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1 Last Prism

This weapon has so much damage and very useful in very hard battles but I think it's Very very hard to craft.

Best weapon ever

I can kill the moon lord in 16 seconds with this and the arcanum

Umm, if you think any other weapon is better u stupid! And the vampire knives do give you half the health u deal, but that is pointless because I have full beetle armor and full gold hearts!

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2 Terra Blade


Looks lit

I had like about 7 of them in my obsidian chest in space.

This is so outdated. - toptenzen

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3 Lunar Flare

It is so awesome - Orlemley

Love it, this should be 1 and last prism 2, terra blade< horse man blade thingy and terrarian is also good! All moon lord drops are good.

4 Terrarian

love it

Up up up this needs to be higher. Yoyos are op

When you have the yo-yo master bag thingy this weapon can smash all bosses at once.

This weapon is amazing for fighting old bosses

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5 Meowmere

It shoots from cats, what's not to love?

Star wraith is good for crowds, meowmere is for single monsters.

Myee,my friend has it from moon lord

Star wrath is better

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6 Vampire Knifes

Team this up with Golden Shower and you can kill any boss

you gay

First time defeating duke fishron with this and health poisions

You get half the Heath that you deal to mobs. Totally awesome!

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7 S.D.M.G

Luminite bullets plus long lines of enemies = greatness


8 Flairon

I can shered ocram now

9 Scourge of the Corruptor

A swarm


Homes, doesn’t miss, and has amazing dps for its time. Don’t know why less people use it, especially with the fire gauntlet.

10 Horseman's Blade

I love the pumpkins

Simply wow. 'simply'

This thing can too so mutch dps with how manny pumpkins are on your screen and ice quens are easly killed

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11 Copper Shortsword

You are wrong

Bro 4 damage is good


It's the weakest weapon in the game - oofnugget-boi

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12 Nebula Blaze
13 Megashark
14 Solar Eruption

This weapon is really awesome! it should be at least in top 10.

Is good

15 StarWrath

A massive shower of god damn meteors that crash your game

Totally awesome fires fallen stars, whats more to like about it?

Best melee weapon

16 Waterbolt
17 Razorpine

This weapon is great for killing event bosses like the mourning wood or everscream.

It is great for killing event bosses like the mourning wood or the everscream.

18 Daybreak

it is OP

This gives the most damaging debuff (200 damage per quarter second) and decimates the Moon Lord and Duke Fishron. It can even kill Duke Fishron before he enters phase 3!

19 Razorblade Typhoon
20 Golden Shower

At least the enemy's defense goes POOF

21 Paladin Hammer

Paladins Hammer is a super effective.

22 Dirt Block

Easily the best weapon in the game

Dat was OLD terraria pro - JayJayPlayzzz

the worst - oofnugget-boi

This one shots every enemy including 65236453574765947735462437435 moon lords in 0.0000000001 nanoseconds. A must have.

23 Shadowbeam Staff

This weapon is OP

24 Phantasm

I agree with u

25 True Copper Shortsword

That isn’t a weapon!

26 Christmas Tree Sword
27 Tonbogri
28 Bubble Gun

Op! all you need end game

29 Torch

Why the flip is this here? torchs do no damage


30 Night's Edge
31 Death Sickle
32 Unholy Trident

Pretty good for early hard mode crowd control

33 Copper Axe


BOW DOWN TO AN OP WEAPON CAN ONE SHOT MOON LORD (but does 0.00000000000000000000001 damage to blue slime sigh

34 Anchor
35 Piranha Gun

Is good against the dungeon gaurdian.

It is op and sticks to enemies while hurting them.

36 Chlorophyte Shotbow

What it lacks in DPS it makes up for with a boomstick like effect. If used right, could possibly take out ML

37 Magical Harp
38 Tsunami
39 Snowman Cannon
40 Possessed Hatchet
41 Stardust Dragon Staff
42 Excalibur

Very good weapon, pretty strong and easy to get! ALSO THIS WEAPON IS JUST BOSS AND IS SO COOL! ~"

43 True Night's Edge

I know it's more powerful then the normal Nights Edge. It's very good for defeating Plantera or Golem. I would say it's pretty powerful.

44 Magnetic Sphere

This last for only 5-8 seconds, but this weapon is worth getting. After killing Plantera, the dungeon will have enemies like Paladin {Drops both hammer and shield} and if you kill enough enemies, you might see one of these spell books on the floor.

45 Water Gun

No damage but fun to use - JayJayPlayzzz

No damage but...

46 The Wooden Hammer

Can kill the devorer of gods (calamity mod) x 1029384756 in ONE HIT even in DEATH MODE. (Just avoid his head)

Just OP does more damage than the meowmere. - JayJayPlayzzz

47 Mumma Gun

my mum

48 Book of Skulls
49 Red Ryder


50 True Excalibur

I can’t belive this isn’t on the list, it’s such a beast

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