Top 10 Terrorist Groups

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41 United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia

What do you mean they are not a terrorist group the defend the country?

They are anti-imperialist,that use guerrilla tactics and violence to push their communist beliefs.They are funded by illegal means on which are just inhumane.

42 Sinhala Ravana Terrorist Group

This is a group operating with the racist Bodu Bala Sena. Just a front for anti Muslim and Christian activities.

Brainless monks killing innocent Muslims..

Causing lot of issues

This is second most dangarous terrorist group in Sri Lanka backed my mahinda rajapaksha (president of Sri Lanka)

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43 Khalistan Liberation Force

Popular in India and Pakistan
Now in Asia


44 Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighter V 1 Comment
45 FSA (Free Syria Army)

The free Syrian army are freedom fighters trying to over throw the Assad regime and hate Isis

Fsa is not a terrorist group fools

Isis Assad and fsa all terrorist

There terrorist because kill Kurdish fighter and keep them out of their land but FSA Turkmen rebel fighter, and Syrian tribe fighter are only one that are not terrorist!

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46 Sihala Urumaya

Attacking minorities in Sri Lanka

Supporting local terrorism in Sri Lanka

Attcking minorities of Sri Lanka again back mahinda rajapaksha

Same as Bodu Bala Sena

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47 Fulani Herdsmen

These people are blood ducking murderers.

This is true. they are deadly. the funny things is that, the govt backs them up. Nigerian Govt.

The fulani herdsmen disguise as cattle herders but all move around with assault riffles such as Ak47, they are islamic extremist that special in killing of Christians and Biafran's in south-eastern Nigeria and some parts of middle belt region and Nigeria. They attack farmers killing and burying the men in their farm then gang rape women and girls they specialise in kidnapping, when attack area dominated by Christians they butcher and harvest their internal organs(kidney, liver, eye balls, penis, the heart and fingers)which they use for rituals and harm. In early 2016 they killed over 650 people in agatu area of Benue state Nigeria which was tagged the Benue massacre their next attack was in upkabi nimbo local government area of Enugu state in Nigeria which left over 780 people dead it was tagged the nimble massacre this fulani herdsmen are so organised that they can invade any attack without any security agency apprehending or arresting any of the many has said this is because many of ...more

48 Iron Brotherhood
49 VHP

Vhp is Indias biggest terrorist organisations


Uh, why isn't this group already here?!?!?!

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51 Jaish-e-Mohammed

Cuban government.

52 People's Mujahedin
53 Sadikahu
54 Bloods

Those crenshaw mafia people are just like a black version of isis

A gang in the us that has no religion

55 Khmer Rouge

They were cruel and evil! They murdered anyone who was smart, wore glasses or had a high IQ. Responsible for the Cambodian Genocide. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

56 FLQ (Front de libération du Québec)
57 Preemptive Strike
58 ETIM (East Turkestan Islamic Movement)
59 Razeek Group
60 Daesh

The newest and the most dangerous terrorist in the world.

You are confusing Daesh (or Daech) and ISIS, Daesh is the real name of the Islamic Terrorist group when ISI is a self proclaimed Islamic state. By calling them ISIS you just make their own promotion.

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