Top 10 Terraria Bosses

These are my top picks depending on money, fun value, fairness, and look.

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21 Golem

He's very easy if you have endgame gear (I expected him to be much harder) but he's still a pretty cool and well-executed boss fight.

He's easier with weapons that you already defeated him with. My possessed hatchet does 154 damage

Pretty easy boss, but hard to beat without friends playing with you.

Nice boss, and soundtrack

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22 Pumpking

Not quite my favorite boss, but definitely up there because of a few simple things. He isn't the only thing you're worrying about here, far from it, and when you get far enough in, there can be over a dozen of him!

23 Betsy

Really fun to fight

A really hard boss to fight instantly but it drops my 3th favorite item (
Sky Dragon's Fury) really good combination of the Electrosphere Launcher and the
Sleepy Octopod spining attack and with better and better loot (this is Introduced in 1.3.4 from the game Dungeon Defender 2)

24 King Slime

Fun, a very fun and easy boss. It's a nice surprise when he randomly shows up.

He adorable


25 Frost Legion
26 Pumpkin Moon

A very challenging event but has some great loot.

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27 Everscream

Drops razorpine, most op magic weapon pre moonlord

28 Frost Moon
29 Pirates Army
30 Turkor
31 Ice Queen
32 Dungeon Guardian

FUNNEST FIGHT EVER! Ya just whip out a phantasm and an endless quiver, and spend 5 minus in pure bliss. (You have to be decent at dodging though)

He has like 2000 HP and deals 1000 damage per hit. The best time to kill him is before 1.3 update. The best way is to use 3 Turtle Armor equipped players and nothing else to defeat him.

It has so mush defense, every attack does 1 damage (and it has 10,000 hp! )

33 Cthulhu

If that’s the case than would that be LoZ MM? Just asking. (I love terraria! )

Its not actually a real boss, but a boss that was gonna be put in but rejected was a replacement of moon lord

I'm not joking either, the moon falling into the world was gonna be the finale before moon lord came into place

34 Solar Pillar

Maybe this isn't considered a boss, but it sure is hard to fight.

35 Pirate Captain

He can shoot you with a gun and has lots of health. Plus he has lots of pirates with him!

36 Santa NK1


37 Ogre
38 Paladin

He has a lot of defense and health for a dungeon mob,but he drops the best boomerang in the game!

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