Top 10 Terraria Bosses

These are my top picks depending on money, fun value, fairness, and look.

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1 Wall of Flesh

You're feeling godlike. You've got the nights edge, the Pheonix Blaster, the magic missile, whatever. You go to hell to mine up some more hellstone for a molten pickaxe. You see another demon. No biggie. But once you kill him, you see another drop. It looks like... the guide? It drops into the lava, and you see the guide died. Huh. And then, a HUGE wall of what looks like flesh is running at you! That's adrenaline, baby.

bruh, I'm redy 2 fight him, but I'm a baby when it comes to underground, so I haven't even made it to the cavern layer yet.

You've been anticipating this moment and now you are there. You are standing on your 900 block bridge in hell that you have been building for two hours now. You have your guide voodoo doll with you. You are prepared with molten armor, nights edge, a mini gun, and some other ranged weapon. You're now ready to fight the wall of flesh. This is the final easy mode boss, and once you beat the wall of flesh, you face another problem. Hardmode. Get ready for blood... This is going to be intense...

Lol, great memories fighting this dude. I remember me and my friend just finished building our 3 hour path in hell, and I used the guide voodoo doll just to see how hard it would be, I definitely would not beat it, or so I thought. There I was on my path with my friend, and as soon as my friend looked at it, she fell in the lava, so I was fighting it alone. I was doing decent damage to it. My friend came back to hell. Died again. By now it was well over 3 quarters dead, and just as I was about to land the final blow, I died. But my firmed was so close that he didn't despawn. When she came down, while she was falling, she hit him once. The wof was died. And then she died. We were screaming for about a half an hour. Then, as we were coming up from our tunnel we made, we got killed by a bunch of hardmode enemies. The first month in hard mode was terrible anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for long post

2 Eater of Worlds

Dude! This boss is so ez! And plus you can craft all of the shadow equipment from him!

It doesn't matter if its weak of strong but it a awesome boss

I love this boss just because he has what I think is the best boss design in the game.

This boss is the EASIEST one ever in the game (to me)!

3 Eye of Cthulhu

Easy peasy I killed him using a platinum bow loaded with jester arrows

I don't know why people like him so much. Just use a Shadow Sword. He s OG tho.'re telling me...that the eye of cthulhu...probably the first boss in the HARDER THAN THE TWINS!?!

I like this boss because when you first fight him, he's really tough. But later, he's easy.

4 The Twins

Definitely one of the coolest looking bosses. Why do you guys think they are on the COVER PAGE?

What's better than one awesome Terraria boss? Why, two of course! Because there are two of them The Twins instantly become more memorable. The Twins both attacking at the same time really makes for a chaotic and epic boss fight, forcing you to be constantly on your toes. Lastly, the music. If the actual boss wasn't enough to make the conflict awesome, this music is!

Hardest boss in the game, I can beat skeleton prim pretty easily and with a possessed hatchet planters is no problem, and even the golem is easy, but these guys always give me a big challenge.

These guys serve up quite a challenge even with vampire knives. Very fun but tough fight.

5 Skeletron

I really like the night's edge and, you know, beating the game, so skeletron is a nice fight.

If you didn't know, u need skeletron and golem ot be defeated for the cultists to spawn, so you might as well kill him anyway.

Skeletron was a really fun boss to beat and I enjoyed every second of defeating him!

The gatekeeper to the dungeon and a personal favorite of mine.

6 The Destroyer

If you have Crimson you still get a bit of the Eater of Worlds. Shadow Orbs are better though.

If his head hits you perfectly in expert mode then it would deal a whopping 200 just like Moon Lord's Lazer unless if you dodge it.

This boss is much easier than the rest of the mechanical bosses. Because of the different parts, an explosion seems to hit multiple segments. Sure, it has lots of hit points. Sure, it can do some damage if you’re hit. But my point is, with just a flat forest biome and some good tools, this boss is no more harder than WOF when you first encountered it.

I like the glowing spots on its body, really let's you know you are fighting a powerful beast.

7 Plantera

I like the song, but not the freaking rarity of the bulb. Screw you plantera bulb!

Easily the best boss, it's tough, fun, fast boi and when you break the bulb and the music starts, you'll see it slowly crawling to you in the underground jungle as desperation comes with the song bass drop, my favorite by far

Actually not a very hard boss. I can crush Plantera with my endgame equipment but the Mech Bosses still are challenging. That said, it's an intense fight, especially in Phase 2.

Possibly the toughest boss in the game. I like battling it. It fills me with nervousness and fear, but also power.

8 Skeletron Prime

Upgraded version of skeletron. He has more attacks than normal, and is just feeling awesome!

Don't know how this guy was on here. He uses plenty of gadgets to try to cut you, burn you, explode you, and countless other ways.

This guy looks like Donald trump

The tools are really hard.

9 Moon Lord

He has the coolest weapons and is supposed to be the hardest boss in the game for a reason. Why would you not like him?

Moon lord is so hard so shush people who think duke fishron is harder than the moon lord I defeated the duke fishron in one go

It was so hard, my brother and my friend were both playing Terraria, and it was so hard they both had to fight. AND they had cheated and got the best stuff on a server and it was still hard.

This is pretty much considered the final boss of the game. Although I've beaten him in multiple worlds in my game, facing the Moon Lord is a huge challenge.

10 Queen Bee

Only boss I'm sure of about the gender

I think its easily fun like boss who gives extreme( in easy mode) good items.

A relatively easy boss and very fun to battle.

Good drops. You can only summon it once for a reason.

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11 Duke Fishron

Even though he is very hard. It was a really fun fight for me. He also has some really good drops like the Tsunami or Razorblade Typhoon

I thought that this was a very unique and challenging late game boss. It will take you a few tries to learn his attack pattern and he drops some of the best items in the game. His design is also amazing. The coolest looking boss in my opinion. I only wish he was a little bigger. That size doesn't make him look menacing enough

This was the coolest boss in Terraria for me and my friends, I personally like the idea of a pig dragon shark hybrid!

The drops are awesome, but it's pretty tough to beat him.

12 Brain of Cthulhu

I like how you have to kill these tiny orb guys before you fight the boss. Very fun fight.

So fun to beat

13 Goblin Army

Goblins hit like a truck.

This isn't a boss. It's a really easy Pre Hardmode event.

It’s not that hard actually.

So ez

14 Ocram

It's a removed Marco backwards, what's not to love?

Too easy or maybe I just fought him to late

Once again killed him on the first try

It's like the almighty on terraria

15 Pirate Invasion

Honestly, I just need the coin gun from u, so hand it over, u pirates, or I can spare your parrot's throat... 'grabs parrot' *SQUAWK!*

I enjoy fighting this group of scalliwags that serve a plate of challenge.

16 Lunatic Cultist

The fight is a really well put together fight, they just really need to buff him.
Really nice vanity as well.

Cool spells. Doesn't drop anything I want except for the new table which is annoying. Still hardcore.

The mask reminds me of that one guy in beetlejuice, if u ever seen it.

Well... this is honestly lower on the list than I had thought. Sure, it's pretty easy. But the fight us FUN. That and it's awesome design make this the best boss for me.

17 Goblin Invasion


Easy, but super fun! I like how you can kind of control whether you want it to randomly happen, as you have to break a crimson heart/shadow orb to even let it spawn.


18 Lepus

U idiots, tell me straight in the eye that you thing bunny's awesome, even if it's trying to kill you.

It's a fat cute bunny

I don't play mobile...

This boss will be hard if you are very slow at terraria, because he spreads more bunnys

19 Turkor the Ungrateful


20 Lunar Event

I don't play Terraria, but this is how I think it works.
The Lunatic Cultist is killed. Celestial creatures from planets hidden in the Solar System invade Earth as their king's defeat angers them. The Vortex pillar can pull you in, and summons ranged enemies. The Stardust pillar doesn't attack directly, but summons creatures which will summon more creatures. The Nebula pillar doesn't attack directly either, but summons magical, mystical enemies. And the Solar pillar, which appears the hardest, honestly, can shoot meteorites down and summons melee enemies. Each pillar must have 100/150 of their enemies destroyed before being able to be attacked. Once the last pillar is killed, a message says "IMPENDING DOOM APPROACHES..."
Maybe you're wearing your best armor now and wielding your best weapon now, or perhaps you run back home one last time to gather your stuff. Otherwise, once you are ready, wait for the minute-countdown to come to an end. The final boss, the Moon Lord, is here. ...more

Before the moon lord but hard

haha solar pillar go no air

Best boss ever

21 Golem

They got a dungeon guardian, but they don't have a TEMPLE guardian?

I love the golem he looks amazing but he is real easy calamity mods ravager is what this boss should be like but still I love this

He's very easy if you have endgame gear (I expected him to be much harder) but he's still a pretty cool and well-executed boss fight.

He's easier with weapons that you already defeated him with. My possessed hatchet does 154 damage

22 King Slime

If your new to the game, kill king slime first w/ ranged weapons and 35 block high rope, slime mount is SO worth it, and the slime gun is a fun vanity item. Slime mount ahhnilates EoC, ya just gotta jump on him!


Fun, a very fun and easy boss. It's a nice surprise when he randomly shows up.

Easy to summon
Easy to kill

23 Green Slime

This boss is so easy! All you need to do is click him with a copper shortsword and POOF, dead!

You just can't beat this guy man, he's the last boss I need to kill

Hardest. Boss. Ever

I love sarcasm

24 Pumpking

Not quite my favorite boss, but definitely up there because of a few simple things. He isn't the only thing you're worrying about here, far from it, and when you get far enough in, there can be over a dozen of him!

25 Frost Legion
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