Top 10 Terrible Disney Movies That a Lot of People Like for Some Reason


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1 James and the Giant Peach

I HATE this movie, but a lot of people think it's really good! I don't get it. I mean, it may have like one or two alright scenes, but I didn't understand the plot of this movie. - Captain_Slendy

What is this movie about? I've never seen or heard about it.

Scared the hell out of me,!

For a second there I thought Disney1994 has made this,thank god. - DapperPickle

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2 High School Musical

I really don't get why people like this movie. Guilty pleasure? - Elric-san

I feel ashamed for liking this as a kid haha

Nooo! The songs are so annoying. Not a bad movie though...

You're just being a jerk, TheEvilNuggetCookie. Why did your comment called "This movie is awesome" get thumbs up?! Behaving Badly fanbrats did this, I suppose. This movie sucks. The soundtrack is actually worth grooving to, though. I am speakign for the High School Musical trilogy. Sharpay Evans should get raped.

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3 Treasure Planet

"No one likes this movie"? We should be so lucky. Instead, half if not two-thirds of everyone with a social media account constantlysings the praises of this "poor underrated gem" and there are so many screen manips, videos, and fanart pairing Jim with Ariel.

No, it is a great movie people hate for some reason. - 445956

No one likes this movie lol

I love this movie

4 Frozen

It wasn't bad, but everyone made a super big deal on it.

Horribly overrated movie. The story makes no sense at all. The script is completely unstructured, almost as though it was written by an eight year old girl. unnecessary and blatant sex puns galore (like they were written by the aforementioned eight year old who just had her first ever sex ed class and suddenly acts like they know everything about sex like all pre-teen kids do), most predictable "plot twist" ever seeing as the movie had no antagonist until the end, over advertised with children/toy products that are still being made, unoriginal songs, terrible lyrics in the songs, insults the intelligence of its audience. That song, you know which one I mean.

Disagreed, more people seem to hate this movie than liking it.

I can see why some people like it, but I found it really boring and predictable - Kronolith

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5 Fantasia


6 Atlantis: The Lost Empire


7 Hercules

This movie is awesome. Like pocahontas, people say its inaccurate, but so are Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid! They get praised, but why not Pocahontas and Hercules?! Cinderella plants a tree on her mothers grave. Sleeping beauty isn't awaken by true love's kiss, and the little mermaid DIES! People love the little mermaid even though its as inaccurate as pocahonats and Hercules! Why aren't they getting as much praise?

I don't like this movie very much or, I hate this movie! It's so boring in my opinion.

Best Disney movie!

I hate this movie because I am a nerd and I like Greek Mythology. I could rant for hours, but here is a small list.

-They use his Roman name and his Greek parents
-Meg is a Fury, which is kind of a crow woman who punishes the wicked
-They had the 12 labors completely wrong
-Hera was not Heracles's mother, in fact, she hates Heracles.
-Pegasus has nothing to do with this.
Heracles marries Hebe, the goddess of youth. - gamingfoeealzs

Dude I have the same problem. This movie made me rage so hard when it had so many factual errors. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

8 Pocahontas

This movie is so inaccurate that it gives me chills up my spine.

I only saw half of it and it doesn't interest me at all.

I loved Pocahontas and the song "Colors of the Wind," but this movie had a rushed plot and was quite boring. - yuki-blue

Treasure Planet and Atlantis are good movies that people hate. Why are they above thing boring, historically innacurate, piece of crap? - 445956

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9 Zapped
10 Into the Woods

This film was fine, but unfortunately it dragged after the first climax/ending and didn't recover sadly. - SailorSedna

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11 The Black Cauldron
12 Mary Poppins

The only thing wrong with Mary Poppins is the scene where people having laughing fits, made them float into the air. Other than that, it was a really fun movie!

I like this movie. I watch this when I was young and I was always amazed by her talent.

I like The Sound of Music better. I haven't see the end of The Sound of Music, but I still like it better. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

NO NO NO. I do NOT take this in my opinion. Adding this on the list is just STUPID. This movie is all the great of movies. So many exciting wonderful songs. Now personally some of you could agree that it's not the best movie in the world but it's a Great movie. whenever this came on I always took a breath of boredom. But then about 10 seconds in I love it. It's like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I mean sure in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the name sounds very wrong but in Mary Poppins there's been one of my least favourite Simpsons episode ( just to say I haven't watched them all) and that episode it smpsoncalafragelisticexpialidoices. But otherwise that's the only thing. I don't see why people don't like this movie. Is it because it's OLD. is it because it's logic doesn't make sense. I DON'T KNOW PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE.

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13 Pete's Dragon

This movie's amazing!

Look, this was a movie I wanted to like, I mean, Mickey Rooney was in it! But it was just so BORING!

Lol! - eventer51314

14 Cinderella III: a Twist In Time
15 Cars

Pixar has made a lot out of Cars, its weakest movie.

Cars 2 is on par with Cars, yes. They are good movies, but they have a serious major weakness. Like I said in the past, Cars 1 is monotonous at times and Cars 2 has many jokes that are restricted towards children. - The Ultimate Daredevil

16 Fantasia 2000
17 Inspector Gadget
18 Old Yeller

The books better in my opinion. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Lets see you make a better movie

Too sad.

19 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Most overrated movie ever in my opinion. Technically it's not terrible, it's music and animation is superb, but it's plot is so WEAK.

SO CREEPY! Should be #2 after Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

20 Zootopia

Pig Hero 6? Wreck-It Rhino? Let It Goat? Ara-bunny Nights? Part of Your Wool? Nothing funny about those, they just reek of "let's shoehorn in animal names". Wrangled kind of goes against a big part of what the movie its supposed to be an equivalent to- that whole wanting to be free thing. And don't tell me that the Beatles/Beagles joke hasn't been done somewhere else before- I know at the very least a certain pizza place that inspired a certain video game once had "The Beagles" as "guest performers" (bots they'd switch out every so often before they stuck to one "band").

Not unique. Eleven years ago a movie that (not so) subtlety attempted to convey the same important aspect of society came out and won an Oscar. Except that it starred a lot of name actors and Ludicris instead of talking animals. And that "important conversation" from this movie that's gone viral- the one where "cute" is treated like the ...more

With its in-your-face political and social commentary and awful, annoying puns, not to mention use of something that Disney has done four times in a row now, it totally deserves to be here.

Disney already made a movie about somebody trying to succeed despite her race and gender, it's called "The Princess and the Frog". Disney also already made a movie about a woman proving she can kick butt despite societal expectations, it's called "Mulan". And didn't "Wreck-It Ralph" cover prejudice? The only thing "Zootopia" has that these movies don't is a song by Shakira- a very annoying song by Shakira.

Sorry but if it weren't for that Message and Donald Trump running for/becoming president at the time, people wouldn't be praising this to High Heaven like they do.

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