Top 10 Terrorist Groups

List of terrorist groups that have caused chaos all around the world depending on where the victim country is, their religion, their race etc.

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21 Kurdistan Workers' Party

Kurdish racist group, They are killing people on roads without reason. They are killing you if you hold Turkish Id and bargaining drugs and weapons between Middle East and Europe. They are kidnapping the normal Kurdish families youngsters and brain washing against the Turkish government and capitalism but they are working for capitalism such a mindless move.

This is definitely must be in top 10, they are kills Turkey's soldiers - 05yusuf09

They are killing people more than 40.000 just in 20 years (1984-2014)

Pkk is not a terror group, but erdogan is!

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22 Moro National Liberation Front

They are cowards..pretending to be a courageous warrior but used a civilian as their shield when the philippine forces arrived..they are one of the reason why the progress was so slow in mindanao

They were seeking independence from the Philippines led by Nur Misauri in mid-2013 but failed, the leader fled to the Philippines.

MNLF aren't extremists or Islamic militants, they are Moro nationalists who want to separate from the Philippines and create their own nationalistic country.

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23 Al-Nusra

Should be in top 10

This group is counted as a terrorist group, but they differ from other groups in the Middle East. They control a small part of Syria, but are no extremists like ISIS (Beheading, chopping hands off etc.) They are enemies of ISIS, YPG and FSA.

24 CIA

The most insidious terrorist group in the world. They control the world illegal drug trade. They destroy democratically elected governments and install repressive rightwing regimes.

The gross activities of the CIA is one of the main reasons that the USA is hated around the world.

Funny thing cia is terrorist group fools

It's a government agency retards - Jmilner

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25 OLF

This is really the most forceful and the most cruel group ever. they fight for freedom of oromia region in Ethiopia. their fighting is against the dictatorship rule of Ethiopian government.

A freedom fighter not a terrorist.

OLF is fighting for the freedom of the largest ethnic group. The Oromos are under (the Amharas & Tigreans) colony for the past hundered years

26 Irgun

Terrorist Fascist group supported by Hitler

Obviously history and real facts don't really count and people would rather comment based on their own ignorance. Jordon was the occupying force in Palestine, not Palestinians. The Irgun targeted British and yes they killed and yes they were freedom fighters / terrorists depending on your point of view.

Lets not forget the PLO (missing here) started attacking Israel in '64 three years before Israel routed and took over control of the West Bank form Jordan. That's 3 years before the Israeli 'occupation'!

But I guess facts and history don't count for anything here.

I have read about them and inspired by them. I think Tamil tigers have been inspired by them

Who are these noobs?

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27 Bangladesh Awami League

Worst terror group in whole Bangladesh who ironically runs the country. There is no such crime that so called student league hasn't done. They are by far the worst of the worst. Kills people in public with machetes and police won't even say anything because police is owned by Awami League.

AL and it's student wing BSL are the biggest terrorist. They have no sense of patriotism and only follows the orders of Indian Secret Agency RAW.

Most dangerous terrorist party

Why world leaders no action in awami league. you jastifai no people like them. if fair elaction people no vote them.

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28 Abu Sayyaf

Burn these kebabs to mass extinction.

All of these id! ots needs to die right now... I'm not happy with these mindless corrupt creatures...


29 Sri Lanka Muslim Congress

These guys are main supporters for Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka.

A Political party working under Sri Lankan government

It's a government supported political party that's all.

This is Political Party that's it.

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30 Hindu RSS

I feel very sorry for them who call it as terrorist group. It is one of the most influencing nationalist group which has done many good things during natural & political crises.

No.. They are a nationalist group of volunteer citizens.. They are not terrorists like the others on this list.. It's very funny to even see them here..

America announced most dangerous Hindu Terrorist group

They are terrorist kill many muslims in india

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31 Antifa

Absolutely a terrorist group

Yep... America against America

If the shoe fits...


32 Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
33 Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir

Related with the violence and deadly activities in Bangladesh

They are killers and Pakistani agent in Bangladesh

Why are they in the list, all they do is protect themselves from evil chatra league, they don't even smoke or take alcohol. They don't deserve this list.


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34 New People's Army

These are communist groups in the Philippines, their goal is to destroy the Democracy in the Philippines and change it into communism. They lure in mountains and scare people

35 National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)

NDFB is not a terrorist group.. This group is fighting for their freedom from the negligence of Assam and Indian gov.

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36 Moro Islamic Liberation Front

An ISIS faction in the Philippines who keeps making a tragic event in Central Mindanao.


The group is widely known in plotting tribal wars, hatred among ethnic groups, labeling Journalists and opposition parties as a terrorist.

A state sponsored terrorist group and warmonger in the horn Africa

The group is widely known in plotting, tribal & ethnic conflict, labeling Journalists & oppostion parties as a terrorists.

One of the world state sponsored terrorist group in the horn Africa

Evil, Blood sucking monesters in Ethiopia

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38 Balochistan Liberation Army

Killing innocent people in the name of independence... They said they will keep killing Pakistani people and army until they don't get independence... And when army knock them down with gunship helicopters they start crying infront of UN...

Balochistan liberation army is fight from freedom

Bla terrist organization kill innocent people in balochistan


39 Jemaah Islamiyah
40 Westboro Baptist Church

They're just loud-mouthed hate-mongers. Not terrorists.

Spread terrorism through words

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