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101 Soul Robots

A robot that you can transfer into after you die and you will have all the same functions and it will have life like skin, with the same facial features as the body you used to have.

102 Loaner Battery Packs at Service Stations for Electric Cars.

Or a mobile charging unit that can quickly charge EV vehicles on roadside.

103 Clothinator

In home robotic clothing designer and sewer. Makes whatever clothing you want at your demand.

104 Non-Melting Ice Cream

We need it outside for picnics on a hot day!

105 A Zapper That Zaps Your Teeth Automatically Straight To Replace Braces

No more braces

106 Bionic Superpower Chips

If you've seen Lab Rats you would know what I am talking about.
- Person who added this

107 Solar Powered Roads

They are actually making these

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108 Light Saber

The force is strong with this one

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109 Bracelet That Tells You How Long You Have to Live

And how do you react when you find out that bracelet of your child or loved one is signaling a countdown

Have you ever seen the movie Timer

What's the point of knowing when you'll die if you can do nothing to prevent it? -_- It may even terrify you and prevent you from living your life to the fullest. - Goku02

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110 Perpetuum Mobile

Each car, home, factory, ship, plane, should have their own source of energy, free and clean, unlimited, technology which is producing this energy can be very simple, cheap, it is here and now, if somebody is interesting in this - tine204@yahoo. Com

This is good

111 Edible Everlasting Cups

They would be edible and in diferent flavours and could have a tap on the handle to fill the cup with some liquid. And it would be good for you as well so it would be good for countries who don't have much.

112 Method to remove gravity: nothing would hurt, you would never fall

A fat rubber costume :) it might last forever till you stop, might not, might make you feel sick, but you wont be hurt :D

113 Lab-Grown Meat

It will taste exactly like the real meat. But millions of Hectares of Farmlands will be free from grazing Cattle. These Farmlands can be used to feed hungry people in Africa & Asia

114 3D Closed Captions for Movies

This would really help with speech recognition problems.

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115 Omnibyte Hard Drive
116 A Built-In Microwave for Your Lunch Box

A Zapper That Automatically Zaps Your Teeth Straight To Replace Braces

117 Tornado Creation
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