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41 A Shrink-Ray

That would be cool because I want to be smaller than an atom. - nelsonerico6

42 House Painting Robot

Robot that climbs the side of houses and paints as it goes. Vision or other senses implied.

43 Gun Gloves V 1 Comment
44 Quick Inflatable Shelter for Emergencies

Good idea... Like an air mattress one put into a tent... But one that becomes a tent inself... The door opening is a challenge... Perhaps a velcro type flap would be all that is needed here!

V 3 Comments
45 Wireless Vehicle Power Via Powered Roadway

I know that this is on the way!

46 A Device That Automatically Plays Songs According to One's Emotions

When machines start to understand human emotions, It would be the beginning of human extinction era.

47 Portable Bedrooms V 2 Comments
48 Time Remote Control

Control every thing when you hit pause, all the perverts out there think of what you could do - SmoothCriminal

49 Tesla Coil

Tesla Coils are pretty much wireless energy, that's exzactly what the inventer wanted. - Gunnar9797

50 X-Ray Specs

no private things and parts can hide from this amazing glasses - ronluna

You could locate so many diseased and check out lots of people if you know what I mean

51 Bath with built-in storage
52 Super Virus Protector

Something that is very much needed for now and into the future!

53 A Silent Suction Strong Enough to Pick Up Fleas From Pet Dogs or Cats

The suction cup should be able to be flushed down the toilet for quick disposal... I don't like to use harsh chemicals on my pets. One of them tries to bite me when I do the curry comb to hunt and kill the fleas. The fleas are very resilent to being pinched.

54 Auto Identity System for Police

Similar to IFF system in military aircraft. When electronically interrogated all autos within 200 feet automatically return their license plate numbers.

55 Wide Angle Rear Vision for Autos

Just saw something on TV about this. They are selling them now or soon! I agree SUV back up is dangerous. - Sera9573

Many children killed each year because of limited rear vision in autos. Cameras seem promising but
Something is holding them back. Can you solve the problem.

56 BBQ Plant Pot
57 Forever Glue
58 Yesterday Lens

It can be made just place a mirror 1 light year far off from earth and you would see all this that ever happened 2 years b4, you can even zoom in to see what happened in your own house

you can see what happenned in that certain thing during the past until the very beginning of the universe - ronluna

This would be cool! We could learn so much and history would be rewritten. No more falsifications!

With the right modifying this defiantly has potential.

V 1 Comment
59 Universal Remote

Go to a store and buy one

60 Solar Powered Cell Phone

You don, t have to think of charging it.

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