Best Test Cricket National Teams

The Top Ten

1 India


Hardly ever lost a match

In all the formats India is the best and best ever... From Kapil Devils to Dashing Dhoni Team, if you choose India is best ever... Poor England never won a World Cup, the name remained for them I. E the creater of Cricket but the champions are remaining countries...

When Suresh raina lifts his bat hell score more than 1/2 Century

2 South Africa

The best Team! Why is it ranked at number 2?

SA is the best!

No argument here. The proteas are by a far the best team.

Much better than India. It ragged India and England. - lukmanshafi4

3 Australia

Strong side at home as india but why rate below south africa? Proteas are struggling for a series win at home and they are being white washed in fewer overseas format but this australian side deserves to rank higher with Warner, smith and labuschagne who are run machines who can bat till 2 days without gettinf tired.. I still believe this side should be ranked 2nd

There the best obviously

Australia are the best team of all time! They have some of the best players.

Australia is actually 1st currently

4 England

Rank south africa 4th and rank australia 2nd and england 3rd... joe root and stokesy are in amazing form

In Test, England are Th Best

Now Jos Buttler, Joe Root and A Cook are in Tests. But 2 Great English players aren't playing tests, that's Jason roy and Eoin Morgan. if those people come to tests, all five people together will smash centuries against great teams

5 Pakistan

Pakistan played 172 matches with India. Among These India Won 58 and Pakistan won 124 matches. So which team is better? You Decide!

Good luck Pakistan

You can do it! I am an Indian but I vote Pakistan.

Most comedy team.

6 Sri Lanka

Now Dilshan, chandimal, mathews, chameera, prasanna, shanaka, thirimanne etc. are here, so now the'll be head to head against Pakistan and once New Zealand also

7 Bangladesh

Best team ever in 2015 white wash Pakistan won series against India won series against Africa and also Zimbabwe.

They won Pakistan like 3 times! It was history!

8 West Indies

Winning the T20I Cup against England and India is a great Miracle. West indies had an over luck that team. Se that how India beat Them in the Tests eries

9 New Zealand

A top kiwi side rated 9? No no no.. they deserve much respect than bangladesh and pakistan.. at least not any less than west indies?

Better than Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, come on!

10 times as good as zimbabwe

Now For Batsmen, they need Williamson, Munro, guptill and taylor (BRENDON MCCULLUM RETIRED). As if for Bowlers, they really need M Santner, followed by T Southee, T Boult, A Milne and M McClenaghan, followed by C Anderson and I Sodhi to N McCullum and M Henry

10 Zimbabwe

The Contenders

11 Afghanistan

They even beat wEST INDIES

12 Ireland

This team deserves much higher ranking I feel... pretty much under rated team.. they have defeated few top sides.. but never had a series win.. but they are best compared to netherlands and uae? Why rate so badly to ireland?

Jokes Aside Google...

13 Oman
14 Scotland

Will be a good team in the future, Thanks to Preston Momsenn and Callum Macleuod

15 Netherlands

Also a tie up with Scotland, and the only team in the below 10 who has a player playing for IPL

16 Kenya

Just a good team

17 Hong Kong

The Sixth Best Team in the Asia Cup

18 United Arab Emirates

They have beaten Afghanistan in a ODI Tour

19 Nepal
20 Canada
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