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1 Last Prism

Umm, if you think any other weapon is better u stupid! And the vampire knives do give you half the health u deal, but that is pointless because I have full beetle armor and full gold hearts!

Amazingly powerful when coupled with Mana Flower and a lot of Mana Potions

Mows through everything. Destroys all!

2 letters, O...P...

2 Terra Blade

This is so outdated. - toptenzen


This is outdated. Shouldn't the last prism or meowmere be 1# or something? - astroshark

3 Vampire Knifes

You get half the Heath that you deal to mobs. Totally awesome!

Best weapon ever just hard to get



This weapon is just amazing

First time defeating duke fishron with this and health poisions

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4 Lunar Flare

It is so awesome - Orlemley

Love it, this should be 1 and last prism 2, terra blade< horse man blade thingy and terrarian is also good! All moon lord drops are good.

5 Flairon

I can shered ocram now

6 Terrarian

This weapon is amazing for fighting old bosses

Combined with yoyo accessories, a ridiculous DPS can be gained.

Yoyo bag and Solar Flare armor. Add some other melee accessories and maybe flasks, of course...
You are now dual wielding yoyos of destruction. Which are capable of killing a god.
Come on, it doesn't get much cooler that that.

7 Horseman's Blade

I love the pumpkins

Simply wow. 'simply'

This thing can too so mutch dps with how manny pumpkins are on your screen and ice quens are easly killed

8 Meowmere

Star wrath is better

You probably haven't played the PC version if you didn't vote this.


It shoots cats.
Does 200 base damage.
Best melee in the game.

9 S.D.M.G
10 Scourge of the Corruptor

The Newcomers

? Unholy Trident
? Dirt Block

The Contenders

11 Megashark
12 Nebula Blaze
13 Waterbolt
14 Razorpine

This weapon is great for killing event bosses like the mourning wood or everscream.

It is great for killing event bosses like the mourning wood or the everscream.

15 Solar Eruption
16 StarWrath
17 Copper Shortsword

This weapon is so op, I spent like 1 year of playing to get this, this weapon is the best weapon hands down

Best weapon ever

We can all agree that while this is hard to get, it is a very stong weapon and should be praised infinitely. - Plantera


18 Razorblade Typhoon
19 Daybreak
20 Golden Shower
21 True Copper Shortsword
22 Tonbogri
23 Torch

Why the flip is this here? torchs do no damage


24 Phantasm
25 Night's Edge
26 Death Sickle
27 Christmas Tree Sword
28 Shadowbeam Staff

This weapon is OP

29 Magical Harp
30 Tsunami
31 Snowman Cannon
32 Paladin Hammer
33 Bubble Gun
34 Possessed Hatchet
35 Stardust Dragon Staff
36 Excalibur

Very good weapon, pretty strong and easy to get! ALSO THIS WEAPON IS JUST BOSS AND IS SO COOL! ~"

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1. Lunar Flare
2. Last Prism
3. Terrarian
1. Lunar Flare
2. Phantasm
3. Last Prism
1. Terra Blade
2. Flairon
3. Vampire Knifes


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