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21 Flying Car

Possible, and could revolutionize the oil crisis.
Magnetisim could be used, meaning no more reason for cars
To require the use of gasoline, saving money and the environment.

What about the health issues caused by high powered magnetism?

I think that's a good idea I always wanted a flying car!

Vey intelligent invention because this could stop pollution and could be magnetic from the wheels and bottom
I may be 12 but that won't sop me

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22 100mpg/300HP Auto Engine V 1 Comment
23 Replication Device (And Product Design Database) That Can Produce Any Product Design In Database

I will only build a car. but with this, am a brand owner

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs people

That would be a 3D printer.

If you have the financing, we have the know-how. Contact Fellows Research Group, Inc. [email protected]

24 Nutritional Biscuit That Has 1/6 of Minimum Complete Daily Nutrition for a Pregnant Woman Per Biscuit

Obviously, to provide quick relief for disaster-stricken areas - BeaugrandRTMC

Would be great for geeks too


25 Artificial Intelligence

This is the Only thing in the list which is revolutionary and practically possible

This one can do the rest of inventions if are possible.

26 Invisible Suit
27 Wireless Electricity

Good idea. Better to those who are lazy to charge as electricity is wireless

I wish wireless electricity comes as soon as possible

That's already been invented, Tesla made a machine that transfered electricity wirelessly, but it was turned down because he wanted to make it free because their was no way to monitor it.

Dood, its already out there!

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28 Auto that runs on salt water

It is plentiful and, if it could produce energy close to that of gasoline in similar volumes, would completely rearrange a large section of the economy. It would be very interesting if this could happen.

Are we gonna put ban on access to oceans too? What's stopping everyone in the world from getting free salt water every day until we get a bad drought..

That would be the best thing that could ever happen to the world! - Snuckles

Salt water doesn't have the energy to run anything

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29 Restoration Appliance That Restores Objects to New Condition

This will never work. with technology racing towards building new devices in a rapid time repairing a rapidly produced product will be a major contradiction. No one would buy this - cre8ev

30 Fast Elevator

That would actually be dangerous because of the extreme g forces and they would crush our bones. - nelsonerico6

31 A Light-Speed Spacecraft

I Need a Very Deep Imagination for This!

32 Glasses That Automatically Adjust for Perfect Vision

That's good! People will not need to go to the optimist every time to get new ones..!

Once Able To Make Them The way to have reg have nano bots two measure the eye and ajust the lens as needed!

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33 Automatic Rollerskates
34 A Machine That Can Communicate Directly With Your Mind
35 Marvelous New Pot Scrubber

Probably electro-mechanical or chemical-mechanical action. Inexpensive for home use.

36 A Device to Switch Minds/Bodies V 2 Comments
37 Jet Pack V 1 Comment
38 An Easy Way to Come Up With An Invention

I am going to invent a remote control that makes this world paradise and look rainbow everywhere and make this world last forever help people live forever.

I agree I need this currently that is why I'm searching this idiotic list

39 New Use for Old Tires

They can barely keep up with the disposal of tires... You would make a lot of money for sure!

It's shameful to burn or waste this
Potentially useful material.

You can shred they tires and make tracks for schools, and collages. You can make an Adobe house out of tires.

I heard that they are making artificial reefs with old tires.

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40 A way to grow any wings you like

I'd have bird wings that are feathery and white with black tips

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