Ten Songs That Always Get Stuck in Your Head

They are not necessarily bad songs, they just always manage to get stuck up there and you can?t get rid of them.

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61 Y.M.C.A. - Village People
62 Trippin - Robbie Williams

I like this song but at night when i'm trying to sleep it just plays itself over and over again my head!!! - Stoshie

63 What's My Age Again? - Blink 182

I know every single word, even the verses. I even play this on guitar WHILST singing every single day!

catchy song,hard to get out of ur head
- rockman

64 Paper Planes - M.I.A
65 Highway to Hell - AC/DC
66 Seek & Destroy - Metallica
67 Crazy in Love - Beyonce

"Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Oh No No,
Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Oh No No"

68 Oops - Tweet
69 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles
70 It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion

Here I go again, going to talk about my favorite song of all time. The song that I wished, I was the one who wrote and made the arrangement and the music video. It's All Coming Back To Me Now has always been on my mind. I would never get irritated to this song even if the song will be played the whole day. Celine Dion, is also my favorite singer of all. Well, her voice is really powerful. Most divas have powerful voices but, Celine's voice is beautiful. I always play the "Falling into You" album just to play this song because it really makes me feel better.But even if I played this song many times, it's ironic to tell you all that I still could not memorize the lyrics. But it doesn't really matter. All I know is that this song has become a legend in music history. - RLAAMJR

71 Let It Go - Idina Menzel
72 Rock and Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter
73 Born This Way - Lady Gaga
74 Home - Gym Class Heroes

It is a good song.

75 Ain't It Fun - Paramore
76 Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Sometimes i feel i've got to run away i've got to get away from the pain you drive into the heart of my eardrums. good song but so catchy

77 Beep - Pussycat Dolls
78 Crazy - Simple Plan

This song is so good! ^_^

79 Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs

As soon as I hear it I know I am doomed for the rest of the day.

80 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

It's ok in the head for about a minute and then it ruins its welcome. - MinistryMonster

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