Top 10 Terrible Movies That a Lot of People Like


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61 Jennifer's Body

I hate this movie! This movie is so boring and Jennifer Check is a sorry excuse for terror. She's not even the least bit scary. I watched it one time and I was so bored and unentertained that I was half asleep through the whole thing. I'll never understand what anyone sees in this movie. This movie is crap from start to finish!

62 Cloud 9
63 Ice Age: Collision Course
64 Dumb and Dumber
65 High School Musical
66 Rango
67 The Fast and the Furious

Most of the people who hate this know nothing about cars - KDProductions

68 Spider-Man 3
69 Where the Dead Go to Die

Loads of people hate this movie.. - Discord1

Who in their damn right mind would ever like this movie? - VideoGamefan5

70 Go!Animate: The Movie
71 The Aristocats

This film is FAR from being one of Disney's best. It was very forgettable. I watched it once or twice, but I barely remember anything about it. Also, I hate cats!

72 The Black Cauldron
73 Home on the Range
74 Descendants
75 John Wick
76 Troll 2

I enjoy it because it's so over the top and so bad, I can't help but just laugh. - poopmckenzie

77 Ghostbusters (2016)

This Movie Is BAD

78 The Smurfs
79 The Amazing Spider-Man
80 District 9
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