Top Ten Terence Tao Facts

The Top Ten

1 In 2006 Terence received the Fields Medal

The "Nobel Prize" of Mathematics - MatrixGuy

2 Tao maintains a personal mathematics blog, which has been described by Timothy Gowers as "the undisputed king of all mathematics blogs"
3 Terence’s IQ stands somewhere around 230
4 When he was 16, Tao graduated from Flinders University with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
5 Within the field of mathematics, Tao most known for his collaboration with Ben J. Green of Oxford University; together they proved the Green–Tao theorem
6 He is a corresponding member of the Australian Academy of Science, and in 2007 was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society
7 Perhaps his most impressive award is the nickname “Mr. Fix It”
8 By the time he was 2, there was no doubt he was something above and beyond what most people are. That’s because he had already managed to begin solving simple arithmetic
9 As of 2013 Tao has published over 250 research papers and 17 books
10 He was born in 1975, in Adelaide Australia
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