Top Ten Terraria Challenges

These are challenges that are usually played when someone beat Terraria, or if they're bored. These are really fun, but difficult. Expert, medium core and hardcore not included.

The Top Ten

1 Merfolk Challenge

This one is very creative, but difficult. Put a fish bowl on your as your helmet and get a Neptune's shell. This makes you breathe in water, but not in air. (Hint: to beat the wall of flesh, get gills potions.) - TerminalCorona

2 Fishing Challenge

You can only get items from fishing. - TerminalCorona

3 Summoner Challenge

Only use summoning items, like the slime staff. - TerminalCorona

4 Archer Challenge

Only use bows. - TerminalCorona

5 Yo-yo Challenge

Only use yo-yos. - TerminalCorona

6 Magic Challenge

Only magic weapons. - TerminalCorona

7 Gunslinger Challenge

This is an Easy one (Gun Weapon Main Here)

8 Melee Challenge
9 Scavenger Challenge

You can't craft. - TerminalCorona

10 Drow Elf Challenge


You have to live underground. You can't get wood from the surface, or wood from any mahogany tree. - TerminalCorona

The Newcomers

? No Mining Challenge

You not aloud to break blocks!

? Arkhalis Challenge

Beat the game only using the Arkhalis.

The Contenders

11 The Thief Challenge

Basically you can only use Weapons, Armour, and accessories through the use of the drop system.

Tools are an exception. - Sync

12 Are You Sure About That

Beet the game with only a copper shortsword

13 Apocalypse Challenge

You must defeat bosses within a time limit, ex., 20 days to beat eye of cthulhu. If you collect its mask, add 10 days to the time limit. If you don't beat eye of cthulhu within 20 in game days, (or any boss of your choosing) delete the world.

14 Throwing Challenge

You know those crappy throwing weapons you get early game? Yeah, try using those to kill the Moon Lord.
Only really viable if you have a mod that adds more throwing weapons, though.

15 The Pacifist Challenge

You can not kill any Enemie, you have to kill them with draps or you NPCs killed them.

16 The Genocide Challenge

Only use Melee Weapons and kill all Enimes you see. = )

17 Wood Challenge

Only use. Wooden stuff or copper stuff

18 A Fresh Start

Play until hardmode then create an new character.

19 The Passive Challenge

You can only kill mobs if needed to begin a boss fight your only aloud to attack bosses unless neccecery to kill mobs

20 Money = Win Challenge

You can only use items bought from NPCs

21 Small Inventory Challenge

You can only use your hotbar to carry around items and piggy banks, money through and safe are forbidden. If an item ends up in your inventory slots anyway, immediately delete it, or just drop it, depends on how hardcore you want to do it.

22 100 Percent the Game

Excruciatingly difficult considering I'm not even done getting the achevements and if you're really hardcore get every item without builder's workshop

23 No Corruption Challenge

You can only go to the hardmode purifying or exploding all the world corruption/crimson

24 You Will Probably Die

Expert hardcore mode,without using life crystals.

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