Ten Songs That Always Make You Smile

There are some songs that you just can?t help but to smile when they come on the radio. Thanks to Ricardo in Calgary for the inspiration (Ricardo?s Realm).

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1 I Want You Back - Jackson 5

Best song ever! Make me smile every time I listen it. Great voice, great song, great melody.. It's just perfect! You know some songs make you happy. This is one of them..

Awesome song! It makes me smile just when I listen to it:) I love Michael Jackson's music a lot and I listen to this song almost everyday! All of his songs should be the best and other Singers whose songs are on this list should be honored to be on the same list as MJ's songs

This song is awesome. Did they sing this song on Victorious? Well it's still really fun song and makes me smile all the time.

Ya know I just love it Michalle Jackson always makes me smile

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2 Carry My Love - Sarah Geronimo

Lovely song.. Carry my love.. - tata919

Very outgoing sort of way

This song is great by sarah geronimo! - enchanted

I love this song

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3 Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

This song can make me fly!

It gives you the necessary strength to begin your day!

Reminds me of the time coming back from a brilliant day out, as it was on on the way home. It stuck in my mind the most, because the upbeat lyrics fitted in with the mood.

One of my favourite written by Freddie. - bzsuzsi0128

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4 Downtown - Petula Clark

I don't even know most of the other songs. This one is sweet and friendly and happy and cheerful and clean and crisp and has stood the test of time. We need more music and songs like this.

I love this, it reminds me of London. When you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go... LONDON... - Britgirl

Being in the city can be really wonderful, and this song nails it.

Catch myself singing Downtown all of the time!

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5 Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

HOW CAN THIS SONG NO MAKE YOU HAPPY I Mean really, It always makes me feel happy and smiling HOW CAN IT NOT? Great song. Anybody can smile to this song. If you can't then wow

It really makes me smile and want to get up and dance along with the music!

You know there were no instruments in this song. Bobby McFerrin made all the noises himself and recorded them over eachother. A great, simple song. A pleasure to hear.

The little counter-melody parts are amazing.

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6 Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

Love this song

Makes me feel so happy when I hear that happy bop bop bop good vibraitions she giving me good exitaitions

7 Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

George Harrison is a babin' babe through and through. This song is an excellent example of his greatness.

Its an amazing song! For me, happy music doesn't get much better.

It's so happy and cheerful! It always makes me want to get up and dance! Definitively an excellent choice!

A positive look at life... What a class song

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8 Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

This song reminds me of my boyfriend of 9 months almost. This is the first song he played me on his electric guitar. He went away to Utah for like 3 months and I didn't have any contact with him. And every time I heard this song I thought of him. Then in November of last year he came back without warning. I love him so much can't even fathom being away from him anymore

this song is so fun and it makes you want to get up and dance - lilbert12345

catchy song, and if i hear my favorite song in the radio, tv or in other's mobile gadgets, it make me smile - ronluna

Good song, very happy. But honestly Saturday in the park by Chicago should be on this list.

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9 I'm Happy Just to Dance With You - The Beatles

Sums up my crush, but my standards are dropped even lower, like getting a high five or her laughing at a joke I made. - sdgeek2003

Just one of those songs you never get tired of listening to because it makes you smile.

10 Hey Ya! - Outkast

If you don't smile every time you hear this song, you need help. Especially if you have ever seen the music video. - heather

This is actually my face song of all time because it has never failed to change my mood around!

It's weird that this song makes people smile, considering that it tells the story of a break-up ("we so in denial when we know we're not happy here"). It's an upbeat song and good to dance to but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it's not supposed to be a happy song. The lyrics are sort of depressing to be honest.

I can never stop smiling when this comes on - SoloPotato

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The Newcomers

? What's the Color of Money? - Beyond Hollywood
? Cotton Fields - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Literally any CCR song physically makes me smile. It just...happens! There honestly is a smile on my face just voting for this :). - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

When I'm feelin down this song reminds me that its all good!

Don't worry about a thing
Every little thing is gonna be all right!

12 Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five - Paul McCartney and Wings
13 Let's Spend the Night Together - The Rolling Stones


14 The Reflex - Duran Duran
15 Common People - Pulp

funniest and coolest song ever, gotta love it! - selftitled

The first time I heard this song (the full, definitive version) all the way through, I basically murdered my cheeks with soreness.

Wow. If t h a t song makes you smile, then you prolly never really listened to it while letting the video give you impressions for your interpretation of the content, did you?
Oh dear... Good song, but pitiful taste.

16 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
17 Spiralling - Keane

It has such a fresh sound! - WouterNL

This song is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Love it! My favorite KEANE song! and one of the best of them! Love it! - sugith

One of the best songs ever! Keane always makes it right, all their songs are definitely perfect and unique! LOVE KEANE!

I would listen to this song forever. One of my favorite of Keane. It's impossible to be sad with that.

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18 Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

I really love this. Always have. - Britgirl

19 U+K - GACKT

My favorite song by Gackt is Mirror

20 (Keep Feeling) Fascination - The Human League
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