Top 10 Terrible Popular Opinions

my first list on this website... let's see how this goes.
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1 Being Autistic Means You are Evil

ridiculous, stupid, and untrue. Many people tease autistic people at my school, doing something weird like howling in the middle of a hallway and saying they have autism. Idiots.

I actually believe I'm evil, but for further reasons. The ones that EVERYONE hates me for (suicidal, doesn't respect opinions, wants the world to end...)

This is an ableist evil opinion. If you think this YOU are evil! My poor little brother is autistic and he is the sweetest little kid on the whole earth.

Actually I don't think many have this opinion plus @Mitchell, you're not gonna start this drama again are you? Please don't!

2 Frozen is Awful Because It's Overrated

So, COVID-19 is great just because people hate it? That's the same logic people have for hating things like Frozen that are "overrrated", just because people LIKE those things. Also, Frozen IS underrated, and DEFINITELY overhated, but not JUST because it's hated. Also because people don't like Disney (the company, not the user) again, because it's "overrated". News flash: it's not overrated just because people like it. That's like saying that COVID-19 is "overhated" just because NO ONE likes it, even though it DESERVES to be disliked. But Frozen does not.

I'm not a fan of frozen but I agree so much.
just because something or someone is overrated
doesn't mean there awful, yes there loved by many peeps but that doesn't make it bad.
and overall barely a reason to dislike it.

Even good things I like are overrated like Spongebob and MLP but I hate Frozen for other reasons

I'm not a Frozen fan, but I agree! There are WAY worse movies than Frozen! (Looking at YOU, Twilight!)

3 Trump is a Good President

This is actually a popular opinion, a lot of people think Trump is a good president. But I don't really like what he has been doing, he hasn't deported drug cartels and only deports innocent hard workers. And his idea of the wall is a waste of money and pointless.

This is a pretty UNpopular opinion, almost everyone I know hates Trump. But we really shouldn't be talking about politics, all it does is lead to flame wars and hate.

Yeah... because a lying narcissistic hypocrite who's done nothing but complain and blame his problems on other people is TOTALLY not a bad president. (Sarcasm.)

He is one of the first kings is satanism, so that's so bad for people who wants peace.

4 Opinions are True

Well, not always, but here's a true opinion that everyone can agree with (at least most everyone): COVID-19 needs to end, and should NEVER have happened. At least anyone with half a brain should know that. I just wish that EVERY best opinion in life was that popular, and every WORST opinion in life was as UNpopular as saying that COVID-19 is actually GOOD.

Unless it's actually true like this Ice Cream vendor has more flavors than the other one lol

I like this one. Opinions aren't facts unless the opinion is based on facts.

Say it's 2012, and someone said Obama was gonna lose the election, were they right?

5 Different Opinions Make the World Go Around

COVID-19 exists, and no one likes it. So why should different opinions be any different? Having different opinions DOES NOT make anyone unique. It just shows what terrible trolls exist on EVERY INTERNET SITE EVER, not JUST this site. There's also the Miraheze sites, FANDOM, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb,, Common Sense Media (or should I say, "UNcommon NONsense Media"), and many more. The reception sites aren't limited to Miraheze. They include sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb as well.

Look, there's ALSO nothing wrong with SAME opinions. It all just depends on what they are. Like, it's ok for everyone to want peace. And it's ok to not want war.

This is YET ANOTHER LIE! Different opinions do NOT make the world go around! They are NOT responsible for the world rotating on its axis. They are responsible for wars, fights, terrorism, and HATRED! They are ALSO responsible for GOOD things like Frozen being hated while AWFUL things like Gravity Falls are loved. Even Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig are loved! But compared to how much I hate life, I DO love Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig! In fact I love EVERYTHING about Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig compared to how much I hate life!

Nothing wrong with different opinions

6 If Everyone Thought the Same, the World Would Be Boring

This is like saying that it would be boring if there was no COVID-19, cancer, wars, racism, etc. IT IS NOT TRUE! Only ONE other person besides Disney1994 pointed this out (the person who said that there'd be no bullying and hell). Do you REALLY want wars, racism, cancer, COVID-19, and bullying to exist? I didn't think so. SO WHY DO WANT TO PEOPLE TO DISAGREE ON EVERYTHING?! It's both boring AND annoying that people think mutual agreement is boring. NO ONE likes COVID-19, so why can't different opinions be any different?

I've never understood why so many people think this. Literally speaking, yes, it would be boring if everyone thought EXACTLY the same. But wouldn't it ALSO be boring if NO ONE thought the same? FYI, you don't have to have the EXACT same opinion as everyone else in order to agree. How boring would it be if NO ONE agreed on ANYTHING? That's one of the biggest problems with this site and others just like it, so many people disagree with each other on EVERYTHING! Take Frozen for instance. A lot of people either LOVE that movie, or flat out HATE IT! For me, I thought it was a great movie, but not necessarily the best Disney movie ever, or even the best Disney movie from the 2010s (Finding Dory, Tangled, and Toy Story 3 were all slightly better). Still, that doesn't mean I'll hate you for saying it's the greatest movie ever made. But even if it's not the best movie ever, it's certainly not the WORST movie ever either. I mean, come on, how do you consider Frozen worse than The Human ...more

This opinion is actually beneficial, different colors characteristics allows us to develop, personalize, learn, and relate to others. If everything was the same? Everything will just be as dull as grey as what you're saying McRae

This is true though, there would be nothing interesting to share, thus a lot of problems would arise.

7 Gravity Falls is One of the Best Shows Ever

People love this show like it's great, yet they should not. This should NOT be popular to like, just like no one likes COVID-19. No one should like ANYTHING that's terrible in life, just like no one likes COVID-19. "Oh, it's just a virus. It's not like over a million and billion people have died or suffered from it", oh wait, YES IT IS! So no, DO NOT say it's good just because people like it, UNLESS it's as good as COVID-19 is bad (which it is not).

IF TLK hater can say this about The Lion King and The Lion Guard, then I can say it about Gravity Falls. It's NOT a good show and I KNOW it isn't! If The Lion Guard deserves the hate people like TLK hater give it than Gravity Falls ALSO deserves the hate people like ME give it! The Lion King will ALWAYS be better than Gravity Falls. That's why LOTS of people I know who love The Lion King have never even HEARD of Gravity Falls, and then if they DID see it they AGREE it's terrible! Most of the people I know have only heard of Gravity Falls from me, but one of my friends (Mrs. Jackie from dad's warehouse) has actually seen it, AND agrees that it's terrible! In fact, she hates it EVEN more than shows that even I think are worse. Shows like So Random!, MAD, and yes, even THE THUNDERMANS!

Well Disney... lemme explain the world to you. Well you see sometimes in life NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO HAVE THE SAME OPINION AS YOU! I don't like Liv and Maddie but do I go to everyone saying LIV AND MADDIE SUCKS IT DESERVES TO BE UNDERRATED SHSJAIQOAO?! No I don't. This is the first time I've even mentioned that crappy show. Gravity falls is an amazing show with great humor, great lessons and all the characters love each other. You are a grown man. You shouldn't wish the world ended over your opinion. And don't you dare blame it on your autism. Because my brother is FIVE and has autism and is WAY MORE MATURE THAN YOU. So GROW UP and learn not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you.

Dipper is just so cute.

8 Obama Was Not a Good President

Look, Obama is good at communicating with his people but I'll admit, he is a little soft. He prefers doing it peacefully which is ok but he'll get taken advantage of sometimes. Trump is the complete opposite of him and he isn't much better either.

Incorrect. The "Iran Nuclear Deal" alone makes him one of the worst presidents in history.

He was okay, he wasn't the best, but better than George Bush and Andrew Jackson.

He raised the nation debt more than all the other presidents combined.

9 All Music in 2017 Sounds the Same

I guess I must be ignorant because the crap they're pumping out these days is terrible. Everything is mind-numbingly repetitive, there's no real instruments anymore (it's all one-finger synthesizers now - you don't even need to be talented), dance-ability is the only component needed to make a song a success, and the lyrical content quality is six feet under. I can't stand what society tolerates as "acceptible" these days in regards to morality. It's been this way for years. I'll be happy once today's music goes the way of the disco era, honestly. -1 this comment all you want.

Only ignorant squirms believe this. Listen to some new stuff and be more open, old heads.

What a lie. There are some songs like that *cough* Harry Styles, Kesha, Niall Horrid, Loius Tomilson *cough* But most songs are good.

Almost anything that is not mainstream(not even all mainstream sounds the same) sounds different and not the same.

10 It's Not Wrong to Like Something That's Bad, or Hate Something That's Good, Because Good and Bad are Subjective.

So, it's subjective that COVID-19 is awful even though NO ONE LIKES IT, and even worse, it is RUINING THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! But different opinions are the same way. They're one of the reasons why ALL these reception sites suck, and society sucks as well. It is NOT subjective that COVID-19 is awful, so why should anything else be considered subjective?

Once again, this goes with the one about opinions being true: it is NOT true! This ALSO goes with the one about opinions being hypocritical. EVERYONE likes bad stuff and dislikes or hates good stuff!

No T.V. show, song, book, or video game is good or bad technically, their overall reputation is determined by how much people like or dislike them

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11 All Video Games are Sexist to Women

I remember a SJW bashing a game called lollipop chainsaw for being "sexist" because the main character has a revealing shirt when she's actually a really strong character.

LMAO what how are video games sexist to women, as a girl I never found video games sexist to my gender.

That's not true. There's some good pro-feminist video game franchises like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Touhou.

A stupid feminazi would say anything with the word "sexist" in it

12 The Battle of Bikini Bottom is a Good Episode of SpongeBob SquarePants

NO IT IS NOT! Right now, I'm working on the list "Top 10 Reasons Why the SpongeBob SquarePants Episode "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" is NOT Better Than Liv and Maddie" to counter the new list that said the opposite. I was GOING to call the list "Top 10 Reasons Why the List "Top 10 Reasons Why the SpongeBob SquarePants Episode "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" is Better Than Liv and Maddie" is Wrong", but I apparently can't because it's apparently too long of a title. And a list with the exact OPPOSITE concept should have been made instead anyway. Yes, I know that Liv and Maddie can have the same exact flaws as The Battle of Bikini Bottom. But at least not ALL episodes are like it. In this list, I will expose not only why the list is wrong about Liv and Maddie TRULY being terrible all the time, but ALSO why it's both wrong AND hypocritical about The Battle of Bikini Bottom being good. However, I've only gotten through the first four items, and I need six more. Who knew that making a ...more

This is ESPECIALLY not true because of COVID-19. This episode says that "It matters not whether one is clean or dirty", when over HALF THE WORLD (more like 96% of the world AT LEAST) is suffering because of this disease. Do we WANT more people to spread the terrible disease after getting germs? Of course not! So yes, it DOES matter if we are clean or dirty, because those without masks and who do not choose to be clean are RUINING THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!

@Disney1994 Chill. Also, stop overpraising Liv and Maddie.

Eh, it was okay but it had good writing.

13 Life's What You Make It

If this were true, COVID-19 would not exist AT ALL. It not ONLY would end, but never have even HAPPENED AT ALL! I rest my case. Life does NOT work the way we want it to work. NO ONE wants or needs to be severely or fatally injured because of COVID-19. Not unless you want to die or be sick, and I HATE being sick. Being sick sucks!

NO IT ISN'T! I NEVER wanted Liv and Maddie to be as hated as it is, or as hatABLE as it is! If life WAS what you make it, Liv and Maddie WOULD be the wonderful show I said it was, AND everyone would like it! Same with the other lies I said that I wish were true. And it WOULDN'T be true that Liv and Maddie is hated, OR that it deserves the hate it gets!

Absolutely NOT. If this was true, there would be no such thing as depression. Why do you think there are people relying on donations? Because life was not able to be what they made it! Depression is not uncommon. This is reality, people

Life is to be enjoyed and cherished, not shunned, otherwise you wouldn't exist at all, nor would all the good stuff you enjoy!

14 YouTube is Dying

This may actually be true literally though, because I was on it for hours and all of the sudden it stopped working. So I came to this list to say this in hopes of warning anyone experiencing this problem. I don't know if the site's down or what, but if it doesn't work anymore, and it's not just me, than it may be dying after all.

It's different from before, but it is still a successful website with a a lot of users, it is still one of the most used sites, and it has been on for 10 years.

Yes yes I know James Charles and Trisha Paytas are both degenerates but those are 2 YouTubers out of s many good ones.

The website isn't dying, it's the community that's dying.

15 Gay Marriage Shouldn't Be Legal

Look, I'm not Christian (I'm muslim) but I don't even think that Jesus Christ hates gay people in the first place.

To think we still live in a world where people can't accept LGBT.

Ironically how is this a bad opinion

That's just offensive.

16 There Should Be a Cure for Autism

So what, you don't want a cure for COVID-19? Because until it is, we CANNOT go back to our normal lives. And that's what it's like for us autistic people. We are not normal, nor are we mature, nor it is easy for us to act like something is OK when it isn't. I want my autism cured JUST AS MUCH as ALL OF US want COVID-19 cured. And while we're at it, let us ALSO invent a cure for the terrible thing known as "different opinions". Then we wouldn't NEED lists like this that talk about the WORST opinions people have. Nor would people HAVE these awful opinions. Frozen is not bad, Gravity Falls is not good, Liv and Maddie is not worse than The Loud House, and there is NO GOOD REASON AT ALL to disagree on everything just because you "want to". NO ONE should want to be bad, not unless you ARE bad. And there wouldn't even BE bad people without awful opinions. All the worst opinions on this list need to be as unpopular as saying that COVID-19 is the best thing to have happened to humanity or that ...more

No trying to be rude here, but wouldn't people WANT a cure? I mean if the found a cure for diabetes then lots of people would take it, right?
Plus most autists on the TTT complain about how hard it is to socialize, do schoolwork, etc. I'm sure they'd jump at the chance of a cure. Can anyone explain?

I wasn't trolling. I am autistic myself and I only added terrible popular opinions I dislike that others have. That is all. I just wanted to show how awful these terrible popular opinions are.

What? Isn't this good? Another failed troll...

17 Global Warming Doesn't Exist

Does people need to do more research, that is making many animals go endangered, mainly ocean and polar animals.

The worst opinion ever. Global warming is definitely real. What makes people thinking it isn’t real? The rising of the water levels is enough proof that Global Warming is real.

Donald Trump believes that Global Warming doesn't exist. (But Trump is an idiot so I'm not surprised).

Global warming is a huge problem/risk to us.

18 Cream the Rabbit is Sexy

Exactly, she's only 6, which is way too young to call her sexy.

She's a little girl... and isn't that pedophila?

Uhh, does anyone even know her age and species?


19 Disappointing is the Same as Bad

Yes and no, but it usually depends.

Hence why everyone hates:

Liv and Maddie
Sanjay and Craig
The Good Dinosaur
Cars 2
Rabbids Invasion
High School Musical 1, 2, and 3
The Fox and the Hound 2
Olaf's Frozen Adventure

And basically EVERYTHING that's considered overrated or underrated.

20 Opinions are Not Hypocritical

This goes with opinions are true: it is a LIE! Just because it's an opinion does NOT mean it's true, OR that it's not hypocritical! EVERYONE has wrong opinions, AND hypocritical opinions! In fact, I even told people that this was something I wanted for my birthday: for someone, somewhere, to admit that it's TRUE opinions are not always true. So this list is an early birthday present, because it was created just ONE DAY before my birthday.

Okay, calm down, Disney1994... No one's going to hurt you or anything...

21 Calvin and Hobbes is the Best Comic Strip Ever

No me and my friend's unreleased comics are better.

22 The Good Dinosaur Was Terrible

Disappointing? Yes, Terrible? No.

23 Disney Didn't Make Any Good Movies in the 1970s or 1980s Until the Little Mermaid

Seriously, SO many people believe this! And they're WRONG! I'm ASHAMED to live in a world where people consider The Fox and the Hound worse than Gravity Falls, and I just KNOW Walt Disney would be too if he were still alive.

24 Adventure Time is One of the Best Shows Ever
25 Liv and Maddie is One of the Worst Shows Ever

Even if you hate it, you CAN'T say it's worse than any of the TRUE worst shows ever, ESPECIALLY if it IS possible for a show to be worse than Sanjay and Craig! In the end, it's like EVERY SHOW is the worst or at least CAN be considered the worst! And many of you Liv and Maddie haters have never even WATCHED the show! And also, many of you don't hate it as much as you SAY you do! And you same idiots ALSO insist that opinions can't be wrong, yet you believe liking Liv and Maddie is a bad thing! And ALSO still, ALL of you like at least ONE SHOW that has at least SOME of the same bad qualities as Liv and Maddie, whether it's iCarly, Victorious, Drake & Josh, Good Luck Charlie, The Loud House, The Amazing World, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, Adventure Time, or even Teen Titans Go! Yes, even Teen Titans Go! used to be higher than Liv and Maddie on the Best Kids Shows! So no matter HOW HORRIBLE Liv and Maddie may be in certain episodes, it's STILL not the worst ...more

Not a wrong opinion, just an opinion.

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