Top 10 Terrorist Groups

List of terrorist groups that have caused chaos all around the world depending on where the victim country is, their religion, their race etc.

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61 Daesh

The newest and the most dangerous terrorist in the world.

You are confusing Daesh (or Daech) and ISIS, Daesh is the real name of the Islamic Terrorist group when ISI is a self proclaimed Islamic state. By calling them ISIS you just make their own promotion.

62 R.A.F. (Red Army Faction)

Best terrorists ever to come out of Germany!

63 Irish National Liberation Army

More stupid micks

INLA is not a terrorist group they fought against English facism and for the unity of their country

64 Lord's Resistance Army

They put children, and turn them into soldiers. They are monsters. They forced children on drugs. They raped and burned villages. They are very evil indeed.

They kidnap kids and make them child soldiers

Lol why am I laughing this is so cruel but it is funny at the same tine

The worst terrorists in the world.

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65 Ansarullah Bangali Team
66 Al-Nusra Front
67 Jundallah

Funded by america based in Pakistan.. used to attack Iran border forces

Responsible for many deaths of inoccent people in my country ir. Until intelligent cath him on a plane to Dubai. And the leader abdul malek rigi was execut

68 969

Burma is slaughtering Muslims too

Up coming dangerous terror group. MUST destroy urgently. This led by buhudist monks.

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69 Al-Rashid Trust (ART)

A violent and extremist group against minority Muslims and Christians in Sri Lanka.

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70 Beruwala Buharithakya
71 Sri Lankan Muslim Extremists Group
72 Rauff Hakeem

Extremist Muslim terrorist leader, provoking Muslims to go against other people in Sri Lanka

He is a member of parliament in Sri Lanka.

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73 UVF

Fought to keep Ireland as part of Britian. Failed but were always ruthless. In 1993 they scared Irish republicans into the ceasefire by killing loads of people making it so that the republicans couldn't afford for the war to go on

74 RIRA (Real Irish Republican Army)

Formed after the IRA ceasefire of 1995 they are committed to continue the war with Britian for Irish unity. Formed in 1998 in recent years they have focused on killing drug dealers all over Ireland to end the drug trade

75 RAAD (Republican Action Against Drugs)

Irish republican movement based in Derry, Belfast and Dublin committed to killing drug dealers. Have been known to kneecap (shoot in the kneecap) children as young as 11 as a punishment for using drugs.

76 Irish Republican Brotherhood

Founded in the 1800s they have been in control of 2 uprisings against British rule in Ireland and were the group that inspired the IRA. Gained support all over Ireland when it's leaders were executed in 1916 it is known as Ireland's greatest revolutionary group and is the reason today that Ireland is free

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77 Sri Lankan Mujahideen
78 Ahrar ash-Sham
79 Donetsk People's Republic
80 Lugansk People's Republic
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