Top 10 Terrible Movies That a Lot of People Like


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41 Minions Minions

What happens when an animation company loses all of its creativity and sells out to the public for money? This movie. - SevenTreeTool

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42 Pan Pan
43 Shrek the Third Shrek the Third
44 Cars 2 Cars 2 V 1 Comment
45 Open Season Open Season
46 The Black Cauldron The Black Cauldron
47 Hercules (1997) Hercules (1997)

And people think Frozen is bad? Hercules is one of the worst Disney movies ever created! I have no idea what the writers were on when making this movie. This movie has my favorite Disney song in it but that doesn't make up for confusing plot, terrible jokes, and the other songs being terrible. Throughout this whole movie, there was only one part that I laughed at! There was this part where Pain and Panic had Hercules merchandise and Hades gets so mad to the point where he explodes with anger. That had me laughing very hard. The rest of the movie sucked! Still better than Home on the Range, though. - MegaSoulhero

How does Hercules have a confusing plot?! All of Hercules's jokes hit, especially Hades's humor!

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48 Planes Planes
49 Juno Juno
50 Deadpool Deadpool
51 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump

If you think this movie had anything to do with real history, the money being spent on your education is a total waste.

How is this terrible? This is one of the most beautiful and inspirational movies ever made.

I watched this in 11th grade in my history class and I didn't like it. It was boring and the jokes weren't funny. Also, the accent Tom Hanks does for his character is the most fake accent I have ever heard in my life! The Forrest Gump character I found to be really annoying. - MegaSoulhero

Not " terrible " but very overrated. All those oscar nominations were exagerated because if you watch this movie very closely you will realize that this is in fact a boring film ( certainly if you watch it more than once ).

52 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Atlantis: The Lost Empire
53 Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-Iday Adventure Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-Iday Adventure
54 The Angry Birds Movie The Angry Birds Movie V 1 Comment
55 The Jungle Book (2015) The Jungle Book (2015)
56 The Nightmare Before Christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas

People only give this high reviews because they're blinded by nostalgia. Me, having only watched this movie recently, actually see the problems in this movie that everyone else here is blind to. This movie wasn't terrible - the music and animation were very good - but what this movie lacks is any kind of importance in anything. Sally had basically no character, but the movie acts like she's important. Sally's relationship with the main character Jack Skellington was also completely forced. They had absolutely no chemistry with each other, the only time they even talked with each other was when Sally was warning Jack about how his desire to become Santa Claus was a bad idea. And speaking of him wanting to be Santa, that's the plot of the movie. But barely any of the movie even follows this plot, it just wanders off into these musicals and scenes of Sally doing meaningless things. Overall, 3/10 - only because of the animation and music.

This movie is awesome! Why is it here?

57 The Hangover Part III The Hangover Part III

I don't recall people liking this movie. - BoredJeff02

58 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
59 Due Date Due Date
60 Cloud 9 Cloud 9
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