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61 Blox V 2 Comments
62 Ben Mummy

Ben mummy is cool he can carry things inside him and regenerate and has bandage whips

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63 Benmummy

Snare-oh (formally known as benmummy) is my favorite alien because he design is striking and looks extremely cool, out of all 60-70 aliens ben has had up until Omniverse, Snare-Oh is the coolest design and his powers of stretching and expanding his limbs make him badass. I love whenever he appears and he just looks so striking and cool and if I had to choose 1 alien, I'd choose him as he is strong and badass. I absolutely love this alien. I am pretty sad that he was a bit underused.

Love him he is my favorite alien becuase he is awesome with his powers being able to stretch his arms and his design is cool also he can really be stronger than he looks

64 Kickin Hawk

Kickin hawk is based on a chicken hawk and is ben's best hand to hand fighter as he said so himself

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65 Crashhopper

He is a grasshopper based alien which could break things with his head and jump really high

66 Nightmare

Has the ability to make your worst fears come true and has ghost powers

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67 Whampire

Whampire is amazing because he could control people's mind

He is really strong and could fly with a funny accent

V 1 Comment
68 Nanomech

Only one inch tall, but is pretty powerful - somechicken

V 1 Comment
69 Gorvan V 1 Comment
70 Brainstorm

It's like a huge orange spider with a big brain and electric powers.

71 Terraspin

A gentle and great alien and immune to manna effects

Come on guys! This dude is awesome!

But hi is slow and strong just like tortoise

I love Terraspin

V 2 Comments
72 Ultimate Goop
73 Gwen

Gwen isn't even an alien. She sucks.

Why Gwen I hate her

Stupid Gwen

I hate Gwen

V 3 Comments
74 Diagon
75 Bruh
76 Azmuth V 1 Comment
77 Atomic-X

Atomic-X is so powerful why is he here?

He is the third best

78 Bug Lizard V 1 Comment
79 Gutrot V 1 Comment
80 Echo Echo

Echo echo is awesome it took down a robot dragon and a dnalien it can multiply and its clones can make a sonic roar

Echo echo is the best alien because he double himself and can yell sonic waves to his enemies and when echo echo can't do the job ultimate echo echo can.

He is awesome. It can turn into 1 million echo echos. In just one scream it can defeat all the dna aliens - lithin

Echo echo also has a weakness from big feagures

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