Top 10 Terraria Bosses

These are my top picks depending on money, fun value, fairness, and look.

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1 Wall of Flesh

Well put guy under me

You've been anticipating this moment and now you are there. You are standing on your 900 block bridge in hell that you have been building for two hours now. You have your guide voodoo doll with you. You are prepared with molten armor, nights edge, a mini gun, and some other ranged weapon. You're now ready to fight the wall of flesh. This is the final easy mode boss, and once you beat the wall of flesh, you face another problem. Hardmode. Get ready for blood... This is going to be intense...

Lol, great memories fighting this dude. I remember me and my friend just finished building our 3 hour path in hell, and I used the guide voodoo doll just to see how hard it would be, I definitely would not beat it, or so I thought. There I was on my path with my friend, and as soon as my friend looked at it, she fell in the lava, so I was fighting it alone. I was doing decent damage to it. My friend came back to hell. Died again. By now it was well over 3 quarters dead, and just as I was about to land the final blow, I died. But my firmed was so close that he didn't despawn. When she came down, while she was falling, she hit him once. The wof was died. And then she died. We were screaming for about a half an hour. Then, as we were coming up from our tunnel we made, we got killed by a bunch of hardmode enemies. The first month in hard mode was terrible anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for long post

Multiple hungry tentacles to attack you, and even if you kill them, they detach and try to lunge at you at every chance it gets, the annoying lasers and leeches, and if you're on expert mode, a bridge and lightning boots are highly compulsory - amenyoussef

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2 Eater of Worlds

Easiest boss ever

It doesn't matter if its weak of strong but it a awesome boss

I love this boss just because he has what I think is the best boss design in the game.

Your right he is easy but still prepare your self

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3 Eye of Cthulhu're telling me...that the eye of cthulhu...probably the first boss in the HARDER THAN THE TWINS!?!

Amenyouseff u wrong shurikens or throwing knives - JayJayPlayzzz

I like this boss because when you first fight him, he's really tough. But later, he's easy. - Garfieldtop10s

It's so easy I think

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4 The Twins

Max pets is infinite and prize helps get optic staff!


What's better than one awesome Terraria boss? Why, two of course! Because there are two of them The Twins instantly become more memorable. The Twins both attacking at the same time really makes for a chaotic and epic boss fight, forcing you to be constantly on your toes. Lastly, the music. If the actual boss wasn't enough to make the conflict awesome, this music is!

Hardest boss in the game, I can beat skeleton prim pretty easily and with a possessed hatchet planters is no problem, and even the golem is easy, but these guys always give me a big challenge.

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5 Skeletron

Skeletron was a really fun boss to beat and I enjoyed every second of defeating him!

The gatekeeper to the dungeon and a personal favorite of mine. - Garfieldtop10s

He's hard and since I like challenge, he is my Favourite boss, he also looks cool!

It should be Eye f chulilu 1 then Eater of worlds then queen bee then Skeletron then wall of flesh

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6 The Destroyer

The hardest mech boss because it has more lasers and its immune to all debuffs. I recommend killing twins first with nimbus rod, beam sword and meteor staff, blowgun with crystal darts.

Whoever says this is the easiest mech boss is so WRONGGG! How do they expect u to kill a whopping 80000 health in one measly night with a bunch of probes and lasers flying around your screen?

Dis boy is easy I beat him with 10 def and a Cutless from da pirates in 5 secs

I like the glowing spots on its body, really let's you know you are fighting a powerful beast. - Garfieldtop10s

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7 Plantera

Easily the best boss, it's tough, fun, fast boi and when you break the bulb and the music starts, you'll see it slowly crawling to you in the underground jungle as desperation comes with the song bass drop, my favorite by far

Killed it in a matter of seconds with the following gear:
Chlorophyte shotbow(holy arrows)
Chlorophyte armor(ranged set)
Accessories:Magic quiver, pixie wings, frost park boots, philosophers stone, and cobalt shield.

Actually not a very hard boss. I can crush Plantera with my endgame equipment but the Mech Bosses still are challenging. That said, it's an intense fight, especially in Phase 2.

I died in the first five seconds and exploded.

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8 Skeletron Prime

Upgraded version of skeletron. He has more attacks than normal, and is just feeling awesome!

His attacks in normal mode are comedically easy to dodge, where to the point that I can deferat it with Palladium armor - Charmedyeti

Don't know how this guy was on here. He uses plenty of gadgets to try to cut you, burn you, explode you, and countless other ways. - Victinimon

This guy looks like Donald trump

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9 Moon Lord

Moon lord is very hard

This is pretty much considered the final boss of the game. Although I've beaten him in multiple worlds in my game, facing the Moon Lord is a huge challenge.

This isint a boss this is THE BOSS

I mean come one, it's a killer robot skull with 4 deadly weapons. HE HAS A CHAINSAW!

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10 Queen Bee

Only boss I'm sure of about the gender

I think its easily fun like boss who gives extreme( in easy mode) good items.

A relatively easy boss and very fun to battle. - Garfieldtop10s

She is so ugly!

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11 Duke Fishron

Water tornado awesome!


Hard luk helll

I thought that this was a very unique and challenging late game boss. It will take you a few tries to learn his attack pattern and he drops some of the best items in the game. His design is also amazing. The coolest looking boss in my opinion. I only wish he was a little bigger. That size doesn't make him look menacing enough

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12 Brain of Cthulhu

I like how you have to kill these tiny orb guys before you fight the boss. Very fun fight. - Garfieldtop10s

So fun to beat

13 Goblin Army

Goblins hit like a truck.

This isn't a boss. It's a really easy Pre Hardmode event.

It’s not that hard actually. - Hermione_Granger220

So ez

14 Ocram

Too easy or maybe I just fought him to late - JayJayPlayzzz

Once again killed him on the first try - Katekat123

It's like the almighty on terraria

Coolest boss ever, I like doing parkoar stunts to avoid the lasers like a boss, he's pretty hard though

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15 Pirate Invasion

I enjoy fighting this group of scalliwags that serve a plate of challenge. - Garfieldtop10s

16 Lepus


I don't play mobile... - JayJayPlayzzz

U idiots, tell me straight in the eye that you thing bunny's awesome, even if it's trying to kill you.

It's a fat cute bunny

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17 Lunatic Cultist

Looks like my dad - some guy

Super fun boss, just wish it was longer!

Well... this is honestly lower on the list than I had thought. Sure, it's pretty easy. But the fight us FUN. That and it's awesome design make this the best boss for me.

Best - Orlemley

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18 Goblin Invasion


Easy, but super fun! I like how you can kind of control whether you want it to randomly happen, as you have to break a crimson heart/shadow orb to even let it spawn.


19 Turkor the Ungrateful


20 Lunar Event

I don't play Terraria, but this is how I think it works.
The Lunatic Cultist is killed. Celestial creatures from planets hidden in the Solar System invade Earth as their king's defeat angers them. The Vortex pillar can pull you in, and summons ranged enemies. The Stardust pillar doesn't attack directly, but summons creatures which will summon more creatures. The Nebula pillar doesn't attack directly either, but summons magical, mystical enemies. And the Solar pillar, which appears the hardest, honestly, can shoot meteorites down and summons melee enemies. Each pillar must have 100/150 of their enemies destroyed before being able to be attacked. Once the last pillar is killed, a message says "IMPENDING DOOM APPROACHES..."
Maybe you're wearing your best armor now and wielding your best weapon now, or perhaps you run back home one last time to gather your stuff. Otherwise, once you are ready, wait for the minute-countdown to come to an end. The final boss, the Moon Lord, is here. ...more

Before the moon lord but hard

Best boss ever

Because this is a future boss and you are fighting the moon I think this boss will be as harder than somthing like duke fishron, plantera or ocram

21 Golem

He's very easy if you have endgame gear (I expected him to be much harder) but he's still a pretty cool and well-executed boss fight.

He's easier with weapons that you already defeated him with. My possessed hatchet does 154 damage

Pretty easy boss, but hard to beat without friends playing with you.

Have you seen how cool he looks plus he hits like truck!

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22 Pumpking

Not quite my favorite boss, but definitely up there because of a few simple things. He isn't the only thing you're worrying about here, far from it, and when you get far enough in, there can be over a dozen of him!

23 King Slime


Fun, a very fun and easy boss. It's a nice surprise when he randomly shows up.

He adorable


24 Frost Legion
25 Betsy

Really fun to fight

A really hard boss to fight instantly but it drops my 3th favorite item (
Sky Dragon's Fury) really good combination of the Electrosphere Launcher and the
Sleepy Octopod spining attack and with better and better loot (this is Introduced in 1.3.4 from the game Dungeon Defender 2)

26 Frost Moon
27 Dungeon Guardian

not a boss - Hummingbirdf

FUNNEST FIGHT EVER! Ya just whip out a phantasm and an endless quiver, and spend 5 minus in pure bliss. (You have to be decent at dodging though)

He has like 2000 HP and deals 1000 damage per hit. The best time to kill him is before 1.3 update. The best way is to use 3 Turtle Armor equipped players and nothing else to defeat him.

It has so mush defense, every attack does 1 damage (and it has 10,000 hp! )

28 Pumpkin Moon

A very challenging event but has some great loot.

Really hard if you not builden a good base for it

29 Everscream

Drops razorpine, most op magic weapon pre moonlord

30 Pirates Army
31 Paladin

It’s hallowed

He has a lot of defense and health for a dungeon mob,but he drops the best boomerang in the game!

32 Mechanical Bosses

So annoying! They have lasers come on! That makes it harder I’m still struggling with them because I started hardmode 1 month ago

Should be last (oh wait it is)


33 Zombie

Super hard to defeat even though I have the greatest armor=wood


34 The Guide
35 Green Slime

You just can't beat this guy man, he's the last boss I need to kill - busterwoods

I can't defeat this little idiot. Even with Solar Flare armor, meowmere and a 13-segment stardust dragon, HE WONT DIE!

36 Turkor
37 Ice Queen
38 Cthulhu

If that’s the case than would that be LoZ MM? Just asking. (I love terraria! )

Its not actually a real boss, but a boss that was gonna be put in but rejected was a replacement of moon lord

I'm not joking either, the moon falling into the world was gonna be the finale before moon lord came into place

39 Solar Pillar

Maybe this isn't considered a boss, but it sure is hard to fight.

40 Pirate Captain

He can shoot you with a gun and has lots of health. Plus he has lots of pirates with him!

41 Santa NK1


42 Ogre
43 Arch Wyvern

I LOVE them so much but the bad thing is that they just come out of nowhere and you can't hear them so they make a surprise attack

44 Queen Slime


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