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41 Ultimate Spidermonkey

Ultimate spidermonkey is defiantly one of the best aliens out there.

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42 Goop

He is a puddle of goo, with a hover device that shapes him, he is pretty strong and can squeeze through small places, also when he's hit he can instantly come back and kick ass!

It is the best alien ever! And if you don't think so your horrible

Come on guys, you know goop is a lot more dangerous than swampfire. Goop should take his place

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43 Chamalien

You people are bonkors! Chamalien is awesome. In his first appearance his species almost killed a whole family. And is that spike that comes out of his tail poisonious?

44 Greymatter

Smartest Ben ten Alien.

No questions asked grey matter is the best and the most Kawaii no judging GREY MATTER I BOUGHT the 7 pack party favors of him on Amazon gray matter is also the most sexy

The galvin (greymatter) kind is the smartest in 5 galaxies

Grey matter is so beautiful oh ya baby I am going to make a body pillow of him,his big eyes and attractive frog like feet so beautiful so so sexy oh ya baby so beatiful

45 Clockwork

This guy is awesome. He can reverse time, go forward in time and can stop time all a once!

This guy is so cool he can slow down time

46 Jury Rigg

This guy is cool because he can create a machine out of anything. Ben made a car out of broken parts. He also is very fast

He is smart and stubborn

Jury Rigg is not great

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48 Wildmutt
49 Ultimate Alien X

I never saw him but by hearing its name it is sure this guy is invincible and unstoppable and if alien x can do anything then ultimate alien x can do anything ultimately.I wonder why he is in NO.49 he should be in number 1 absolutely

50 Echo Echo

Echo echo is awesome it took down a robot dragon and a dnalien it can multiply and its clones can make a sonic roar

Echo echo is the best alien because he double himself and can yell sonic waves to his enemies and when echo echo can't do the job ultimate echo echo can.

He is awesome. It can turn into 1 million echo echos. In just one scream it can defeat all the dna aliens - lithin

Echo echo also has a weakness from big feagures

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51 Stinkarms

stinkarms is cool because he flys and he has muscles to smash through walls he can lift a truck while flying he can shoot slime while lifting a trampoline he can jump so long and fight while he is flying he can rip ghost freak of his body and smash ghost freak through a wall so far that he is in light so he can die he has a tail from stinkfly he has four eyes

He is a combination of stinkfly and fourarms

52 Ampfibian

This alien has the powers of electricity.
He can control it and travel like and once almost totally spooked Ben.

53 Shocker

Able to imitate shock waves of electricity generated by his natural source of energy

54 Water Hazard

Water hazard is awesome. It can do ultimate things. It is supercooled.

He's like a really cool dude and he's funny

Really awesome fun guy and strong little bit.

He is awesome!

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55 Luffy

Lol who ever but this on here is the best lol

Luffy can beat any ben 10 aliens he is stronger than all of them

What luffy isn't an alien dumbass

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56 Ben 10

I like ben 10 himself the most because he is the one who turns into all of those alien, and all of the aliens are really cool, I don't know which one is my favorite, so I just went with Ben 10.

I agree, I can not choose a favorite, there all so cool!

Honestly I think Ben should be first because he is the one who controls all those aliens

57 Armodrillo

Just imagine how much it would hurt the to be hit by a fist that can create earthquakes.

He has jackhammers coming out of his hands and has limited terrakinesis, creating earthquakes and fissures with ease.

58 Nrg

Nrg is a metallic alien made from fire

59 Gravattack

Gravattack is a gravity alien, he can control gravity and even roll up into a miniature planet with it's own orbit, he can use gravity to smash things into the wall or ground or drop them from high, now you think you hate me for not putting a flyer on this list, but news flash, gravattack and goop can fly

Could control gravity and has his own orbit

He is only alien that can control Gravity

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60 Ball Weevil

He could roll materials into his explosive ball and kick it at people

It's a bug mixed with explosions. Do I need to say anything else?

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