Irish Republican Army


The ira are 100% the smartest FREEDOM FIGHTERS (in my opinion ) that there has ever been. And they fought shoulder to shoulder with each other face to face with the British army! They were extremely clever and definitely they used their resources well. And they are all heros in my view (and the view of millions of others! )

They fought the British with their own, medicine. Clever tactics! Some people disagree, I personally don't they got most of my country free. So if your a republican be proud, for the good reasons, and if your unionist or loyalist be proud for your reasons and don't rub it in the face of republicans and they won't rub their things to be proud of in your face.

The IRA are not TERRORISTS. They are freedom fighters, if someone invaded your home country & you protect it and defend yourself & your family from the intruder does that make you a terrorist? NO. The IRA are responsible for atrocities but nothing in comparison to what the British have done in Ireland, 2 wrongs do not make a right but people should really read up on what the Brits & protestants have done to the Irish in Ireland, there HOME country. Brits OUT! Give Ireland back the the IRISH!

The comment section is very dumb.

1) We (The Brits) did not "fall to our knees and ask for a stalemate". They did multiple times.

2) We are not evil (grow up man, are you 5) and that was the PAST. MOVE ON. You don't see us complain about the Normans from 1066. At least I don't like my comment 19 times.

3) They were terrorists. Freedom fighters don't attack civilians without a good reason. They just bomb people, even LITTLE CHILDREN! Without our their cowardly guerrilla (Viet Cong wannabes who actually did well) they all would have died. Oh they murder people. I had relatives in Northern Ireland who did nothing and nearly got killed by these scumbags.

4) If you say " Up the ra" you are basically supported the killing of innocent lives (even babies and young children). That's like saying "Up ISIS".

Typical Irish never heard of a peaceful solution. Look at scotland, they behaved themselves and now they get the chance to have independence. If only the IRA would do the same (of course they do seem a bit backwards as they ended up killing their own people and turning Ireland against them). And they call themselves Christians, HA!

Finally, a group with a righteous cause. Not saying there actions where correct, but they fought for the freedom of their country not like the new groups who force their religion on people. Plus, these chaps beat the British empire.

They were created in 1920 to kill spies and British soldiers and have been doing so ever since. They are the first ever terror group and the best they are excellent shooters and very smart

Most successful and the longest running, check out who gold finger was and you will see how successful they were at striking fear in the invading English troops

Excuse me but did you know that the IRA killed MORE Irish Catholics than the UVF and the British army? Did you also know that in the independance referendum in 1921 showed that the six county's of what is now known as Northern Ireland was majority Protestant and also wanted to stay part of the UK. It is fair that it is split, only fair yes? So therefore freeing your country is a load of rubbish. I'm from Belfast, and I'm proud to be British. Now, tell me WHY IRA wanted to commit terrorist atrocities? Because the men who led them were sectarian bigoted racists, who wanted all Protestants out of Northern Ireland. Freeing Ireland? By what, killing innocent children? Who cares if they are British? Does that suddenly make it justifiable? No of course not, and to say the IRA are good is a shocking opinion. YOU support the killing of INNOCENT children and I'll say again, MORE Irish Catholics than the UVF and the British army. I do not back the UVF, the British army to an extent I do back ...more

As someone from Northern Ireland, be scared of the IRA. Be very scared.

Somewhat rebelious however their nationalist values do show their claim of North Ireland. But they are somewhat not that evil in a way, like this even highlights back from what the British Troops did to the northern irish demographic - paranoid_police66

Definitely the most cleverest TERRORIST group. Using bombs to kill innocents, and all you deluded people may think they were being protected by the IRA, infact, the IRA killed more Catholics than any other groups, that includes British army and the UVF. The British army are not evil, they came in on order of thatchers rule to protect all civilians and reduce trouble. And before you name Bloody Sunday, which is one incident. There were over 12 ARMED protestors, meaning the army had a right to defend themselves. The IRA famously killed the Kingsmill workers in cold blood. The IRA also bombed British soil, what have the British civilians done to them? The fact that the 1921 election shows Northern Ireland wanting to stay as part of Britian, should remain the main point. Irish republicans then moved in from areas such as donegal to try and bias the vote towards Ireland unity.

Do not be afraid, the most well equipped Fighting Force around, well trained also.

They put the good people of the Emerald Isle to shame.

I'm sure they like cracking cold ones with the boys

Well technically it depends which IRA

If you like them, you should go to hell.

They look silly with their socks on their heads. No offense.

Lol, oh the days when the IRA was the only talk of terrorism in the west and the world. When the american govt hadn't planned 9/11 and invaded Muslim countries and created terrorists. Think about it people

Only European terrorists group

Go on home British soldiers go on home

They call themselves an army, despite them never declaring war on Britain. They hid cowardly with bombs and murdered civilians on a regular basis. They did this for over 30 years. They roamed the streets of Belfast in particular and made the people's life hell there. Attacks include the truck bomb in Arndale Manchester, British helicopter shot down, Omagh bomb, bloody Friday..

The IRA are a cult that Worship Dr. Ian Paisley. Their main aim is to spread their brand of homosexual rainbow colored riverdance around the world.

The ira brought the british goverment to a standstill in the 1980/1990s I would deffiently say they are in the top 10

The Provisional Wing has not acceded to peace as the Sinn Fein has done. Still fear the wrath of the Provos!