Top Tens Best Relative Ash Songs

Relative Ash was an American nu metal band formed in Chicago in 1996. They released only one album, "Our Time With You..." in 2000 through Island Records, but to my knowledge not a single song was selected as an official single. There's only one music video of the band, specifically for the song "Hymen", but that's most likely an unofficial video since it's just some random footage of the band, both backstage and performing live, put together as a music video. They were planning on releasing a second album but that sadly never happened. Most of the demos made for that unreleased album have been leaked online. They also made a demo tape in 1998, which has also been leaked online. They broke up circa 2002-2003, but they did one reunion show in 2015.

The Top Ten

1 Breathe (Tiny Hands)
2 Good Form
3 Be Mighty (If He Falls Go Pick Him Up)
4 Bounce
5 Pout
6 Hymen
7 6 Miles to Learn
8 Flavor
9 Charmed
10 Sperm
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