Top Ten Reasons the United States is Better Than the U.K.

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1 Better Teeth


I thought this list would have some legitimate reasons to support your argument but as there aren't any I can only surmise you can't actually find any. Okay, I'll let you have that they gave the world Rock n Roll and Country and I'll even throw in the Blues too for good measure (they deserve that accolade) But the Grand Canyon? it's hardly the fault of the UK that she doesn't have it is it? Come on, find some legitimate reasons and I might even accept and support them. - Britgirl

I have absolutely nothing against the US or its people. I agree with you; the US does deserve some credit for being a great country. - Britgirl

I'm not even British but this list is stupid. It doesn't even valid reasons. I prefer the US since I live in the US but this is still a very dumb list. - PeeledBanana

And now we have here a list that encompasses everything that makes a bad list pertaining to America. Aside from all the political bias from the right wing (and let's just leave my political views at that...), almost all the reasons here are pretty shallow and invalid. The list even borders around the territory of generalization and stereotypes. Look, as an American, I have my pride as a U.S. citizen and my pride for our proud E Pluribus Unum, but two things that really went wrong here is the shoddy choice of items and sheer bias. Besides, EVERY country has their own pride and reasons to be proud of their respective nation's history, culture, and whatnot. Again, I have my pride as an American, but this list just fails to carry my nation's pride in an intelligent and mature way... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 More Beautiful Scenery

Scotland was voted number 1 most beautiful country and England and Wales were both in the top ten - bogsacheann

More natural? After 10,000 years of agriculture and livestock? There is almost zero "natural" land area left. Lots of the US is built up of course, but far less by percentage of total land area than the UK, and massive areas of land are untouched by humankind. California alone is 1/3 larger than the entire UK, and Alaska is almost 10 times bigger, with only 750,000 people in it.

Nah, I prefer the UK scenery. It's much more natural and beautiful. - Swellow

3 Better Flag

The american flag is coolest flag in the world

Uk has the best country falg all hail to uk.

4 Is the Only Country to Defeat the British Empire in War

This is so untrue. I'm triggered. - bogsacheann

And so July 4, anti Britain day was born. - IronSabbathPriest

I never knew that! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

"Now doubt the Brits were the fiercest fighters." Now, I take a back seat to no one in respect and admiration for both the British military and the British people for their valor, tenacity, and just plain grit during WWII. But tell your version of history to the Americans that landed on Omaha Beach, or to the Battered Bastards of Bastogne, or the Marines at Tarawa, Iwo or Guadalcanal. There was plenty of "fierce" to go around.

5 More of a Melting Pot

What the hell is a melting pot? - Swellow

Guess you haven't noticed that for the past thirty years we've had wave after wave of immigrants, legal and illegal, who've shown no intention of assimilating, of mixing in the mythical "melting pot." In fact, many are demanding the U.S. change to become more like the countries from which they emigrated.

6 Funnier TV Shows

Nah. The UK has way funnier media in my opinion.

Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Ranch, That 70's Show, Modern Family and a lot more - westofohio

7 Invented Rock and Roll, Rap and Country Music

Actually, the Brits "exported" very little rock 'n' roll. You're referring to "rock." They are NOT the same thing.

8 First to Have Freedom

No we did. Actually... New Zealand was first of all of the countries to make women vote

The uk abolished slavery first while usa had a whole war on it but cool

Y'all cons were sent to United States to pile up. Land of the criminals.

Not true but ok - Noah_G161

9 No Accent

Do some American not realise that they have accents? - bogsacheann

No accent? First of all there are many American accents. And secondly British accents are nicer than American accents in every way. - Noah_G161

You do realize that there is such a thing as an "American accent" right? - phillysports

The US is better than the UK because there is "no accent". Dear oh dear oh dear... - Britgirl

10 Contains the Grand Canyon

The Contenders

11 Right to Bear Arms
12 USA Has Donald Trump

I feel bad for most Americans because of Trump.

Uh... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 Better Food
14 USA Has Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Lol! I'm laughing at this item. Seriously?

15 USA Has No Article 13

This is the only valid reason on this list - bogsacheann

16 USA Has Black Lives Matter

That's a bad reason, black lives matter supporters are whiny people who want to be above white people.

Great reason! - EliHbk

17 U.K. Had Tony Blair
18 The USA Doesn't Have Kinder Surprise

The only item on here that I agree with (those poor Canadians and Europeans have to put up with this awful toy).

19 USA Has Hillary Clinton

Oh yes, the USA is much better because this witch has tried to run for president twice and got her butt kicked into a bucket. Yeah no. - Swellow

20 USA Has CNN
21 USA Had George W. Bush as President
22 USA Funded Al Qaeda to Stop the Soviets in Afghanistan
23 USA Supports Saudi Arabia
24 USA Gave Independence to Palau
25 USA Started SpongeBob
26 USA Has Disneyworld
27 It Has a Democracy
28 USA Had Barack Obama as President
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