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61 Yesterday Lens

It can be made just place a mirror 1 light year far off from earth and you would see all this that ever happened 2 years b4, you can even zoom in to see what happened in your own house

you can see what happenned in that certain thing during the past until the very beginning of the universe - ronluna

This would be cool! We could learn so much and history would be rewritten. No more falsifications!

With the right modifying this defiantly has potential.

V 1 Comment
62 100% Green Air Conditioning Unit That Costs Less Than $35.00 a Month to Run

Fantastic!. It would drive power consumption down and the world would have more power for every thing els. It would also be fantastic for economy as it would mean more power for good purposes.

Go and grow trees! It will even save your 35 bucks!

63 Solar Powered Cell Phone

You don, t have to think of charging it.

64 Vibrating condom V 1 Comment
65 Long Distance Wireless Electricity

For an idea I have pertaining to the laws of thermodynamics, this achievement would greatly enable at least 1/4 of my plan for energy generation, distribution, and sustainment. I got some ideas, I'm still researching though.

66 Life Prolonger

until the sun explodes or the continents unite again as one, I want to see that - ronluna

67 50GB Memory Cellphone

Nexibit Robin mobile they are going to launch I has cloud storage in addition it has 32 gb internal memory

Supr need a lot!

64 and 128 already on market so is done... I wait to see 1Tb op Pb or unlimited...

68 Space Shuttle That Can Travel In Entire Universe

I would actually just call this "faster than light travel (FTL)". If we really could travel the entire universe, that would just be WOW. I feel, one step at a time though.

Downside: Governments and people with power would want to control it for their own megalomaniac purposes.

Upside: We would hopefully discover resources to aid our planets survival long term and even discover new planets to populate. We may even find some friends "out there". - wizardryuk

Issac and Albert were playing in the orchard. One said to the other, 'are you ready? ', 'sure' was the reply. So they both threw some apples into the air. Some landed on earth, others landed in different places. The apples felt the other places and the other places felt the apple. m/m'... This needs to be built, but not by government, gangsters, or leftist ideologues. I know how, but I can't afford it and I don't know where it will be safe. c2t1@hotmail.com

69 Vactrain capable of reaching 5000mph

Is entirely possible. Faster than any other mode of transport on earth. Airless tunnels underground with pressurised carriages to support life. No air means no air resistance and also no noise on the train or above ground. Powered by electromagnets so would work on any energy converted to electricity when fossil fuels run out.

70 Economical Dynamic Wall Pictures

Every living room deserves a variety of beautiful pictures. An electronic apparatus operating from CD or DVD disk provides pictures which can be changed every 3 minutes or however often you like. Probably there ought to be no external wires.

I am working on this in Arizona

71 Holodeck

I know. I little sci-fi, but think about having a real virtual reality experience!

72 10TB Hard Drive

todays computers need more memory 10 trillionbyte each drive and also a personal computer can hold that huge amount. supercomputers are okay but not commercialized - ronluna

73 DMV Fast Forwarder
74 Stamina Prolonger

people became tired but this is the invention that will guarantee that you will prolong everything you do, work, sex, performance, sports, etc - ronluna

75 Nano Paint That Can Be Programmed to Only Paint What You Want

Thanks I'll try to invent

76 Virtual travel gadget
77 Body Preservator

not just the method used by egyptians, but it preserve the whole body including inner organs, blood vessels - ronluna

78 Anti-Sun Explosion Device

The sun will explode after millions of years and this device will stop it - ronluna

79 Ray Gun V 1 Comment
80 Toilet Overflow Tray

What if you had a tray under your toilet that would catch any leaks or overflows and have a sewer backup protector, how much would such product be?

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