Top 10 Terrible Things Done by Good Disney Characters

They may be the good guys but there have been moments in either Disney movies or TV shows where these good characters end up doing a horrible misdeed.

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1 Hiro Almost Has Baymax Kill Callaghan - Big Hero 6

To his shock Hiro finds out that Callahan who was deemed dead is actually alive and has stolen his invention to seek revenge but the real horrible part is Hiro's brother Tadashi attempted to save him only to die in the process and Callahan basically states that Tadashi's death was his own fault which enrages Hiro that he reprograms Baymax and orders him to literally kill Callaghan all while the others try to stop him. - egnomac

Seems bad, but the guy did basically kill his brother, cause thousands in property damage, threaten another person's life, and attempt to murder Hiro and his friends.
Yyyyeaaah... - mattstat716

2 Tinker Bell Almost Has Wendy Killed - Peter Pan

Tinker Bell is known for her hot temper and jealousy when she overhears Wendy wanting to give Peter a kiss she violently yanks on Wendy's ponytail but that is only the tip of the iceberg when they get to Neverland and while Peter distracts Hook so Tink could lead the Wendy and the boys to safety Tinker Bell speeds on ahead to meet with the lost boys and tells them that Pan had ordered them to shoot down Wendy telling them that she's a bird which they do and Wendy nearly falls to her death while tinker Bell happily watches only to be saved by Peter and after hearing from the lost boys he then scolds Tinker Bell for almost killing Wendy and Tink just happily admits to almost killing Wendy and Peter responds by banishing her which really rallies her up so much that she ends up telling Hook the location to Peter's hideout so he can kidnap Wendy only to be double-crossed. - egnomac

3 Kenai Kills Koda's Mother - Brother Bear

Even more heartbreaking Kenia eventually has to tell Koda the painful truth that he was the one who killed his mother, it like if the hunter who killed Bambi's mom was turned into a deer himself and then is left to watch over Bambi and eventually has to tell him that he was the one who killed his mother. - egnomac

4 Joy Makes Sadness Feel Like She's Not Important to Riley - Inside Out

Throughout the movie Joy constantly made Sadness feel more like she wasn't important to Riley at one point she tries to use the "recall tube" to get back to headquarters abandoning Sadness and telling her that she'll only end up hurting Riley - egnomac

I don’t think Joy is a good character for how she treated Sadness. - 3DG20

I wouldn't call Joy a good character. - 445956

5 Peter Pan Cuts Off Hook's Hand Then Feeds it to the Crocodile - Peter Pan

Now that I look back at the movie the more I realize how much of a douche Peter really is he cuts off Hook's hand off and to add insult to injury feeds it to the crocodile who now continues to stalk Captain Hook to no end, not only that but in another moment when Wendy is being attacked by the mermaids he just laughs at her misery and when she ties to hit them with a shell he stops her and tells her that they were only having fun but the kicker here is that they admitted they were trying to drown her. - egnomac

6 Woody Accidentally Knocks Buzz Out the Window - Toy Story

Self explanatory

Though Woody's original plan from what I could tell was to knock Buzz behind the desk so Andy would bring him along to Pizza Planet but things don't go the way he originally planned as Buzz is knocked right out the window instead and since the toys are fully aware of Woody's jealousy towards Buzz they truly believe that Woody intentionally knocked Buzz out the window and attempt to get their revenge. - egnomac

Although he wasn’t originally planning on hitting buzz out the window this was not a good way to take out his jealousy - Randomator

7 Pinocchio Escapes from Pleasure Island and Leaves All the Boys Behind - Pinocchio

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who noticed this, after Jiminy Cricket finds Pinocchio and tells him about the boys being turned into donkeys and noticing he's transformation and tells him that they need to escape which they do leaving the boys behind to their cruel fate, instead of trying to save any of them they just ran for their lives. - egnomac

8 Ariel Doesn't Tell Melody the Truth - The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Ariel's decision to not tell Melody the truth ended up doing more harm than good, when Melody confronts her after finding the magic locket with her name on it Ariel refuses to explain anything and orders her never to go out there again and of course she runs away to find the truth which only ends up helping Morgana knowing that Ariel never told her about her or about her mermaid heritage and she takes full advantage of it. - egnomac

Why in these mObie's when there is a secret you can tell the person affected? If Ariel had told melody about her origins and why she can't go, I'm sure melody would understand better the situation. Just like in frozen - Myuuu

9 Elsa Engulfs Arendelle in an Enteral Winter - Frozen

Instead of embracing her Ice powers she completely resented them and chose to hide it which only made things even worst and her parents didn't help the situation, during the party after Anna asked for her blessing to marry Hans and Elsa denies this request and can you blame her and when Anna begins asking why she shuts her self from everyone around her she tells her to drop it and Anna of course continues to pester her even grabbing one of her own gloves which causes Elsa to unleash her powers out of anger exposing it to everyone before running off and in the process her ice powers end up causing a huge snow storm that ends up freezing all of Arendelle. - egnomac

10 Ariel Agrees with Ursula - The Little Mermaid

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11 Genie Listens to Jafar - Aladdin
12 Mushu Tries to Break Up Mulan and Shang So He Can Keep His Job - Mulan II

After finding out that when Mulan and Shang get married than Shang's ancestors will take over as guardian and Mushu will lose his job as guardian dragon not only that but would be forced to leave Mulan and his pedestal which results in him doing everything he can to break them up at all cost he succeeds but feels guilty and eventually confesses to Mulan about trying to break them up so he can keep his job and of course Mulan is furious at his selfishness even worst it almost results Shang being killed. - egnomac

Mulan 2 sucks! - Phillip873

13 Alice Eats the Cookie in the White Rabbit's House Without Permission - Alice in Wonderland
14 Simba Exiles Kovu - The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
15 Vanellope von Schweetz abandons her game and world in favor of a mindless, ugly, violent one
16 Vanellope caused her game to break - Ralph Breaks the Internet
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