Top Tens Worst Things About the List "Reasons Why Family Guy is Better Than the Simpsons"

It's OK to prefer one over the other, but these are reasons why the list has bad reasons.

The Top Ten

1 It's no. 1 reason is a character

One character, except for bad shows don't make a show. Family Guy used to be good, but Stewie never made or will make the show. - doodie

And I thought the title was "Reasons Why the "Reasons Why Family Guy is Better Than the Simpsons" list is invalid." - doodie

2 It says it takes risks

And how is this cool? It'll rather attract more haters. That's not what - doodie

3 It says the Simpsons are trying to be like Family Guy these days

Nope. Other way around - doodie

4 It says the yellow characters are bad

That is stupid

I actually think that's a funny inside joke. Remember how you had to wind up a T.V.? - doodie

5 It says it's a bad thing that some male characters are voiced by girls

So elementary school kids have puberty? I thought it would be around Middle School?

That isn't bad. It means they're good voice actors - doodie

6 It says The Simpsons have gone too far

That's not true since Simpsons is <2% crude humor. - doodie

7 It says Marge constantly criticizes Homer

So does Lois and peter. I observed more of Lois and peter than Marge and homer, so this is invalid. - doodie

8 It says it has more gags

That's a good thing in my opinion. - doodie

9 One of it's reasons is "Seth MacFarlane Is Hosting the Oscars"

That doesn't mean anything. That's not related to the shows, just the creator. - doodie

10 It says Simpsons is dated

Children's shows running since the 50s still around Blue Peter and Sooty. Soap running since the 60s still around Coronation Street.
From different countries but The Simpsons can run for as long as it wants.

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