Top Ten Most Terrible Things That Happened In 2007 for Cartoon Network

We all know 2007. That year was just a TERRIBLE year for Cartoon Network, so here are the most terrible things that happened in 2007 for Cartoon Network.

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1 The Boston Bomb Scare

Don't get me wrong, I did like the Aqua Teen movie. But the Boston Bomb Scare? You can't promote the A.T.H.F. film with THAT!

2 Cancelling Fridays

Fridays wasn't replaced with Fried Dynamite, it was replaced with Friday Night Premiere Thunder, later known as Friday Night Premiere Laser.F.N.P.T./F.N.P.L was the block that was replaced by Fried Dynamite.

3 Live-Action Shows

Yeah, you all remember "Out of Jimmy's Head". That show was terrible! It's CARTOON NETWORK! NOT LIVE-ACTION NETWORK!

I hate Out of Jimmy's Head.

4 Fried Dynamite Fried Dynamite

THIS is the block that replaced "Friday Night Premiere Thunder/Laser". It also ruined my memories of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. It's like if Phineas and Ferb ruined my memories of Kim Possible, which already happened.

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5 Cancelling Code Lyoko

I love Code Lyoko a whole lot! And now, it's gone.

The theme song makes me feel happy

6 Stuart Snyder becoming President when Jim Samples left

Jim Samples left! Oh god. We want another president who appreciates the old Cartoon Network, and says NO to live-action on Cartoon Network. But now, we have this dumb president called Stuart Snyder. None of the terrible things in 2007 for C.N. wouldn't have ever happened if the Boston Bomb Scare didn't happen at all!

7 Cancelling Miguzi

I still have no problem with Miguzi, because it still showed anime, and some French animated shows that still fit on Cartoon Network, because they actually had a plot.

8 Making Live-Action movies based on Ben 10

Remember "Ben 10: Race Against Time"? I was expecting that film to be animated, but it's live-action, and it wasn't good.

9 Cancelling the 3D CN City

CN City was Cartoon Network's best theme ever! It was very creative, every character was still interacting, and was still funny. Now, as of today, we have two guys in a CN suit.

10 The New "Fall is Just Something that Grown-Ups Invented" Theme

That song from the Hives was good, in my opinion, but the theme for Cartoon Network sucked.

The Contenders

11 Funny for Your Face

What kind of block is This?!

12 Cancelling Cartoon Theater
13 Master Control
14 Movie Madness

This was not all that great.

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