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1 Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden Paul Bruce Dickinson, known professionally as Bruce Dickinson, is an English musician, airline pilot, and broadcaster. He is most well known for being the lead singer in heavy metal band Iron Maiden and his solo career.

Voice type: Hallowed Be Thy Tenor - Metal_Treasure

2 Rob Halford - Judas Priest Rob Halford - Judas Priest Robert John Arthur "Rob" Halford is an English singer and songwriter, who is best known as the lead vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Judas Priest and famed for his powerful wide ranging operatic voice.

No questions asked, Jeff tate is not on this list?

Voice type: British Steel Tenor - Metal_Treasure

@visitor RE "No questions asked, Jeff tate is not on this list? ".
I guess you mean Geoff Tate.
He is widely considered a high baritone and not a tenor so he is at #1 on the list 'Top 10 Baritones In Metal Music'. Great singer, great vocal technique in his prime. - Metal_Treasure

3 Michael Kiske - Helloween, Unisonic, Avantasia

Voice type: Oh My God Tenor - Metal_Treasure

4 Russell Allen - Symphony X

Voice type: X Dramatic Powerhouse Tenor - Metal_Treasure

5 Tobias Sammet - Edguy, Avantasia

Voice type: Effortless Multifunctional Tenor - Metal_Treasure

6 King Diamond - Mercyful Fate, King Diamond

Voice type: Kicked In The Balls Tenor. - Metal_Treasure

7 Devin Townsend - Strapping Young Lad Devin Townsend - Strapping Young Lad Devin Garret Townsend is a Canadian musician, songwriter and record producer. He was the founder, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist in extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad from 1994 to 2007 and has an extensive career as a solo artist.

And a 5 octave vocal range! Only several singers in all music have it. Even Mariah Carey's range is smaller than his range. - Metal_Treasure

Voice type: Wild Extreme Metal Tenor
Devin is a very unique singer - from operatic singing to growls, and everything in between. - Metal_Treasure

8 Jarkko Ahola - Teräsbetoni, Northern Kings, Ahola Jarkko Ahola - Teräsbetoni, Northern Kings, Ahola Jarkko Kalevi Ahola is a Finnish performing artist, composer and singer, best known as a metal singer. He is the vocalist, bass player and one of the three songwriters of the metal band Teräsbetoni. He also started a solo career as Ahola, a metal band. V 2 Comments
9 Tim 'Ripper' Owens - Judas Priest, Iced Earth Tim 'Ripper' Owens - Judas Priest, Iced Earth Timothy S. "Ripper" Owens is an American heavy metal singer who first gained attention as the lead singer of Judas Priest, and then Iced Earth. He took the nickname "Ripper" from the Judas Priest song "The Ripper" during his time in the tribute band "British Steel". He currently performs with Beyond more.

Voice type: Devil In Disguise Tenor - Metal_Treasure

10 André Matos - Angra, Avantasia, Shaman

Voice type: Technical Beast Tenor - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Fabio Lione - Rhapsody

Great Baritenor with solid operatic skills and vast low range.

V 3 Comments
12 Daniel Heiman - Lost Horizon, Heed Daniel Heiman - Lost Horizon, Heed

Slaughters everyone on this list. I'd argue the greatest vocalist to ever live.

Voice type: Belty Bald Tenor
Some really crazy vocal skills this guy. Try: Lost Horizon - Highlander. - Metal_Treasure

13 Timo Kotipelto - Stratovarius, Kotipelto

Voice type: Northern High Skies Tenor - Metal_Treasure

14 James LaBrie - Dream Theater V 1 Comment
15 Kai Hansen - Gamma Ray, Helloween

Voice type: Tenor On A Mission In Dreamland - Metal_Treasure

16 Matt Smith - Theocracy Matt Smith - Theocracy
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