Top Ten Most Terrifying Videos On the Internet


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1 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver

A man pulling a screwdriver out of his penile organ. He then squeezes his penis and blood squirts all over the place. - Delgia2k

Those descriptions are not helping, this cannot really be a video... Ugh! - keycha1n

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2 1 Man 1 Jar

Let me start by saying I am a massive horror fan. I have watched Saw, Hostel, the Exorcist... You name it, plus some foreign extreme horror movies that weren't absolutely great. But my friend made me look it up, as a joke, and I couldn't even watch all of it...

A very disturbing video involving a naked man inserting a small jar into his butt by sitting on it. The jar breaks, and the rest of the video depicts his attempts toward removing all glass shards from his butt. - Delgia2k

I decided to watch this video on and while I found it extremely hilarious, it was still really shocking I admit - bobbythebrony

3 2 Girls 1 Cup

The video features two girls enjoying one cup. And by enjoying I mean tastefully defecating into it, licking it, pucking in it and then into each other's mouths. This video is so sick - Delgia2k

4 A Lady Kills Kitten With High Heel Shoes

Things like this should really be taken down. - PositronWildhawk

Animal cruelty disturbs me greatly, more so than videos of humans being hurt... - stormyskies

Worst animal cruelty ever - Delgia2k

How is this scary?

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5 3 Guys 1 Hammer

3 men in the Ukraine brutally murdering somebody with things like a hammer and a screwdriver. - Delgia2k

I am from Ukraine I can't believe that's what my country turned into - simpsondude

This is much more brutal and disturbing than the videos above it. The man suffers a slow and painful death and the hands of hammer and screwdriver weilding young punks. His eyes are gouged out and he gurgles on his own bload and moans for a long time. Truly horrific.

6 The Wyoming Incident

This one is creepypasta - Delgia2k

7 Username 666
8 Scary Car Ad
9 Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life
10 2 Kids 1 Sandbox

This video will give you crotch trauma, especially if you're a man

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11 Scary Ghost Sighting
12 Pain Olympics
13 Cursed Kleenex Commercial
14 11B X 137

Not scary

15 Clip095. Mp4
16 The Swedish Rhapsody
17 Obey the Walrus
18 Little Baby's Ice Cream "This is a Special Time"
19 Hungry Bitches

2 Girls 1 Cup was only a trailer, THIS is the real thing

20 Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!
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