Top Ten Terrible Things to Do to Puffy Fluffy If You Meet Him

The Top Ten

1 Rip his head in half

Stop with the dark lists animal cruelty is wrong it was spongebob who was evil in the episode for scolding Gary and not saving him

Actually, the bad guy was Spongebob. - GamingSanx

Horrid List.

2 Cut him into a jigsaw puzzle
3 Get King Neptune to execute him
4 Gouge his tongue out and cook it
5 Force him to play Bubsy 3D
6 Kill him with a Black Mamba
7 Cut his head off, pour cyanide in his head, and let it soak into his brain
8 Feed him to the Inland Taipans
9 Shove a cactus up his butt
10 Have Rainbow Dash kill him


grrr no - Officialpen

The Contenders

11 Cover him in beef stew and throw him to the lions
12 Crush him with a bulldozer

no way!

13 Feed him to Andrew Zimmern

So agree

14 Let him listen to I’m the Map from Dora at the loudest volume possible ever
15 Rip out his spinal cord
16 Rip him apart with a chainsaw
17 Feed his vomit to the squirrels
18 Pull his eyes out with a corkscrew
19 Tie him around with barbwire and choke him to death
20 Stuff a hydrogen bomb in his mouth and detonate it
21 Have him eat SpongeBob
22 Pet him


23 Cook him
24 Feed him to Sasha (Potato Girl)
25 Pop him with a needle
26 Make him fall into an acid pit

Throw him in acid! -pinksteelwolf

27 Force him watch to Teen Titans Go
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