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1 Terra Blade

This is outdated. Shouldn't the last prism or meowmere be 1# or something? - astroshark

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2 Vampire Knifes

You get half the Heath that you deal to mobs. Totally awesome!

Best weapon ever just hard to get



This weapon is just amazing

3 Flairon

I can shered ocram now

4 Last Prism

Amazingly powerful when coupled with Mana Flower and a lot of Mana Potions

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5 Horseman's Blade

I love the pumpkins

Simply wow. 'simply'

This thing can too so mutch dps with how manny pumpkins are on your screen and ice quens are easly killed

6 Scourge of the Corruptor
7 Lunar Flare
8 Megashark
9 S.D.M.G
10 Terrarian

Combined with yoyo accessories, a ridiculous DPS can be gained.

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? Excalibur

Very good weapon, pretty strong and easy to get! ALSO THIS WEAPON IS JUST BOSS AND IS SO COOL! ~"

The Contenders

11 Meowmere


It shoots cats.
Does 200 base damage.
Best melee in the game.

12 Waterbolt
13 Razorpine

This weapon is great for killing event bosses like the mourning wood or everscream.

It is great for killing event bosses like the mourning wood or the everscream.

14 Nebula Blaze
15 Copper Shortsword

This weapon is so op, I spent like 1 year of playing to get this, this weapon is the best weapon hands down

We can all agree that while this is hard to get, it is a very stong weapon and should be praised infinitely. - Plantera


16 StarWrath
17 Solar Eruption
18 Razorblade Typhoon
19 Golden Shower
20 Tonbogri
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1. Lunar Flare
2. Last Prism
3. Terrarian
1. Lunar Flare
2. Phantasm
3. Last Prism
1. Terra Blade
2. Flairon
3. Vampire Knifes



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