Top Ten Terrible Challenges for TheTopTens Users That They Will Hate

The Top Ten
1 Be mean spirited for a month - Britgirl

I have yet to see Britgirl becoming mean spirited for a month let alone a whole day. She could do it as role playing of course

Oh boy, Britgirl is gonna hate this challenge.

2 Listen to Nyan Cat for 10 hours - Positronwildhawk

Well, I raise you. Anaconda for ten hours. Yes, I am a daring character.

I heard that he dislikes this song, so he will hate this challenge

3 Don't eat meat for a month - Puga

That's some lovely steak! Now, what were you saying?

Now, that would be hard for dog like Puga.

4 Create a list 'Reasons why Pet Sounds is the worst album of all time' - PetSounds

Yeah, I'd have trouble coming up with ten reasons. Nice list, by the way.

5 Create a list 'Reasons to hate Pokemon' - Kiteretsunu

Well, Pokemon has its flaws, but I have found nothing that I could hate about it. I just can't make a list about "Reasons to hate Pokemon".

6 Create a list 'Reason why love sucks' - Keyson

Who thinks love sucks?

7 Hate Bionicle G1 - ChroniclerMan5
8 Force her to listen to nothing but Justin Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo for 24 hours - xxSocietys_Biggest_Rebelxx

It would literally kill her to do that.

9 Hate Total Drama - Turkeyasylum

What can I say? He is fan of Total Drama

He is the biggest fan of the show.

10 Burn down your favorite book, Kane Chronicles - OtakuGamergirl

The Newcomers

? Force her to only listen to Blood On The Dance Floor for 24 hours - UltraLunalaX
? Force him to listen to Brokencyde's entire discography - LiamCoasterFan
The Contenders
11 Hate Star Wars - ChroniclerMan5
12 Love Donald Trump - LiamCoasterFan
13 Destroy internet meme - Cereal guy

It's impossible the Flying Spaghetti god wouldn't allowed that!

It's illuminati flavor

14 Love Arthur - SevenLizards

That would be hellishly fiendish.

15 Like Hero Factory - ChroniclerMan5
16 Like Beyblade - ChroniclerMan5
17 Force him to listen to Billie Eilish - SanicWantsHisSandwich
18 Like The Amazing World of Gumball - ChroniclerMan5
19 Play on an Xbox One - htoutlaws2012
20 Force him to listen to JackG for 24 hours - TheGoodGuy35
21 Love My Little Pony - Cosmo
22 Watch Hero Factory TV Series - ChroniclerMan5
23 Hate Evanescence and love Chris Brown - BlueDiamondFromNowhere
24 Force him to watch anime - Therandom
25 Watch Beyblade Anime - ChroniclerMan5
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