Ten Most Wanted Inventions

Inventions to make life easier or more interesting. As simple as possible in a complex world.

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1 Teleport

A way to go place to place would save us a lot of time if there is an emergency, your going to go get something that you lost and teleport to it, and when you wanna be first in line for the ice cream truck! (kidding on the ice cream! ) Also it could really brighten someones day to see a relative that lives far away, you could just go BOOM! Your there and you get to see them again.

Has any serious thought been given to this idea? In order to "teleport" any matter it has to be converted to energy and the conversion of the typical body mass of a human being to energy in any small period if time (i.E. 1 second) would create a devastating explosion and if this could be somehow controlled, think of the complexity of the biochemical components of the human body. The reassembly into an animated and living sentient human being would require an almost unimaginably complex code that would rival all of the storage capacity of all the computers currently existing on earth. This idea is science fiction fantasy at best an in general - balderdash.

Really complicated way of saying teleportation would be impossible - bjinmaro64

I say this is a very good idea because if there is an emergency you hav to get some where is would be good to transport there fast.

This type of Invention/Machine is needed by us for a long time. It will turn the Human Life Style. Some of our scientists are working on this project.

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2 Time Machine

Think of how much better the world would be if we could change the past. Every tragic event in human history could be prevented.

If I had a time machine I would kill Hitler, and stop Abraham Lincoln from dying and give cavemen I pads, I would also try to change the world by giving Indians machine guns and I would give missiles and food to dinosaurs so they would still be alive today. Time Machine should be #1, not number 2,

What happens if you kill your grandfather then? Wouldn't it be a paradox? - 50

K...bored to write anything

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3 The Cure For AIDS, Cancer, and other deadly diseases

Number one top disease that has claimed more lives is heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease.A way to less likely have this disease or getting rid of it works with the person eating a specific vegetable even though it might not have a pleasant taste at all but could be reduced with a mixture of fruit or put into capsules.

Bring this to #1! - MrCoolC

I've been looking this up and there are actually instances where cancer has been cured through VERY large doses of vitamin C (might be vitamin D I don't remember). But yeah no one believes me because I'm 13.


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4 Animal Communicator

Make it so every different bark has a word and you attach it to there back and every time it barks the thing attached to his back says what it says top form a sentants

To make an animal (dog for example) communicator gadget you have to record and catalog its barks and movements (the bark is more important) and make notes as to what the bark possibly mean. Over time, you will be more certain of the barks' meanings. Have a programmer to code the English meanings that will trigger the bark, and there, you can already talk your dog via your communicator. - johnvee

A barks will be recorded in a common format, mp3 for example, and is linked to its English meaning, that will appear in the gadget panel. Set up a categorized list of appropriate English language replies where each reply is linked to the corresponding bark. So you see on the panel the meaning of the bark, and select from the categorized barks the English message that is linked to the proper bark. - xunfun987

We the people of today's world, really need this type of instrument. Even as an E&C Engineer, I'd love to work with, in it.

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5 Instant Learning: Download Knowledge Directly to Brain

Would save the trouble of having to write essays 3 times a week.Make life better for people but I feel like only the rich would have them ;-;

If this were to happen, it would add at least 12 years to a persons life to LIVE.

Definitely not!


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6 A Device to Record Your Dreams

For the moments you wake up from a dream like, what was that about!


I honestly wonder if someone will actually invent that...

I invented this, it's called a piece of paper - ColdTurkey

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7 Salt Water Desalinator

I can do this but nobody will listen when I try to give away the idea laugh out loud

Really sucks to have the solution to one of the most needed inventions and can't do anything about it

With an increase in the world's population, we are running out of fresh drinking water by the minute. Soon, there will be a worldwide shortage of water in every country in the world. It's already happening in the Middle East, Africa, the "istan" countries, Turkey, Ukraine, and some parts of Asia especially China. Yes, there are already some Desalinators in countries such as Australia, The United States, Mexico, South Korea, China, Japan, South Africa, and more, but they could be improved on to gather a lot of ocean water quickly and import it to other water-needy countries. If I was to install 10 Desalinators in 10 countries, I would choose China, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Japan, India, and Madagascar.

You guys clearly have not done your research. The 'Salt Water Desalinator' has been invented and has been installed in countries such as Australia. Ever heard of a desalination plant? Alternatively, if you guys are talking about cheap desalination plants, I'm all thumbs up.

could save the world. who wants a time machine? enjoy now you'll get there eventually, but I do wish I was alive for Queen. - I<3Queen

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8 Flying Car

What about the health issues caused by high powered magnetism?

Possible, and could revolutionize the oil crisis.
Magnetisim could be used, meaning no more reason for cars
To require the use of gasoline, saving money and the environment.

I think that's a good idea I always wanted a flying car!

Magnetism- think Total Recall

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9 Alternative Biofuel That Can Be "Grown" at Home

Gas is expensive now days so I think it would be cool and amazing if I started looking into this it would be so cool what do you guys think about this idea I have?

It can be do nothing is impossible

Put the multinational oil companies out of business, get petroleum out of politics - BeaugrandRTMC

It's called a "still" and farmers have been distilling their own fuel (legally or illegally) for decades.

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10 Mind Reader

NO! - Bouncy

That’s a bad idea, it could be embarrassing if you think more about it. - MrCoolC

Bad idea. the human brain is fickle. - tropicaljay

If people knew what I was thinking, they'd stay away from me.

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11 Hoverboard

It already exists. - MrCoolC

I have a hover board it is sick and hover boards don't always fly they are mostly on wheels - smartone

Imagine never putting up with another traffic jam, parking ticket, car accident, or hour spent sitting. As long as you had a full battery, a solar charger, and a parachute, you could have fun flying across the city, and do some neat tricks, too!

It's 2015. We should have those by now.

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12 AIDS Detector

You could call it "The Charlie Sheen Machine"


13 Glow In the Dark Trees

People would never be scared of the dark again- only the creepy cherry tree at the end of the lane

It would help a lot of people if this was possible. any light helps people who have to walk on dark streest or live on a dark streest any crime no one wonts to be seen (LIGHTS SHINES)

14 A Device for Remembering Everything

No - Bouncy

I need this very urgent and I forget everything even mostly on where I place things at - Kevinsidis

It's called a book.

Would be a device that governments will use to control people.

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15 A Light-Speed Spacecraft

It is scientifically impossible

Warp drive technology that can bend electromagnetic space could be able to achieve those speeds or near.

This idea would be handy for us, as the human race can get out into deep space to search for other worlds.

I Need a Very Deep Imagination for This!

16 Battery with Long Life

True they want us to recharge our batteries but if you could find a way to change the normal batteries into long life ones or at least make it take a longer time before it has to be recharged you can have the patent and make it suitable priced - yaraaymanmohamed

Already done. But some legal issues arose, not sure what really happened but back when I was younger there was such a thing as the "never go flat car battery". Try look up PowerBeat international and Peter Witehira, he was the inventor. For a little on that... Would be nice to have one of those...

This will never come cuz they want you to buy batteries more often so they make them last short periods purposefully.
And that sucks.

i'm too lazy to charge my battery - ronluna

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17 Telomere Extender Serum

This extends life for humans. Therefore we can all benefit from telomere extension.

Unfortunately this would also mean you're more vulnerable to cancer. (one less mutation needed) But the idea is kinda cool

Why does it make you more vulnerable to cancer

18 Levitating Chair
19 Pills that Can Cure Any Type of Disease

Lets be honest: Life without disease is way more important then anything else here - rankist

20 Invisibility Cloak

Actually, scientists are making them they use microwaves to cover you and because you can't see microwaves you can't see the person in the cloak.

I heard scientists in Japan are inventing them.

Now I'm a true ghost

A material to bend light completely around the object it's wrapped around. If light doesn't fall on an object, it isn't see. If it isn't seen its INVISIBLE!

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21 Invisible Suit
22 Wishing Machine

Ben there done that!

The world would be crazy with this!

I misread that as a washing machine, but yeah, everything will be mine, end world starvation, anything

That way we can have what ever when ever!

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23 Bio-engineered "Mealfruit" That Provides 100% of Nutritional Needs and Can Be Grown In Home Garden

Fast of all home garden is needed and required of machine that it control total system.

This might be very useful for astropioneers when they move to Mars. The plant providing this wonder fruit should also produce 10 to 20 times more oxigen than a regular plant and should grow very fast..

24 Color Changing Clothing


Already exist.

25 Accurate Lie Detector

My friend told me something and I don't know if he is lying, so this idea is great

What if you were on a lie detector and said, "This lie detector doesn't work" and the lie detector said you were lying. If it is true that the lie detector doesn't work, then if it is wrong in saying that you are lying then you are telling the truth. But if you are telling the truth, then the lie detector doesn't work...

I for one feel that with an accurate lie detector it would help the criminal justice system.

Current lie detectors are unreliable.

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26 Batteries that Work Forever

That would be extremely helpful for the environment.

27 Vehicles that Can Transform Into Planes or Boats
28 Jet Pack

Why isn't this top 5

Like Grand Theft Auto 1? Ahahaa! :D

29 Robot Woman/Man

This is a horrible idea the United States of America is already to fat and way to lazy.

Cosmetically appealing - no intelligence required.

Stupidest idea yet for the Americans who are trying to make this so they can do nothing

They could do our boring jobs - MatrixGuy

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30 Artificial Intelligence

Through AI anything is possible. Eventually all in this list will become a reality thanks to artificial intelligence

This one can do the rest of inventions if are possible.

This is the Only thing in the list which is revolutionary and practically possible

31 Replication Device (And Product Design Database) That Can Produce Any Product Design In Database

I will only build a car. but with this, am a brand owner

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs people

That would be a 3D printer.

If you have the financing, we have the know-how. Contact Fellows Research Group, Inc. Frg@suddenlink.net

32 Gum with Forever Lasting Flavor
33 Nutritional Biscuit That Has 1/6 of Minimum Complete Daily Nutrition for a Pregnant Woman Per Biscuit

Obviously, to provide quick relief for disaster-stricken areas - BeaugrandRTMC

Would be great for geeks too


34 100mpg/300HP Auto Engine

Very possible

35 Wireless Electricity

Its all ready out there its called blue tooth. - spyrocynder

Tesla had it, why must big money bags stuff it all up for the common and poor people

Good idea. Better to those who are lazy to charge as electricity is wireless

I wish wireless electricity comes as soon as possible

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36 Vegetables that Taste Like Fruit
37 Fast Elevator

That would actually be dangerous because of the extreme g forces and they would crush our bones. - nelsonerico6

38 Erasers for Pens

Already have

39 Ancient Time Clock

when was the dinosaurs live and when they died? it is known thru this watch - ronluna

40 Restoration Appliance That Restores Objects to New Condition

This will never work. with technology racing towards building new devices in a rapid time repairing a rapidly produced product will be a major contradiction. No one would buy this - cre8ev

41 A Machine That Can Communicate Directly With Your Mind

Would be good

42 Automatic Rollerskates
43 Auto that runs on salt water

It is plentiful and, if it could produce energy close to that of gasoline in similar volumes, would completely rearrange a large section of the economy. It would be very interesting if this could happen.

Am I the only one who knows about hydrogen fuel cells

Are we gonna put ban on access to oceans too? What's stopping everyone in the world from getting free salt water every day until we get a bad drought..

That would be the best thing that could ever happen to the world! - Snuckles

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44 A Device to Switch Minds/Bodies

Telekinesis is a thing

Oh Really? , it's so Fvcking Cool for me! , Ahahaa!

45 Glasses That Automatically Adjust for Perfect Vision

That's good! People will not need to go to the optimist every time to get new ones..!

Good for the old people

I would love this idea!

This will be amazing

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46 Marvelous New Pot Scrubber

Probably electro-mechanical or chemical-mechanical action. Inexpensive for home use.

47 An Easy Way to Come Up With An Invention

I am going to invent a remote control that makes this world paradise and look rainbow everywhere and make this world last forever help people live forever.

I agree I need this currently that is why I'm searching this idiotic list

I have written more than 13 idea books, I am interested in printing them as an idea generator. Once they are published the inventions and ideas contained within each shall be given freely to any one that reads the books or is interested, I am giving all rights to the invention away.

Be blessed, and stay safe

Mitchell S. Lankford

48 A way to grow any wings you like

This would mutation. Not a good idea if you ask me

I'd have bird wings that are feathery and white with black tips

49 A Shrink-Ray

I like small u could run quickly

That would be cool because I want to be smaller than an atom. - nelsonerico6

50 Ray Gun


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