Top Ten Terrible Things That Happened to Call of Duty Games These Last Years

Well, Do you remember that great war game that a lot of people liked but now for some reason is bringing out crappy games.

The Top Ten

1 The Futuristic Anthem is Crap
2 It is the Same Every Year
3 Boring Multiplayer
4 Zombies Mode is Stupid and Has Nothing to Do With the Game
5 Only Kids and Retarded Adults Like This Game
6 It Lost Its Essence
7 The Fandom is Annoying
8 New Games Are Just About Killing Everything That Moves, Duty is Practically Nowhere
9 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Made the Franchise Even Worse Now
10 "War" Disappeared and Now It is Kill Everything That Moves

The Contenders

11 Overpowered Guns
12 Supply Drops Has Turned Call of Duty Into a Cash Grab Franchise
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