Top 10 Terrible Movies That a Lot of People Like


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61 Knocked Up
62 The Angry Birds Movie V 1 Comment
63 Cloud 9
64 Ice Age: Collision Course
65 Home on the Range
66 Frozen

I wanted to go do my book report downstairs, when this came along.

This movie is terrible - KDProductions

Other way around - 445956

Frozen At Every Worst List Is Starting To Get Old

67 High School Musical
68 The Fast and the Furious

Most of the people who hate this know nothing about cars - KDProductions

69 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 V 1 Comment
70 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
71 Jennifer's Body

I hate this movie! This movie is so boring and Jennifer Check is a sorry excuse for terror. She's not even the least bit scary. I watched it one time and I was so bored and unentertained that I was half asleep through the whole thing. I'll never understand what anyone sees in this movie. This movie is crap from start to finish!

72 Descendants
73 District 9
74 Rango
75 Spider-Man 3
76 Where the Dead Go to Die

Loads of people hate this movie.. - Discord1

Not joking, on IMDB this only has a 4.3 and I actually saw positive reviews for it. - 445956

Who in their damn right mind would ever like this movie? - VideoGamefan5

77 Go!Animate: The Movie
78 The Aristocats

This film is FAR from being one of Disney's best. It was very forgettable. I watched it once or twice, but I barely remember anything about it. Also, I hate cats!

79 The Black Cauldron
80 John Wick
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