from both extremes, and his ultimate form is so hot it's cold. Not to mention his design is just so coool

He is so cool at being a Ben 10

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22 Rip Jaws

Its awesome perhaps my favourite because I am a swimmer

Ripjaws has always been my favorite and is one of the most underrated aliens of them all.

He's my favourite too and it's sooo sad that ben was rarely ever ripjaws in the original episodes. I think that Goop, Big Chill and Ben Mummy are pretty underrated too.

23 Ultimate Rath

Most fun character, agile, strong and even though he rushes into everything his dialogue makes him funny. I look forward to Ben transforming into him all the time

He is better than Rath

Ultimate Rath has 2 claws have you seen rath? Well if you haven't his claw can just slice through things without rath even doing it ex: On the episode Primus in Alien Force azmith transformed into rath and the claw cut through the boulder but azmith only put the claw into the boulder! So em 2 Claws...? Help all existance?!

Yeah let me tell ya someing people(with my claw)I am the best alien of all time

24 Fasttrack

His personality is like Quicksilver from Marvel

Fasttrack is like Flash and Quicksilver just not as fast

Fasttrack is speeder than xlr8. This alien is one of the beautiful alien. I like it

Why is this alien so high?

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25 Ultimate Echo Echo

Only ultimate echo echo defeated ultimate kevin11

Ultimate Echo Echo is the best ultimate form, and one of the most powerful aliens too. His sonics disc allow him to attack from far away and he can even kill someone with sound waves.

I believe that because of his cloning ability and the fact that he gets louder for every time he should be number one.

An ultimate of my favorite alien and looks like soundwave from transformers

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26 Ultimate Big Chill

It ghost like picture scare me but its fire freezing power is cool


Ultimate big chill is awesome! The best catch phrase ever! "So cold it burns! " 2 in 1! Amazing! And the babies are so cute! It can freeze up to 100 people at once or create a sheild/dome, it's freeze causes damange without fully destroying its enemy to which the point that it passed out. This Alien is awesome!

Its fire red body and icy fire is awesome

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27 Astrodactyl

He's pretty awesome because he can shoot energy beams from his mouth and plasma whips from his hands. His powers are just like jetray's from Ben 10 and Starfire's from teen titans.

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28 Ditto

Ditto is the funniest and coolest alien. He can clone himself, but each clone acts on its own will, causing him to argue with himself. A lot. He is the perfect combination of clever, annoying, and ridiculous, that makes him absolutely hilarious, like the Animaniacs (Yes, I love the Animaniacs, sue me.) He also fights VERY well, pummeling his enemies into oblivion, and has a creative weakness ("ow! I stubbed my toe! " "Ow! I felt that to! ") Lastly, I just want to say I could quote Ditto for forever. "How about a little one-on-one?...make that, 'one-on-none! '" "We promise we won't bother Gwen anymore... But we didn't say anything about him! "

The way that Ditto's one of the only ones that can clone himself, not to mention the AWESOME way the Ditto's kick butt, is a rocking alien (or aliens! ) you would not want to mess with!

Ditto is a comedious alien with an interesting and induvidual personality. Or aliens. It's hard to tell when you can divide yourself by an infinite number. But being voiced by Rob Paulsen does give it some extra brownie points. I absolutely love the way that although it has power in numbers, it can't really do much if one of it's copies or selves are eliminated, making it the perfect weakness for an otherwise invincible alien. But all my blabbering aside, it's one of personal favorites.

He's always been my favorite. I love his design and he's very humorous! His cloning ability is really neat and his clones kind of each have their own free will which is way cool. I think he's very under appreciated! And honestly, how could you not love an alien that sounds like Wakko Warner? 😄

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29 Spider Monkey

He is like a quadruped Spiderman; always swinging around on his solid steel webs, he is always laughing with a great sense of humour and has 4 hands, but he has a small and fragile body.

SpiderMonkey is extremely flexible, and can swing and jump just about anywhere, he can climb and shoot web too.

A spider and a monkey combined that can walk on walls and shoot webs.

Stronger Than Spiderman

30 Chromastone

BEST ALIEN EVER PUT ON BEN TEN! HE IS AWESOME! He looks really cool and his attacks are so good. VOTE FOR CHROMASTONE!

Chromastone can absorb energy

Chromastome has the power to absorb and utilize a lot of energy at a time. Beyond this, his other abilities -- flight, extreme, durability, and "energy intangibility"-- make him outclass his other notable energy absorber: Feedback.

Wow I hove wondered

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31 Ben 10, 000

Ben 10,000 is the best one cause he is better than Ben 10 and Ben 10 transforms to any alien but Ben 10,000 has a variety of 10,000 aliens.

Ben 10,000 is like the best.

Duh has 10, 000 ALIEN forms


32 Ultimate Humungousaur

This alien is even more like a dinosaur than humungousaur.

The guy can shoot rocket from his fists

33 Eon

He will just kill everyone

Diamond will kill him

I wonder what ultimate eon would look like?

Eon is not an alien
He is just an alternate evil version of Ben Ten who came from a parallel universe

34 Upchuck

I love this alien, he is the best! He don't eat to live, but lives to eat! I really don't know why he isn't on the top ten...

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35 Lodestar

This aleins personality is magnifying an he's able to control metalic objects

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36 Diamondhead

Why are there two diamond heads? This is so stupid and dumb.

I agree

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38 Ultimate Cannonbolt

I love ultimate cannonbolt because when he rolls up, he has spikes all over him. That would hurt any dnalien in his path. He is awesome.

He's even immune to radiation as shown in "Too Hot to Handle."

39 Jetray

He is so awesome plus he's as fast as xlr8 or maybe even faster!

His laser's attack the nervous system, making extremely dangerous to animals.

It has laser beams with it's eyes and it can fly.

40 Ultimate Spidermonkey

Ultimate spidermonkey is defiantly one of the best aliens out there.

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