Ten Weirdest Diets


The Top Ten

1 Tapeworms

Its really weird, really disgusting, and has been really deadly. Swallowing tapeworms to loss weight is as stupid as the cotton ball diet! - masongilbert74

You might end up on 1000 ways to die. Actually, somebody did for using this diet! - booklover1

Ewwwww I kinda feel bad for the person in 1000 ways to die

who eats tapeworms? idiots!

2 Ear Stapling

I don't understand the logic behind this idea... - Velilana

YIKES! who the hell came up with this idea? - fireinside96

3 Eating Cotton Balls
4 Slimming Soup
5 Diet Fork
6 Diet Sunglasses
7 Lemonade Diet
8 Cabbage Soup Diet
9 Diet Patches
10 Clapping Hands Diet

*claps hands*... yay I'm going to lose 5 pounds at the end of the day, lmao - SmoothCriminal

*Sarcasm voice* I clapped once for a whole day and lost 5 pounds, I look amazing! - Catacorn

The Contenders

11 Maple Syrup Diet
12 Twinkie Diet
13 All Celery Diet
14 The Egg diet
15 Diet Pepsi
16 Japanese Morning-Banana Diet
17 All 'Man-Juice' Diet
18 Sleeping Beauty Diet
19 The Monkey Chow Diet
20 The Cookie Diet
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